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“Mason Stone” The Proposal feature now being shopped!

“It feels like a proof of concept for a larger scale feature film which I would be 100% in favor of!” The Action Elite

Our Award Winning retro action short THE PROPOSAL stormed out of the Sitges Film Festival late last year guns blazing and it hasn’t stopped gathering accolades and positive reviews since.

Also acting as a proof of concept – one sentence that we’ve heard a lot is “When’s the feature version?” Well, it’s pretty much ready to go. Yes, The Proposal feature is presently in the works, now named MASON STONE: THE PROPOSAL. And its journey will be begin at the 37 South film Market. To request a meeting, send us an e-mail HERE.

The feature retains the same core team as the short film. Director Ben Whimpey (Indimax Productions), Producer Antonio Raiola (ARR Productions), Producer & Star Marc Natoli (Natoli Productions) and yours truly John Fallon as Producer and now Co-Writer (Bruise Productions). The new players to the team will be announced to the public in due time.

As for the short film you may ask – well, once again it will be available for all to see by the end of the year 🙂 Till then, the trailer again below! More news about the feature as it comes. Let the adventure begin!

Marc Natoli IS Mason Stone.

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