Not a lot of people know this, but I was approached by Lions Gate in 2006 to write the sequel to CABIN FEVER, CABIN FEVER 2. So I wrote an outline, a treatment and broke down my sequel in point form format. I pitched the thingtrance-art to LG who eventually passed on my sequel idea – saying that it was “too big” for what they had in mind. It should be said, that back then I had ZERO idea as to how to pitch a script to a Hollywood prod company. So I went about it all wrong and yes have learned from it since. If I knew then what I know now…

So, not wanting to see lots of hard work and what I considered to be some good ideas go to waste; I took my CABIN FEVER 2 material and used it as the basis for TRANCE, a film I wrote and that was shot with Dominique Swain in the lead. Don’t ask me where the film is at in terms of release, I have no fucking idea. With the imminent release of CABIN FEVER 2, I thought it would be cool to share with ya what my sequel would have been.

Reading it 3 years later, I’m so-so on it to be honest. Then again, the more a writer writes, the better he becomes. I like to think I’m a better writer now than I was 3 years ago. So I’m cutting myself some slack 🙂 So here’s a point form for my proposed CABIN FEVER sequel which I named at the time: CABIN FEVER 2: SPIKING FEVER.



By John Fallon


Easter weekend. Three years have passed since the disastrous events that took place in the original Cabin Fever. The “Down Home Spring Water” company has since gone bankrupt while the town has covered up the slew of isolated viral mishaps.

In the hopes of attracting more tourists to their turf—and jack the community’s economy in the process, the town is throwing a big barn rave, streamlined by now Sheriff Winston.

We open on a deserted water factory at night. A beat up sign on top of the structure reads “Down Home Water Inc.” Two individuals, Rave promoter Mr. Roth and his lovely assistant Louisa drive in the parking lot in two separate vehicles. Her a car, him a truck.

They break into the establishment, steal crates of “Down Home Spring Water” and load them into the truck.

It is explained via their conversation – that the water factory was abandoned when the company went bankrupt for unknown reasons 2 years back – they’re stealing the water in order to cut down on their cost- that the water is for the upcoming barn rave and that it will be delivered to master of party ceremony Sheriff Winston.

It should be said that bottled water is a must at any rave since the drugs of choice at these parties, like speed and/or ecstasy, dehydrate the body to a ludicrous degree.

Mr. Roth steps into his truck saying that he will take care of delivering the water to the party while Louisa is to head back at the head office in the big city to take care of other business.

Louisa snatches a bottle of water from a crate before entering her car, saying that she’s taking “one for the road”. They part ways.

We follow Louisa behind the wheel of her car, driving back to the city. She takes a healthy swig from the bottle of water.

The opening credits surface as we inter-cut between them and Louisa’s long trek back home.

Over a substantial period of time, the virus gradually makes itself apparent on her face; her skin becomes crisper, her eyes blood shot and she eventually begins to cough.

Dawn is upon us, Louisa is coughing up a storm. She brings her car to a halt on the side of the road and gets out from the driver’s side. She suddenly starts puking blood heartily. Every time she tries to take a breath she vomits more plasma.

Suddenly a loud honk is heard, she looks up and a speeding Mack Truck smashes into her. Her whole body explodes from the impact as pieces of her flies in the air in a mash of red gush.


“ACT 1”

– We follow five young adults driving into town in a slick black Mustang to attend the “Barn Rave”. They are:

1- JD (29 years old) is a man’s man. He likes to fight, loves trouble, adores women and drinks everything that includes Jack Daniels. He’s going to the rave to “get down” but also to help his little brother Chris loosen up. It should be said that JD keeps trying to get into Elaine’s pants, but to no avail.

2-Elaine (24 years old) recently dumped her long-time boyfriend after discovering that he was dating nine other women at the same time as her. She’s in “man hating” mode and is attending the rave to get trashed beyond belief in order to forget her troubles (and herself) for 12 hours.

