Chuck Norris writes books??? NICE!

One thing that I am digging in Vancouver, BC thus far is that nature is all around me. I step out and BOOM, there’s a lake, BOOM, there’s mountains and BOOM there’s the ocean. IT’S RIGHT THERE! I don’t have to drive to it, its right fucking there in my face. Talk about inspiring! It’s prompting me to chill yet be physically active at the same time.  BC is acting like some NATURE-ish detox for me right now (when you party like I do, a clean up has to come sooner or later) – hey – ALL GOOD!

chuckSo today I did something I haven’t done in like eons. On my lunch (yes I take a lunch now) I went and sat by the water and read a book. I had ducks, swans and geeses around me and I just read a fucking book and it felt fucking great. That book was THE SECRET POWER WITHIN by CHUCK NORRIS…yeah you heard me… CHUCK NORRIS!

With all them “CHUCK JOKE QUOTES” that are floating around  the web, people forget how much this dude has achieved in his life. Karate champion, humanitarian, action star, writer, producer… dude’s done it and them some. RESPECT!

Anyways the book is really talking to me; I’m reading it at the RIGHT time in my life. Am getting lots out of it – so thank you Chuck! Here are  a couple of quotes that I dug. BTW: You can get the book HERE

If we don’t change the direction we are going, we are likely to end up where we are heading.

If you really want something, you must go after it yourself, and with all of your dedication. No one is going to give it to you and if you waver or doubt; you’re sure to fail.

This one is my fav:

By living in the present, I am in full contact with myself and my environment; my energy is not dissipated and is always available. In the present there are no regrets, as there must be when thinking of the past, and worrying about the future only dilutes our awareness of the present. There is only now, only this moment. There is nothing else. Nothing.

Choking happens when you let pressure control you rather than controlling the pressure yourself. A normal response to pressure is self defeating, because under pressure the heart speeds up and triggers nervousness. You success begins inside you. If you can’t see it first, no one else ever will.

You can usually see your way around blocks that other people put in your path, but the blocks you create yourself, the ones that come from inside your own thinking, seem rooted in the ground and as wide as the horizon. As indeed they are, for you yourself are standing in the way.

If you’re being less successful than you had hoped or expected, don’t make excuses, instead check the 3 components of a winning attitude: mental toughness, psychological preparedness and physical condition. An uncorrected deficiency in any of these areas will drag the other two down.,

To conquer yourself means to become like something that you admire or respect, for if you seek to live up to your ideals, you will eventually become an extension and embodiment of them.

Any man that begins his film career by fighting BRUCE LEE has to be a GREAT FUCKING man.

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OLD NUMBER 7 stabs MySpace!

old7-14Gonz and I at work on set.

When I saw Gonzalo Lopez’ EMBRION the first thought that popped in my head was “I love this dude’s style”, the second thought was “I gotta work with this mofo”. And work with him I did.

So I flew to Spain. Gonzalo and I hooked up, boozed up, smoked like chimneys and got cooking. The result was that we co-wrote and co produced (along with Aved Productions ) a giallo short flick called OLD NUMBER 7 which is slated to premiere at this year’s SITGES FILM FESTIVAL. Gonzalo of course directed the picture, while I starred in it alongside Saida Lamas and Sergio Bernall.

Now OLD NUMBER 7 just got its MySpace page; its rough right now, but check it out HERE since as time clocks on, the page will better itself and fill up with content. Expect some exciting OLD NUMBER 7 news to smack your ass soon.

Fallon out… for a drink!


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Sept 8 = RECON 2023 on DVD via Anchor Bay


After a successful European premiere at SCI FI LONDON this year and a groovy showing at this year’s FANTASIA; Christian Viel’s RECON 2023 will be hitting the Canadian DVD shelves via ANCHOR BAY on September 8, 2009. PRE ORDER it HERE

RECON 2023 was written by Viel and I. It stars Andy Bradshaw, my buddy Deke Richards, Valerie Wiseman and Heidi Hawkins. I also pop up in the film as good old rapist and loving it Cyber Merc. And JoBlo aka Berge Garabedian has a deadly cameo once again (this time him and a giant crab don’t get along).

Personally, its my fav of all the RECONs so far. It looks bigger budgeted, has more diverse and interesting characters and fun action (the Scott versus a giant chicken bit had me in stitches). Its not flawless or anything, but its just the one I dig the most.

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Feldman joins OUTSIDERS!

outsidersLOST BOYS star Corey Feldman has recently joined the cast of Andrew Jones’ BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDERS; a film that I am slated to act in this year (I play scummy Charlie).

BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDERS stars:   Shannen Doherthy, Brad Dourif, Jeff Anderson, Cameron Douglas, Doug Bradley and David Hess. Project should be a blast to work on!

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The road and now…Vancouver, BC…

bc2009-6Hey all!

So my road trip went great, exactly what the doctor ordered. I feel more relaxed and at peace with myself – let’s see how long that lasts. Haven’t smoked for 7 days either (with the help of Nicorette Inhaler), which is a feat in itself for me, am keeping it up. Easy to not smoke when you’re out of your usual routine and surrounded by such natural beauty.

So here’s how it went down; I started off by flying to Edmonton, rented a car there, drove to Alberta, did a pit stop at Lake Louise (place always floors me as to its beauty), then headed up to Whistler BC and stayed there for 3 days. The music I had going in the car was: Sick Puppies’ Tri-Polar (new album – fucking owns – In It for Life, Should Have Known Better and Survive were some of my favs).



On the way I did some canoeing, kayaking, hiking etc.

