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Assault on Rio Bravo Teaser Trailer is here!

On set as Samuel.

Lock, load and let em rip! You can now relish the body-count heavy Teaser Trailer for Joe Cornet’s Assault on Rio Bravo ; an action-packed Western from ETA Films, Hollywood Storm and San Rafael Productions. The film stars Alexander Nevsky (Black Rose), Matthias Hues (Dark Angel), Olivier Gruner (Nemesis) and Joe Cornet (Prayer for the Damned), who also directs and executive produces and yours truly makes an appearance – Arrow in the Head founder John Fallon (100 Feet) aka The Arrow!

Written by Craig Hamann, the film is about: A bloodthirsty gang of outlaws is on the eve of attacking a border town to free their leader from prison. They’re an army of ruthless killers known as the most dangerous gang in the West. Their plan is to burn the entire town to the ground with everyone who in it. But a handle of warriors led by a mysterious foreigner will stand in their way. Iconic fight choreographer and stunt coordinator Art Camacho (Half Past Dead) streamlines the insane action.

Assault on Rio Bravo is currently in post production in Los Angeles under the supervision of editor Cody Miller (Maximum Impact).

Samuel is an angry white man that’s for sure! 😉
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