3-Chris (20 years old) is JD’s little brother. He’s a “safe” type of guy who is more comfortable quoting “The Transformers” cartoon series than he is courting the fairer sex. He’s going to the rave with the intent of getting “wild” and trying ecstasy for the first time.

4-Robin (21 years old) is anti-drug, anti-booze, anti-everything: basically, squeaky clean! She doesn’t gel with the rest of group and doesn’t even want to attend the rave. She’s only tagging along to keep an eye on her boyfriend Chris. Her nickname rhymes with “rich”.

5-Spaz (25 years old) is an African-American. He’s a hardcore pill popper, with speed as his drug of choice. He speaks often and speedy– always addressing some form of social issue. Half the time nobody understands what he’s babbling about. Spaz is your typical hardcore tweaker, in that, raving is HIS LIFE.

Inside the car, the gang speaks of the tale that was the town’s initial virus epidemic and the suspected cover up. The affair is regarded as an “urban legend” and taken lightly by the group. Conflict ultimately arises where a heated pro-anti drug debate is set loose.

The gang stops in town and hit the main convenience store, which is now tended by Dennis the Mullet Teen. They pick up some “rave party favors” such as lollipops, gummy bears and “Tiger Baum”.

Dennis is now grown up and has a shy yet endearing demeanor about him. Think James Dean in “East of Eden”. Elaine is taken by the gent and some harmless flirtation between the two ensues much to the dismay of JD.

Meanwhile at the barn, Sheriff Winston is streamlining the event backed by a small crew. They’re setting up lights, preparing the DJ booth and mounting the speakers.

The massive barn is located in a secluded area, far away from town within the woods. The inside consists of two stories; the bottom floor was obviously custom made for the rave with an imposing maze like interior and a dance floor area set in the middle of the room. The upper floor has more of that “true” barn feel, hay is spread about and there’s a window that looks outside the front of the barn. That floor will act as the “chill room”.

Mr. Roth shows up in his truck and delivers the water to Sheriff Winston. Winston’s crew unloads the truck as Mr. Roth stares at one of the workers buttocks with lust in his eyes. Winston notices and smirks. He plays that game!

In the mean time, the gang is now at a lake chilling out (i.e smoking weed) and talking shop. We get a chance to get to know each and everyone of the players on a deeper level.

JD hits on Elaine constantly; she rejects him at every turn.

Spaz rambles on and on about the state of sexual relationships in this valueless society.

Chris tries to keep up with Spaz, giving his point of view but he’s cut short when he lets out a few cuss words that have Robin reprimand him like a scolding mother.

JD eventually initiates a “skinny dipping” jamboree and manages to coax Chris to partake.

Everybody winds up in the water naked, goofing around, except for Robin who stays ashore with a sour puss on her face.

Back at the barn; a Pig Wrangler arrives on the scene with 8 piglets. Mr. Roth asks Sheriff Winston why “the zoo”? Winston answers that the pigs will be a trippy addition to the happenings where tweekers love to have something out of the ordinary to gawk at when high. The pigs are rustled behind a fence in a corner inside the barn. They are given water to drink, “Down Home” water out of a bottle that is.

It has begun! Our teen party fiends finally arrive at the jumping “Barn Rave” in their hot ride. The barn area is filled with parked cars and activity. Flashy dressed are drinking, leaning on their cars while others wait in the lineup to get inside the shindig.

Sheriff Winston is standing at the door, pocketing the admission fees and flirting with the ladies. He’s dressed in a cutesy bunny suit to keep with the spirit of the Easter holiday. NOTE: Winston will be wearing his bunny outfit throughout the whole picture.

The gang steps out of their ride and walk towards the barn. Confidant JD, bottle of “Jack” in hand, successfully gets some eye contact going with a couple of girls; while Spaz trapped in his own personal bubble raps an unknown song as he walks forward.

