Old Number 7/Recon 2023 Sitges dates

oldnumber7-sitgestimeSEE ITS TRAILER HERE

The SITGES FILM FESTIVAL just spit out their full film program and the two projects that I have there this year just got their screening dates.

The short  OLD NUMBER 7 which I co wrote, co produced and acted in will be screening on OCTOBER 10 in competition. OLD NUMBER 7 is an ode to giallos of old. It was directed/written by Gonzalo Lopez (EMBRION) and it stars Saida Lamas and Sergio Bernal.

recon2023-sitgestimeSEE ITS TRAILER HERE

And the action/sci fi/comedy/smut fest RECON 2023 will be whooping skulls on OCTOBER 11 as part of the MIDNIGHT EXTREME section. I co wrote RECON 2023 (with director Christian Viel) and I act in it. The film stars Andy Bradsaw, Deke Richards and Valerie Wiseman.

Unless the good Lord plays against me, I am slated once again to attend the SITGES FILM FESTIVAL this year, to support both screenings and of course bring back some horror goods to the site. If you’re attending the Fest, come say hello and lets have a beer!


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OLD NUMBER 7 trailer & site!


We are close in seeing our little short film OLD NUMBER 7 premiere (in competition) at this year’s SITGES FILM FESTIVAL…  real close (screening dates should be announced shortly).  Till we get all the info for ya, you can check out the recently slapped up OLD NUMBER 7 OFFICIAL SITE   HERE and its brand spanking new TEASER TRAILER below. Hope ya dig!

OLD NUMBER 7 is about Roy (played by moi), a no nonsense kind of guy, arrives from the United States in Barcelona (Spain.) He’s there to confront his wife Mariona (Saida Lamas), who aborted their baby without his consent, and to clear the air with his brother Gonzalo (Sergio Bernal) who has since began an intimate relationship with his wife. Unbeknown to all of them though, there is a ruthless killer at large and powerful supernatural forces looming around them.

The film stars SAIDA LAMAS, SERGIO BERNAL and myself. It was directed/produced by Gonzalo Lopez (Sweet Water Pictures) and co produced by Javier Rueda (Aved Productions) and myself. Gonzalo and I wrote the screenplay together.

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100 FEET up for pre release order!

The fine ghost film I was part of ERIC RED’S 100 FEET will spook DVD shelves on October 20, but you can pre order it here if ya want.

The flick stars Famke Janssen, Michael Pare and Bobby Cannavale and in it I play a cop named Jimmy, I call him “Captain Exposition” cause that’s why he’s there, to lay down the rules of the film for the lead character and for the audience. A great project to be a part of. Why it didn’t go theatrical is still beyond me.

Me as Jimmy in 100 Feet

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Fallon BC update!

Hey all thought I’d give ya an update as to my adventures in Vancouver, BC. Here’s how it is. First let’s talk about the night life –its balls. The night life here is pathetic; very politically correct – lots of stick up asses – clubs close at 1 to 2AM, WTF is up with that? What am I a child? Me not impressed.

What about the people? I can only speak from my own experience thus far in terms of the folks I have met: way too neurotic,, oddball and conservative to fit with the kind of dude I am. I’m not saying EVERYBODY is like that, but so far its the people I am meeting. Thank Zeus my bud Deke and that my old friend from the days Frankie are here – they help me stay sane.

On the upside, biz wise, I am auditioning for way higher profile projects than I would in say Montreal. So that’s refreshing – opportunities are bigger and more frequent and I’ve had to up my game – which is a good thing. Moreover I’ve mentioned this before; but the scenery here is nuts, I’m an ocean dude, so put me right next to it and you got a happy man. Every morning, I start my day with a walk by the water which sure beat the crackhead neighborhood that surrounded me in Montreal (go Habs go). So that’s a big plus for me. The water, waves crashing in and wild life make me feel at peace.


The fact that BC is next to LA is also helping to some degree, got a couple of things up in the air, and its groovy to have that. The film industry is the equivalent to the lottery in my opinion, so if  you have a ticket and are in the race you’re already a step up. Finally, like I said before, been cleaning up my act down here. Peeps that know me, know that I play hard, work hard, fuck hard and party harder. Here the nature of my surroundings has been soothing me, keeping me in check. I train and do sports MORE than I party, which is new for me. I guess it’s a good path to explore. That’s it for my sorry ass at the moment, back to the grind and the drinks I go! Hey, its Saturday right? CHEERS!

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