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After 13 years of waiting, I finally watched TRANCE…

After 13 years of waiting, I finally got to watch TRANCE, a horror film from a script that I wrote & sold in 2007. The film was shot in 2007 as well and then poof vanished. Been trying to see what they did with it ever since.

It did get sneak releases here and there under the title BLOOD RAVE, but I never managed to catch it. It was finally dumped on Amazon Prime  this year.

The Good: Excellent female leads. Dominique Swain, Madeline Zima, Brea Grant, Jessica Heap and company brought their A-Game. And the pace/story played well.

The Bad: Poor music (same tacky techno song over and over), non existent color grade, & low prod values. The money that was supposed to go on screen – simply didn’t (I now know why). It feels like an unfinished film in terms of post production.

Happy I FINALLY saw it though. Took long enough! Too bad. Could’ve been a fun/quality genre film IMO of course…

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