Chris puts his arm around Robin; she pushes it away saying that they’re in public. Elaine laughs at the couple’s pathetic demeanor. They all hit the lineup.

Our heroes walk in the barn rave and take in their surroundings. There’s about 100 people present – red and bluish lights are wildly flashing about – techno/trance is booming out the speakers and the dance floor is already alive with relentless dancers.

JD spots the “house dealer” (He’s wearing a baseball cap that says “I DEAL” on it) and purchases the “candy” for everybody.

He rejoins the group and they all head for a corner to ingest the goodies. All partake except for Robin who gives Chris the “evil eye” for taking the substance. They all sit down and wait for the drug to kick in.

People are dancing, massages are being given, ravers are having sex in corners while others are crouched down, tripping out on the piglets behind the fence.

The drugs eventually hits the gang.

JD moves in on Elaine, already trying to seduce her. She once more refuses his advances and walks off on her own.

The rest of the group follow Elaine’s lead and off they go to explore their surroundings under their new drug induced state of being.

Amidst the madness, Elaine spots Dennis standing by a pole, observing the dance floor; She approaches him, they begin to dialogue and hit it off.

Dennis is drinking water and offers some to Elaine. She refuses, saying that she actually doesn’t drink water when raving where she’d rather dehydrate than spend the bulk of the night peeing in the bathroom.

JD walks in on them; looks Dennis up and down, obviously not to impressed by the lad. He makes a derogatory remark about him and walks out into the masses. Dennis has an offended look on his face but Elaine puts her arm around him in comfort and leads him away.

Spaz hits the dance floor with purpose and begins to get down hardcore. He drinks water profusely.

Chris is drinking water and is overwhelmingly high. He’s inches away from a couple making out passionately on a nearby bench. He can’t take his eyes off them, mouth agape. The couple totally ignore his intruding presence.

Dennis and Elaine walk the maze together. She spots a machete hiding under some hay on the ground. She picks it up and in a drugged hazed begins to mimic a sword fight to then let out “Jason Voorhees” jokes. A concerned Dennis takes the machete away from her and chugs it back on the ground. She suddenly sees a nearby stair case that leads to the second story of the barn. She grabs Dennis’s hand impulsively and leads him up upstairs.

Mr. Roth, dressed in bondage like wear, walks amidst the area, eyes akin to a predator seeking its prey. He spots Chris from afar, steps up to him and strikes up a conversation. He perceives that the boy is beyond wasted and proceeds to seduce him and imminently make out with him. Chris being so under the influence just goes with it.

JD is flirting with some ladies across the room, bottle of “Jack” in hand. We follow his POV as he spots his brother in a warm embrace with Roth. Furious, JD rushes in their direction.

He steps in and breaks his JD bottle on Roth’s head. A fight ensues with JD being the dominant one.

Sheriff Winston arrives on the scene and breaks the fight up. He hears the logistics of the situation and throws “Roth” out the barn for taking advantage of the kid.

Outside, Roth curses at Winston; Winston argues that he’s ruining the party and that we’ll have none of that on his watch. Roth walks out in the woods.

Inside, Robin snubs Chris, obviously hurt by his actions. Chris is just too high to register anything.

Robin retreats outside where she meets up with Sheriff Winston. They flirt, he lays on the charm and gets her in his car with the promise of sharing a “40”.

Inside, JD leads Chris in a corner and sits him down, telling him not to move an inch. Chris sits immobile, eyes wide opened, tripping out hard.

Winston in the back seat of his car; talking to Robin; telling her how she needs a “real man”.

Spaz oblivious to all that happened is on the dance floor, bottle of water in hand, drinking fervently and owning the area with his fancy moves. His skin tone looks unhealthy and he begins to cough.

Backseat of Sheriff Winston’s car; he’s nailing Robin like a jack hammer, bunny suit still on.

“ACT 2”

All is well in the land of the hedonists until the pigs (now infected through their drinking water) break free of their habitat and attack the ravers.

