New The Shelter review!


A new THE SHELTER review just surfaced via Here’s an exceprt:

“John Fallon certainly has an interesting style of direction.  He gets the most out of his actors certainly, which is an amazing skill for any director to have.  But on top of that, you can clearly see how much he loves the genre as his influences show up on screen. There were times the film reminded me of the works of David Lynch, Dario Argento, and even the legendary Alfred Hitchcock.  This is perhaps the highest compliment I can pay to Mr. Fallon.  His work is evocative of such luminous names in the industry yet this is undoubtedly his own film.  It’s quite frankly a horrifically beautiful sight to behold.”

You can read the entire review HERE!

Am now prepping up to fly to England tomorrow for the film’s premiere at Film4 Frightfest! STOKED! Send good vibes my way guys and dolls! Talk soon!

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I talk The Shelter and its Film4 Frightfest screening with This is Horror!

shelter-newTo get your THE SHELTER tickets:
Go HERE, click FILM at the bottom then click on THE SHELTER to BUY YOUR TICKETS! 

Hey all, I recently sat down with THIS IS HORROR to talk about… THE SHELTER! What else 🙂 Here’s an excerpt:

How did the The Shelter story come about, and did you write it with any of the actors in mind?

On a cold winter night, I was going back home after a hockey game and came upon a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk. After giving him some money and walking home, I started thinking, “Who was that man?” – “How did he get there?” – “Where is he going?” Once home, I wrote those three questions down and the seed that would become The Shelter was planted. As for whom I had in mind for the lead character of Thomas? Well, he looked like Michael Pare when I was writing the script, no joke! Mike and I have known each other since 2008, hence yes, him eventually being cast as Thomas was a “meant to be” moment.

You can read the whole interview here!

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I talk The Shelter, horror and taking chances with SciFiNow!


As the Film4 Frightfest THE SHELTER (get your tickets here). screening gets closer and closer, I’ve been doing more and more press about the film. Here’s the latest! I had a candid talk with SciFiNow (go Habs go Jonathan Hatfull); here’s an excerpt!

You’ve been a critic, screenwriter, actor…was directing always something that you wanted to do?

Directing has always been my Holy Grail, if you will. I started off going to film school, and after film school I went to theatre school for three years and then graduated from that, and then entered the business mostly as an actor and as a script doctor fixing other people’s scripts. Directing was always something that I wanted to do but life goes the way it goes, and when The Shelter came about I knew that was going to be the one. I would fulfill my Holy Grail. I had other scripts that I wrote that I came close to directing, and other people wound up directing them, but The Shelter was so personal and weird and had so much to do with my own individual spirituality that I knew that there was no way somebody else could direct it but me!

You can read the WHOLE THING HERE!

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First clip from The Shelter and Britflicks interview!

1661695_10153132001166413_7180548948712718870_nHey guys and dolls! We’ve been pretty busy prepping up for THE SHELTER screening (on August 28) at the prestigious Film4 Frightfest Festival in London (get your tickets here). To say I’m pumped for it would be an understatement!

For anybody that thinks the hard work on a Indie film ends with Post production, well I got news for ya, it doesn’t, like AT ALL! 🙂 But hey, it’s not truly work when you’re doing what you love…

On that, I recently sat down with the fine folks at BRITFLICKS (thanks Stuart Wright, loved yapping with ya) and talked about THE SHELTER in depth, so give it A LISTEN HERE.

We also just released the first clip from THE SHELTER online. I purposely chose a clip that was vague, one that wouldn’t spoil the film but that at the same time would give you a feel for the type of ride you’re in for (i.e. a very weird one).

Check it out below!

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The Shelter interviews! DeadXRadio and Afraid of the Dark!

Am late in posting these here, but better late than never! Below you can tap two interviews that I did to push THE SHELTER’s Film4Frightfest screening (get tickets here). The first was an audio interview with the crazy cats at Dead X Radio! It made for a very rock and roll type of sit down. The other is a more “serious” written interview with AFRAID OF THE DARK, Check them both out below! Back to The Shelter prepping I go! Expect more interviews to surface sooner than later!

