Bruise Talent

“Marc Natoli is poised for greatness, an action
tar in the making!”

(Actor, Martial Artist)

: Male – : Brown – : Short
Brown – 180 lbs. – Height: 5’11 – 11

 Film Credits:
(2019) Eric Red’s No Man’s Ridge (pre-production) – Jack
(2019) Heretic (pre-production) – Davies
(2019) The Siege of Robin Hood (post-production) –  Crowley
(2018) The Proposal (Short) – Mason

Accolades (for The Proposal):
“Once Natoli is on screen you know he will be capable of bringing the pain to all comers… and he doesn’t disappoint.” – The Action Elite

“Marc Natoli takes center stage for the first time and with it, he announces himself as the new contender in on screen martial arts action.” –

“Natoli is a martial arts expert, and it shows. The fights are fluid, but not too showy. They look real, and painful, and are a lot of fun to watch.” – We Came From the Basement

“Marc Natoli as our main hero, Mason Stone, is just right for the part; brimming with muscle for days, the man handles the action with ease.  Natoli also handles the charm, and comedic touches, with just the right amount of pizzazz.” – Arrow in the Head


orn in Melbourne, Australia, Marc first got into the film industry via his Martial Arts and his many fighting styles, teaching actors how to fight for film. Marc is a 25 year Veteran of assorted combat sports, such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Jujitsu, Wrestling, MMA, he is also a 3rd generation Bruce Lee Jeet June Do instructor under sifu Ricard Vargas.

He first burst on screen as Captain Crowley in The Siege of Robin. He followed that up with his starring turn in the acclaimed retro short action film The Proposal which premiered at the prestigious Sitges Film Festival.  Marc presented the film to a packed house. Marc will next be seen in historical drama Heretic alongside star Paul Sloan (Green Book) and will be the male lead in writer/director Eric Red’s (The Hitcher, Body Parts, 100 Feet) upcoming thriller No Man’s Ridge.