The little buggers head for the dance floor and bite at people’s legs. Many of the ravers, Spaz being one of them don’t even react to the pork attack. They’re just too high to give a damn.

JD and a group of ravers take it upon themselves to chase after the piglets and clean house.

A few ravers stomp on them while others catch them and throw them “splat” against the walls. Since the kids are high beyond belief; they seem to derive enjoyment out of the situation as opposed to fear.

JD eventually ends the “game” by “offing” the last piglet with a pitchfork that he found lying around.

Sheriff Winston and Robin walk inside the barn. Winston evaluates the situation, makes a joke about everybody having “pork chops” tomorrow for dinner and cleans up the mess (he basically, hides the pig carcasses by kicking hay over them). He makes sure that the party continues and it does.

Two gorgeous girls move up to JD, impressed by his handling of the situation. JD throws his pitch fork to the ground. The gals take him by the hand and lead him through the maze with sensual gazes on their faces, they cough a few times as they walk him to “wonderland”.

Robin walks through the dance floor with a look of shame on her face. She encounters Spaz on the way who’s coughing like a madman. She asks if he’s ok, he says yes and goes on a ramble about the true amount of fat in 2 percent milk.

She ignores his rant, walks through the dance floor, finds Chris and sits next to him. Chris is totally oblivious to her. She taps his shoulder, he turns to her with vacuous eyes, and he begins to cough. Torn with guilt, she begins to express how much she loves him. Chris sees right through her, not hearing a word that she’s saying; too busy tripping on all the crazy lighting and the imposing techno tunes to care.

Elaine and Dennis are sitting in the hay in the chill room. Couples are spread about around them; having steamy sex, in the hay.

They both share sob stories. Elaine speaks of her ex boyfriend while Dennis explains that he overcame a deadly disease and just got out of a psychiatrist home; having now dealt with his fixation on pancakes and biting people. His revelation sends Elaine in a giggle fit. She thought her life was complicated.

Spaz is dancing up a storm on the dance floor, coughing continuously. People around him are also coughing. He takes another big swig of water from his bottle. Suddenly a raver with “glow sticks: steps up in front of him and performs a light show for his viewing pleasure. Spaz intensely follows the sticks with darting eyes.

JD is in a corner of the maze, getting hot and heavy with the two hot girls. He pushes their heads together and has them kiss for his viewing pleasure.

Chill room; Elaine and Dennis aim to kiss but Dennis begins to cough and it kills the moment. She asks him if he’s ok; he answers that he’s fine, probably a cold. She then offers him a massage. He accepts and takes off his shirt. She sits behind him and begins rubbing his back.

The dance floor; Spaz is following the glow sticks as he takes a sip of water. He suddenly spits the water out and vomits a huge gob of blood in the face of the glow stick wrangler. Disoriented, Spaz puts his hand on his mouth and vomits another thick gob of blood.

Suddenly the glow stick wrangler pukes a spray of blood all over Spaz’s face. The latter’s regurgitation provokes a chain reaction in the area where 10 other ravers on the dance floor begin to vomit blood abundantly.

Chris and Robin sitting in the corner. Robin is horrified by the sight before her while Chris stares dumfounded.

We see the “the blood puke fest” through his blurry and otherworldly POV. To him the blood is extremely bright in color and all actions are in slow motion. To him it’s a beautiful sight. He smiles whole heartily.

Elaine is massaging Dennis; suddenly she hears a scream emanating from a region in the room. She looks in the “scream’s” direction as she massages Dennis.

A shirtless man his vomiting all over his male partner.

She stares at the incident in silence, debating if what she’s seeing is real or if her eyes are playing tricks on her.

Suddenly Dennis lets out a piercing scream which snaps her out of her trance. She looks down and sees that she has unwillingly ripped a long and thick layer of skin off Dennis’s back. She shrieks in horror.

