Screenwriting Services


‘I had the honor to work with John on a script he wrote for my company. John is a tremendous hard worker and a fast screenwriter. Talented, John has a sense for Cinema and its impact on the audience in mind. John also has a big sense of humor which helps him in writing the best dialogue I’ve ever read. “- Laurent Tolleron (Producer Cold Blood, Frontiers)

John Fallon is one the fastest and most bad-ass writers we’ve met. The man has no brakes!”
– Michael Lurie (Producer Pound of Flesh)

“I enjoyed working with John Fallon. The guy’s got a big future ahead of him.” – Actor Michael Pare (Streets of Fire, The Lincoln Lawyer)

“Fast and hard-worker, rich in a humongous knowledge of genre cinema, John Fallon is gifted with a strict, demanding but objective and unique vision about how a script should be done, which makes him the perfect guy to channel your project in the right direction.”
– Writer/Director Romain Basset (Horsehead)

-Screenwriter for hire: Having penned six features that were released internationally (like American Muscle, Deaden, Trance or The Shelter) and countless others that I wrote on commission, I’m a very experienced screenwriter. Hence, you have a movie idea, you need somebody to write it? I’m your man.
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-Script Doctoring: Script doctoring was actually one of my first jobs in the film industry. I’ve been doing it for years. Yes, I will fix your script. Be it dialogue (my specialty), story structure, character development, what not. I’ll do what I need to do for your screenplay to be as good as it could be.
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-Script Translation: You have a screenplay written in French that needs to be in English? Or vice-versa? And you want it done perfectly within a reasonable time frame? I’m your man. I can of course translate any document. (E-Mail here for info)

-Script Analysis: I’ll read your screenplay and let you now what works and what doesn’t. Having analyzed over 50 screenplays for others and being that I was a film critic for 16 years on, I know a thing or two about a thing or two.
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