What lessons did you learn as a film-maker during the writing, filming and post-production of ‘The Shelter’ that you feel you will benefit from when it comes time to direct your next feature?
 Ha! I could write a novel in terms of what I learned and am still learning throughout every stage of making this film. Hence, I’ll just say that although I didn’t expect my work on The Shelter to end with Post Production; nothing could have prepared me for the battle that lay ahead. Every step forward has and still demands much effort and most of them also cost money. Let me put it this way; The Shelter has been my full time job since January 2014 and I’m still waiting for my first paycheck. And I won’t even get into the emotional roller coaster ride this endeavor has been for me thus far. I’m definitely stronger and wiser for it. With that said; if I had to do it all over again…I would in a split second. – READ THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW HERE
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How to stay positive in the cut-throat, bullshit filled film industry? Here’s what works for me…

unnamed88“I failed” is ten times more of a man than someone that says “what if” cause “what if” never went to the arena! – Greg Plitt.

I’ve been in the film industry under varied hats (actor, screenwriter, script doctor, producer, stuntman and now director) for years. I’ve been through a lot (like a lot) and I have learned (and am still learning) the HARD WAY about the nature of this fickle beast. Now if there’s one thing that I eventually struggled with that I couldn’t shake off is how to NOT become cynical/jaded in an industry that is filled with false promises, bullshit, and let downs?

I mean; why get pumped about writing a script for a film that has little chances of getting made? Why get stoked about an audition when getting the part is one in a million? Why get excited about submitting your film to a Festival when chances are they’ll turn you down? Why get excited about directing a film when the odds of making your money back or/and locking distribution are against you?  And I won’t even get into the hardships that come with “making an actual living” in this business – nope – no novels today. Hence, for a long time, after so many let downs, I lived that way: coming into projects fairly cold to protect myself emotionally from what will most likely be A LOT OF FIGHT in exchange for DISAPPOINTMENTS and LITTLE REWARDS. On that, I was never sold on my approach to the process being that I was nurturing negative energy and it was sucking the “fun” out of trying to make movies.

But it’s all I knew. I simply couldn’t crack how to consolidate having a “positive attitude” with the reality that is this cut-throat, false promises filled and “you scratch my back I ignore yours” industry. But this month, I finally figured it out for myself and I’m sharing it with you because I’m sure I’m not the only mook in the biz that’s struggled with this.

Remove the bulk of your focus from the end game and instead celebrate the steps forward, no matter how small they are.

Make sense? Yes? No? Here’s an example: I have been trying to get this new project off the ground this year. And for a couple of months now, every week or so, the project would inch forward, yes INCH. But you know what? An inch forward is better than an inch backwards or no inch at all… in the film industry an inch forward is f*cking mammoth! So I’d smile, and celebrate the step by having a drink with buds, going to hike a mountain in honor of that step, having a stogie etc. By perceiving things in that manner, focusing on the steps forward that were achieved as opposed to the end result that has yet to come, I managed to seep in more positive energy than usual in terms of the overall procedure of trying to get a film off the ground.

Now this project I was attempting to get going, went south right at the fucking finish line 2 days ago, the path we were on was gonna end one way or the other and sadly it took the “no dice” route right at the end. Sure it hurt me when it nose dived but not as much as it could have because of this new perspective that I applied – all of my energy wasn’t put on the end result but in acknowledging and being proud of the success in the actual steps forward instead. PS: I’m back to square one with that project; ready to fight some more – it will fly one way or another – I know it when I have a winner on my hands and this is one. More news when it locks.

So there you have it, I hope this “celebrate the steps” angle makes sense for y’all. Because it has helped me cope with the harsh reality of this business and I hope it does the same for you. Am done! Back to the hustle! The Shelter is calling my name! That demanding mofo is never done with me….

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