Sheriff Winston is standing on the outskirt of the dance floor. Most dancers are vomiting blood plentifully while others just dance around, totally unaware of the ruckus. Its happening again he says to himself. He sneakily walks backwards towards the exit of the barn and steps out.

An aroused JD observes the two girls making out with each other. Suddenly Girl 1 vomits blood in Girl 2’s mouth. The kiss separates as Girl 1 pukes heartily and Girl 2 spits out the blood that was spat in her mouth. Suddenly Girl 2 begins to vomit her own blood. A distraught JD takes a couple of steps back.

Outside, Sheriff Winston heads to the side of the barn, picks up a huge wooden plank and locks the barn door from the outside.

Winston rushes to his squad car, opens the door, grabs his shotgun and picks up his CB. He calls for support stating that the “fever is back”, that he need reinforcements to quarantine the area and that he also wants “the cleaners” on the premises ASAP.

Back in the maze; the bloodied girls stumble towards JD, arms outstretched begging for help. JD moves back, and steps on the machete (same one Elaine was toying with earlier) in the process. He looks down and quickly picks it up. He aims it at the bloodied girls, yelling at them to stay away from him. They continue walking towards him. JD makes a run for it through the maze.

JD runs for his life, taking corners swiftly, the maze seems to be never ending. He looks behind him; the girls are running after him.

Suddenly, JD slips at corner and falls to the ground. He looks behind him; the girls are rushing in his direction. He raises his machete and Girl 1 is impaled on it. She falls to the ground dead while Girl 2 lets out a piecing cry.

JD’S DRUGGED POV, the girl’s bloodied face deforms as she yells. In fear JD gets up, swings the machete and beheads her in one clean swoop. A beat, the girl’s head falls off her shoulders and her body crumples to the ground. JD looks at the gruesome sight before him; obviously shook up. Tears fill his eyes.

Outside; Winston still has his shot gun aimed at the sole barn window; making sure to keep the virus contained.

He suddenly sees a blood drenched teen stepping out of the window. He aims his shot gun at the kid; yelling at him to get back inside. The kid is at a complete loss. He jumps out the window and crumples to the ground. On the ground; the teen gets up, looks around in a haze, spots Winston and suddenly rushes towards him in rage.

Winston aims his shot gun at the lad and fires. The teen gets it in the chest and flies back ward to fall dead. Winston looks up at the window and sees two more bloodied up teens trying to get out. He cocks his shotgun and opens fire. One teen gets it in the chest and falls outside the barn, while the other gets it in the head.

Inside the chill room; Elaine is standing up, eyes on the window and sees the hit teen topple back inside with half of his face missing. He falls to the hay dead. “What the fuck is going on” she utters. Dennis is lying on the ground twisting in pain.

Suddenly two “infected” ravers jump Elaine. One claws at her face while the other squeezes her throat. Elaine struggles with her assailants but to no avail.

Dennis suddenly stands up, grabs Infected-1 and throws him off her. Infected-1 topples backwards and falls to the ground. Dennis grabs Infected-2 and jabs both his thumbs into his eye sockets. Infected -2 holds his face in pain and stumbles backwards.

Suddenly Infected-1 gets back up and rushes towards Dennis with a piercing scream. Dennis performs a deadly Round kick on the man and sends him flying in the hay. Dennis rushes to him, puts his foot on his neck and crushes it.

Dennis turns around and sees that Elaine is now struggling with a blind Infected-1 who is trying to get to her. Dennis rushes towards him, grabs his neck and in one clean stroke, snaps it like a twig. The infected falls to the ground. Elaine looks at Dennis impressed by his skills.

Suddenly ample puking and moaning sounds are heard. Infected ravers step out of the darkness and stumble towards our heroes.

Elaine grabs Dennis by the hand and leads him in direction of the staircase. Suddenly Dennis goes into a coughing fit. He tells her to leave him behind. Stubborn; she grabs his hand and drags him downstairs.

Dirt road; night. Five Squad cars are racing down the path in total silence.