Am now in Vancouver BC, living in a shit-ass (no TV, no phone, no AC, slow internet) Hotel room for 6 days cause my new pad will only be ready on the 1st of August. Looking forward to the first of August, so I can MOVE IN for real – I hate limbo…


Am presently playing catch up as to e-mails and the Arrow in the Head website (so much to do its nuts, I’m offline one week and hell opens up a new floor for the masses). I also have to write my ORPHAN review which I fucking loved.

My thoughts on Vancouver so far? Beautiful city, really…wow. People are also really nice, maybe too nice : ) Bad side? Liquor Store closed on Sundays???? WTF????!!!! COME ON MAN! Work with me here! I already miss the Bell Center and my buds back home…


More when I got more!

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No Comic Con 4 me this year….


Usually this time of year, I prepare myself for the San Diego Comic Con. And although I enjoy Comic Con (cough, cough, the parties, cough, cough), after 8 years of attending it, I felt that this year would be a good time for a change. It’s like I always say; life doesn’t happen unless you provoke it. So it’s with that in mind that I leave Montreal, Canada behind this weekend, for an undetermined time, to head for Vancouver. BC.

Before BC though – I will be having my first full-on internet-less vacation; wow, I haven’t done that in years – yup I rented a car and will be driving through the Rocky Mountains for 7 days or so. I’ll stop here, stop there, take in the sights and just “be”. Man it will feel good to have ZERO INTERNET to tend to. CAN’T WAIT. I’ll officially arrive in BC on August 1st – once there the vacation will be over and hustling/learning my way around the city and its industry will kick in hardcore. I’ll give it all I got – lets see what happens.

With that I’d like to wish the crew, my usual partners in crime Johnny Moreno, Jim Law and Mike Sampson the best of times at the Con. Although I will not be there myself, AITH will be all over it, you can expect genre coverage to hit the ARROW IN THE HEAD on a regular basis. Knock them dead yall and have a drink (or three) on me!

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Thoughts; RECON 2023 Fantasia screening


So, just got back from the Fantasia screening of RECON 2023, Andy Bradshaw (who was prod designer on the film and played Sharp in it) and I presented the film to a fairly packed room (I would say 2 thirds of the seats were filled).

meandyfant1I wound up staying for the whole thing – the audience seemed to get it, they laughed at the right places (Deke as Doctor Scott was a hit again) and it looked like they enjoyed it for the most part. All good. Andy and I stayed afterwards and took questions from the audience. Went smooth as silk.

Sadly director Christian Viel couldn’t be with us being that he had other matters to tend to, but all in all, it went fine. I still think the flick should’ve been screened as a midnight show – its just that kind of movie to me – but what can ya do.  I’d like to thank everybody that showed up to give the flick a shot. Hope yall dug it! Now I’m gonna crack open a beer and just chill the fuck out… am feeling lazy and somewhat anti-social today…

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Fantasia party & random thoughts…

fantttSo I tapped the Fantasia 2009 party yesterday and it was what it was. Good drinks, average looking chicks and good drinks. Was cool to see the usual suspects there though (even the ones that hate my guts but shake my hand and smile anyways cause they feel they have to… lol… it fucking cracks me up) and to be hanging with my buds – knocking them down – won’t be doing that for a bit being that I’m leaving for BC and all.

The fact that Bryant (from the A Night of Horror Festival in Australia) was in the house was also a plus – dude’s been staying at my place for a couple of days and he’s been great company – a genuine dude with no pretenses – my kind of guy. He already played his first game of street hockey; I brought him to the Bell Center and of course introduced him to the wonderful of poutine.


Tomorrow is the RECON 2023 screening @ Fantasia. The film is at 12:30 pm (kind of an odd time slot for this kind of movie – but hey what the fuck do I know) at the J.A. De Seve theatre. Looks like Andy Bradshaw and I will be presenting the film – am not sure if I’ll stay and watch the thing yet, I don’t really like watching myself on screen. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

NOTE: Its funny cause every time I go out and party, the next day for some reason, I crave going to the mountains or to canoe down a lake with ZERO people around me. Too bad I can’t do that this weekend.

Off to go do some laps in the pool – wake my sorry ass up!

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RECON 2023 Fantasia screening date/time

Christian Viel’s RECON 2023 will screen at this year’s FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL. I wrote the script with Viel and I act in it.  Here are the details:

Screening Times: July 11th, 2009 – 12:30 pm – Screening Room: J.A. De Seve

Here’s the FANTASIA PROGRAM description:

For 23 years now, Earth has been at war with the Mahars, an alien species set on annihilating the human race forever. In hopes of bringing this interstellar conflict to an end, Lt. Sharp and a small team of soldiers are sent to the planet Gauda Prime to carry out a secret mission. There, in the middle of a barren desert, lies the Mahars ultimate weapon, capable of closing the books on human history permanently. With the help of seductive female cyborgs, Sharp and his team will have to face Gauda Prime’s strange and menacing wildlife, as well as an extremely disfigured mercenary by the name of Face, henchman for Machiavellian conspirators who wish nothing more than to see our planet destroyed.

Fantasia audiences who have followed the RECON series throughout the years won’t want to miss this new episode for the world. Director Christian Viel reunites with his usual crew, including John Arrow in the Head Fallon, who wrote the script and plays the vicious cyber-merc onscreen. He also reconnects with his audience by giving them exactly what they want action sequences choreographed by a local genre specialist, one of which is rather stunning in its direct reference to Coppola’s APOCALYPSE NOW. In Quebec, Christian Viel is definitely an example for independent filmmakers to follow. Without government financing, he still manages to produce science fiction films as entertaining as their Hollywood counterparts, and which have found success abroad. Watching his new film, one can’t help but wonder what Viel could do with a TRANSFORMERS-caliber budget, seeing how RECON 2023: THE GAUDA PRIME CONSPIRACY overflows with talent!


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