John Fallon spent two years learning the technical aspects of filmmaking and screenwriting. And another three years perfecting his craft as an actor through a professional theater program.

His feature length directorial debut “The Shelter” starring Michael Pare (Streets of Fire)  from his own screenplay was released in theaters, VOD and on disk to critical acclaim. The LA Times called it “remarkably ambitious” while AICN called it a “fantastic character study!” And as per the request of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Fallon‘s “The Shelter” screenplay  has been included in the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and is now part of its permanent Core Collection.

Many of his screenplays were produced into films including “Deaden”, “Trance” and “American Muscle”. John has also acted in such films as “Saw II”, “100 Feet” opposite Famke Janssen and the French hit “Dead Shadows”. John recently produced and co starred in the  action film The Siege of Robin Hood and has co starred in two westerns Gunfight at Rio Bravo and Take From Rio Bravo,.

John also produced the horror film Woodland Grey and the Spanish thriller Sweet Pain. He just directed the thriller BRAEK , which he co wrote, starring Kevin Interdonato from City on a Hill and he will be helming the Templar driven thriller Heretic next

Finally, since the year 2000, John has been at the helm of one of the most successful horror movie websites in the world called Arrow in the Head, part of the JoBlo Movie Network, which led him to being a member of the Jury at the Sitges Film Festival, the Fantastic Fest Film Festival among many others. He now oversees its popular YouTube channel JoBlo Horror Originals, is one of the hosts of the Arrow in the Head Show and is the Director of Original Content/Acquisitions for JoBlo Media.