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“I enjoyed working with John Fallon. The guy’s got a big future ahead of him.” – Actor Michael Pare (Streets of Fire, The Lincoln Lawyer)

I’ve worn many hats in the film industry for 16 years now (actor, screenwriter, producer, director and even world renowned film critic via my work on and I’ve developed many skills  . So I’ve decided to share some of my knowledge and guide/lend a helping hand at a fair, case by case price (I have bills to pay too). Here’s what I’m offering thus far.

-First Cut/Rough Cut Analysis: I’ll watch the first cut of your film and let you now what I think works and what doesn’t. Again, having  been a film critic for 16 years on I’ve become very knowledgeable in terms of the pros and cons of a feature. And yes, the horror genre is my specialty.
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-Mentoring Film Sales: You’re done with Post Production on your film and you’re about to navigate the crazy and crook filled world of Sales Agents and Distributors? I can help. Been there, learned many things the hard way, let me save you some hassles and point you in the right direction.
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-Launching a successful Movie Website: I was one of the pioneers in terms of movie websites when I (with the help of my bro Berge Garabedian aka JoBlo) launched Arrow in the Head in the year 2000. I’ve been in this game for 17 years and AITH’s continued success for all that time says all that I need to say about my credibility in this game. So you’re starting a movie website? You want it to be successful? Drop me a line. Lets talk. I’ll guide ya!
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AITH circa 2017.
AITH circa 2000.