Two new Dead Shadows reviews hit the web!

Two positive David Cholewa’s DEAD SHADOWS  reviews surfaced recently! Check them out below!

The first is in Greek from
“Wolfrom steals hearts and has a brilliant career in front of him, and experienced action man Fallon gives us something extra, although it could have a bigger role. Dead Shadows is a low budget film that looks like a Hollywood production!”

The second is from the UK site Geek Chocolate:
“Conversely, John Fallon despite his extensive experience, is asked to do little beyond demonstrate his affinity for a variety of weapons, at which he is remarkably adept.”

Dead Shadows will be released shortly in North America via Shout! Factory.

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I talk The Shelter with We Came from The Basement!

I recently stopped by the WE CAME FROM THE BASEMENT SITE to shed a bit more light on my next film THE SHELTER, here’s an excerpt, read the whole thing HERE!

Tell me a bit about where the idea for The Shelter came from.

t was winter and I was walking back from a hockey game during a snow storm. I saw a homeless man sitting on the ground begging for change, he was obviously freezing. I felt bad for the guy, so I gave him a couple of bucks and kept walking. As I walked on, I started wondering how the man got to where he was now. Then I started inventing scenarios in my head about him trying to find shelter from the storm and what would happen if he did.  Once I arrived home, I had a found an initial premise for a script and jolted it down. I wrote the first 40 pages fairly quickly, but it took me 3 years to find the rest of the script. It was the first time (and hopefully the last) that happened to me; getting “stuck” on a script. With that, there was something about the story that resonated with me; I couldn’t give up on it for some reason. So for years I had The Shelter on my mind, always trying to solve it. And yes, I was elated when I FINALLY did.

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