Brea Grant talks TRANCE.

breaaTRANCE, a horror film I wrote, which was shot in 2007 as yet to be released. Fuck I know what’s going on; I’m the writer, so I don’t know dick or tracy.

With that said, actress Brea Grant has been making the rounds for HALLOWEEN 2 and she dropped a tidbit of TRANCE info at this site called (Thanks to Emma for the heads up!)

MR. H: You’re appearing in another upcoming horror movie, Brad Malone and John Fallon’s “Trance”, with Dominique Swain and Jeremy London. Now we know that one is about some partiers who get introduced to a new drug that turns them into blood-thirsty killers. But tell us about your role in it, and when can we expect that one to reach cinemas, dvd, or whatever?

Brea:I actually filmed Trance a while back, before Heroes even. It’s just one of those movies stuck in post-production hell. It was one of the most fun movie experiences of my life though. I played a girl who rollerblades around a party and kills people. Like I said, fun.

There ya have it, Post Production hell eh… ouch… TRANCE stars Dominique Swain and Jeremy London.

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dvd_site_deaden1Christian Viel’s and I vigilante action flick DEADEN will finally be put out in the UK via AUK LIMITED and you can see the UK TRAILER HERE and the UK DVD sleeve on your left. Good little trailer, am not crazy about the sound design and it feels like it needs more work, but I like its vibe.

It should be said that DEADEN was the most fun I ever had doing a movie PERIOD. Everything about that show good and bad made it a mucho memorable experience for me. And I’ve been chasing the DEADEN dragon even since. : ) If you haven’t tapped DEADEN yet, you can get the the MAINSTREAM REGION 1 DVD HERE or get the LIMITED UNCUT EDITION DVD HERE.

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Fallon & BC Film Industry Round 1!


Booooo! Go Habs go! ; )

So here’s the dealio as to Vancouver, BC and the film industry so far. The good news is: I got myself an Agent in like 3 days and got an audition on the same day I locked that agent. That was fast! Moreover, the projects filming here (like Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe etc.) fit more with what I’m known for (genre projects) than say the shit back in Montreal (no genre TV Shows being shot there that’s for sure). So that’s good too! Am being submitted for shit that I actually WANT to be in. Booyakasha!

Bad news is, something I couldn’t have anticipated went down; the impending 2010 Olympics (to take place in Vancouver) have slapped a spoke in my wheel. Vancouver, BC is in full revamp for the event; hence lots of locations are off limits. Result? Two thirds of the industry here has gone out the window. Of course it has…why wouldn’t it…I finally got my ass down here…so it’s a given that the industry here would drop like a dead lay…sigh…my luck will never change. But that’s how it is, what can you do? At least I’ll be able to look at myself in the mirror at the end of the year; knowing that I finally tapped BC and gave it my all for better and worse. That jive is priceless.

With Frank…

So been making the best of my time here; my bud Deke is here so that’s cool, some old friends are here too (Frank and Danny) so been hanging with them as well. BC has also been acting like a high end detox for me. Am very physically active here, I party much less, quitting smoking is sticking so far, minor slip ups aside (when booze gets involved) and psychologically – I never felt better – at peace if you will. Script wise; I’m inspired so that helps – been writing my hockey screenplay and its flowing out. Been a while since I wrote a drama; so it’s kind of a trip to be tackling that genre again.

What’s next? Will be going ocean Kayaking tomorrow, will be visiting where they shot FIRST BLOOD (in Hope, Vancouver) next month when my brother comes down to visit, will do some Sea-dooing, may rent a speedboat and travel around, am tapping a gun range to shoot some loads (pun intended)… yup, am keeping busy, trying to have fun while being productive. To be continued…


Make sense…

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It’s getting closer to D day for director Gonzalo Lopez producer Javier Rueda and I; the day where our short film OLD NUMBER 7 will premiere at this year’s SITGES FILM FESTIVAL. And we got a bit of good news to keep us going till we get there. number7-shortmaiden

Iconic band IRON MAIDEN has approved our usage of one of their songs (Face in the Sand) in our film; granted its for film festival showings only and not commercial usage but hey man, it’s fucking Maiden and we couldn’t be happier. Hopefully by the time distribution knocks on our door, we’ll scrounge up enough money to use the song there as well.

IRON MAIDEN was my first concert ever and the first band I ever worshiped (yup the horror covers got my attention then the music kept me there…to this day). Gonzalo and I actually wrote the OLD NUMBER 7 screenplay while listening to Maiden, so having one of their songs in the actual film – if only for Festival usage (for now) – feels so damn right!

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