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From John Fallon: The Siege of Robin Hood clarifications. I am not involved in the Post Production.

As The Sergeant in The Siege of Robin Hood!

Hey all! I wanted to go on record about “The Siege of Robin Hood” as I feel at this stage that I should. Although I was an active Producer on the film during the pre production/production stages and I also acted in it; I do not have any decision making on the post-production/delivery of the film (never had to be honest). And I am not presently involved either.

Hence if you have questions of any type about the status of the movie; I am not the person to speak with. It is not my show and it is certainly not my process. I felt the need to go on record because I have heard more than once now through the grapevine that there is an assumption out there that I have a say or control on the film’s current status – I do not and I will not be held responsible for somebody else’s way of going about things.

On that, I do think there’s a good film there and I truly hope that it will be worth the wait. I want to thank the cast/crew once again for their incredible hard work and on a personal level, for making it one hell of a fun set experience. I’ll always look back at The Siege shoot fondly. God Bless you all!

John Fallon

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