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I return to the Wild West in Taken From Rio Bravo starring Alexander Nevsky!

Samuel the Undertaker is back!

I had the pleasure of playing the money grubbing drunk Undertaker Samuel in Joe Cornet’s GUNFIGHT AT RIO BRAVO (formerly known as ASSAULT ON RIO BRAVO) in 2021 (coming out soon) and I guess I did something right with my small role as I was asked to return in the sequel TAKEN FROM RIO BRAVO which just wrapped production to play Samuel again. What can I say, I had a blast once again – for me acting at this point is like a vacation – I go somewhere new – detach from my myself and my usual environment (behind a laptop) and have fun with good people and that’s what this stint was all about.

The film stars Alexander Nevsky, Matthias Hues, Irina Antonenko , Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock and Joe Cornet himself. It’s about: Two friends in 1874, East Texas who pursue a posse of sadistic human traffickers who have kidnapped five women. Along with an Indian scout they race against time to find and free the women before the traffickers sell them to sex-slave buyers at the Mexican border.

Here’s are pics from the set and see the trailer/teaser for the first film below! Thanks to the cast and crew for a wonderful time! Much love. JF

In between takes with star Alexander Nevsky in between takes.
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