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Gonzalo Lopez’s art house thriller Sweet Pain, produced by John Fallon now available to stream and own on disk in North America!

Gonzalo Lopez’s sexy and shocking dramatic thriller Sweet Pain which stars Amiran Winter, Spain acting icon Pep Tosar and model/actress Paula Celieres is now available to stream and own on disk on Amazon, Best Buy, Shop.tcm.com, Movieunlimited.com and CDUniverse.com in North America via Leomark Studios. Lopez, Javier Rueda and Arrowinthehead.com founder and The Shelter Director John Fallon produced the critically acclaimed Giallo inspired thriller. Sweet Pain, which was loosely inspired by the tragic life of Renaissance music composer Carlo Gesualdo but is set in the present day.

The film is about: Carlo (Amiran Winter), a young music composer from a wealthy family, is going through an emotional crisis. When he moves into a new house he harks back to the events that led to his current state: his first marriage, his obsession with music, the infidelities and their murderous consequences. While the past haunts him in the form of visceral memories, Carlo strives to get his life back together and to not descend into a dark pit of madness.

Producer John Fallon had this to say about the release: “When Writer/Director Gonzalo López sent me the Sweet Pain screenplay, I read it, loved it and said don’t do it. The film on the whole is very unconventional. I was going through my own challenges at the time with my out of the box film The Shelter, hence I urged him to do something mainstream instead – an easier sell. But as all true artists Gonzalo went with his heart – as it was for him the movie that needed to be made, a feeling I know all too well. I am thrilled that Leomark Studios took it on! If you go in with an open mind; this totally unique picture will move you via its imagery, music, passion while shocking you with left field moments of sheer brutality/depravity.”

The music in Sweet Pain was composed by Marco Chiaperotti while Gemma Roges was the Director of Photography. Sweetwater Pictures, Aved Productions and Bruise Productions are the companies behind the film. 

You can Stream Sweet Pain here: https://amzn.to/3hWYVGF

Or get the disk here:






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