Scroll down to read the Synopsis and Director Statement for my next feature film HERETIC.

Synopsis: 1149. William and Roland, two Templars, are on their way back home after losing the second Crusade. Both men are dealing with the weight of the war and of having failed God quite differently. Roland is repentant, attempting to correct his wrongs via good deeds and kindness, while William justifies his harshness by claiming that every hardship is a test and part of “God’s will”. As if the increasing divide between the two men wasn’t enough, they also have to face a slew of deadly obstacles on their journey trough a civil war torn England while being chased by a mysterious assassin with an agenda of his own. The sudden presence of Anna, a bewitching woman, on their path eventually brings the palpable tension to a boil.

Director Statement:
Heretic sports the 3 Es: Entertaining, Educating and Elevating. It is a period piece, but one that uses history to augment its characters plights and personal journeys as opposed to acting solely as a historical account. This will be a thought provoking, gripping and performance driven piece, with exciting action sequences and a particular focus on the varied scenic settings the story takes place in.

It will also be a film about being human, complex relationships and inner/outer conflict. The themes of fanaticism, lust, faith, paranoia, revenge, not being able to face one’s own frailties, and guilt act as a potent undercurrent. Visually, I want to take a grounded, gritty yet poetic approach to the material with majestic wide shots and long takes. I want to avoid an “artificial feel” as much as possible.

With that, when it comes to troubled William’s varied states of mind throughout, there is an opportunity there to augment reality to convey the confusing aura of his mindset. The people here will be battered, dirty, haunted and intense as the time frame and the dire situation that they are in begs for it.