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Arrow in the Head turns 20 years old. I’m writing a book!

Happy 20th anniversary Arrow in the Head ! When my brother Berge Garabedian asked me to come onboard his company in the year 2000 (due to my love of horror & writing skills) and help him create a sister site focused on the genre I said yes as a goof. I figured it would keep my writing fresh for screenwriting and didn’t think anybody outside of my mom would read my drivel.

Arrow in the Head and my alter ego The Arrow were born, under which I reviewed over 2000 films (until I retired in 2017), with much out of line humor (I wanted to be the Howard Stern/Dice of reviewers – they were my inspiration). Never in a million years did I think that it would blow up and result in this low class schmuck becoming one of the most prolific genre reviewers in the world (which was never a goal of mine), being flown around, attending red carpets, hitting high end parties, film sets, mingling with stars, having groupies, signing autographs and so forth.

As a young horror loving buck! The Arrow in the making!

When I came on the scene there were no smart phones, no social media, we were one of the first “movie websites” (before blogs existed) and the Studios didn’t know what to do with us. They couldn’t control us. It was the Wild West! So they treated us like rock stars. It was pretty out there and I enjoyed every second of it. Of course times have changed, I’ve changed and the site has changed. But the fact that AITH is still going strong 20 years in makes me proud.

On that, I figured it would be a good time to announce this: I’ve decided to undertake a new personal project. A book! One that will be half biography mostly focused on my insane adventures as one of the pioneers of movie websites/online reviewing and the other half will contain every single review I’ve ever written as The Arrow – uncensored.

JoBlo and I at the first (and last) official San Diego Comic Con party. Great times. Been a pleasure walking this path with you haus. Onward!

The book will contain personal pictures, and will be written in the way that I’ve always written: brutally honest. To be continued! In closing; a big thank to you to every single of you who have supported my varied endeavors over the years. Your positive vibes have always acted like fuel on fire. So many more mountains to conquer. Am not done! 🙏🏻👊🏻

Arrow in the Head circa the year 2000! Yowzer!
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