Elaine and Dennis run downstairs. Nothing could’ve prepared them for the nightmare that lied before them. Infected ravers are puking blood, others are banging their heads on the walls, ravers are killing ravers and even a slew of infected too high to care about their state. So they dance away, tearing at each other’s flesh in some sort of SNM like pleasure while others puke all over themselves.

Elaine spots the pitch fork that JD had thrown to the ground earlier. She picks it up and begins fending off her attackers. Dennis pitches in by fighting incoming infected but is often interrupted by his own pain. Elaine spots JD fighting off aggressors with his machete at a distance. She yells out at him but he can’t hear her due to the music.

Front of barn; the five squad cars arrive on the scene.

Winston still has his gun aimed at the window. He shoots down yet another infected teen trying to escape.

10 Police officers with semi-automatic weapons in tow get out of the cars. They head to the Sheriff who yells out these instructions. “Everybody put on silencers where we don’t want the whole town to know about this.” “He will not be embarrassed by another viral incident”. “There’s an Easter Parade taking place in town in the morning and nothing will ruin that”

He then orders them to “Surround the barn where nobody can escape”. He appoints two officers to take his place in guarding the window and then yells out “Where the fuck are the cleaners?”

Back inside; Chris is sitting on his bench tripping hard while Robin is lying under the bench in fear.

Elaine sees that JD is in trouble. She turn to speak to Dennis but he’s nowhere in sight. She gives up on him and goes to JD’s rescue pitch forking her way through a sea of flesh. She finally gets to him, grabs his arm and pulls him out of trouble.

Outside; 3 men on dirt bikes arrive on the scene. Winston goes to them, gas mask in hand, scolds them, throws them the masks and tells them that they have to clean the place out from the inside, starting from the top.

Inside; Robin hiding under the bench; suddenly a gush of puke blood hits the ground in front of her face.

Outside; a harpoon gun is fired into the top window. A grappling hook attached to a rope, “hooks in”. The 3 “cleaners” climb the rope to the window under the proud gaze of Sheriff Winston who states out loud” That’s my boys!”

The first “cleaner” in line reaches the window. Suddenly an infected springs up and reaches for him. The “Cleaner” grabs the infected’s collar and throws him out the barn. The infected falls on ground. Winston’s men immediately open fire and eliminate him.

The 3 cleaners climb inside the chill room. They see a slew of infected teens spread about. Some are dancing, others puking while others are ripping off their own skin. The 3 men line up one next to the other; raise their weapons and open fire. They mow everybody down. Headshot and body shots are plenty as they “clean” the area. Once the smoke clears, everybody is dead. One of the cleaners take his “Walkie Talkie” and proclaims; “level 2 all cleared”.

All three cleaners take the stairs and head for level 1.

JD and Elaine rush to Chris. They’re horrified by the sight before them. Chris is ripping the skin off his right arm and is actually amused by it.

JD tries to reach his brother with words and even resorts to slapping him but to no avail. Chris is lost. He suddenly pukes to the ground again. Robin screams.

JD looks down and sees Robin hiding under the bench. He extends his hand, she takes it and he pulls her out.

Chris is totally oblivious to everything and proceeds to rip the remaining flesh off his arm.

Suddenly the three cleaners pop on the scene and open fire. They hit the DJ booth in the process. The music stops.

The sudden silence in the room gives way to a beat. Everybody pauses.

The infected ravers that were dancing; stop dancing. They slowly turn their gaze to the cleaners. Another beat. They suddenly aggressively rush in their direction.

The cleaners open fire on the masses.

JD lunges for cover as infected ravers get mowed down around him.

Bullets land in the wall behind Chris, he doesn’t even blink.

Elaine also hops for cover.

Spaz rushes towards the cleaners, they shoot him but he keeps coming, too jacked up on speed to care.

He jumps the Cleaners. A struggle ensues. Spaz rips one of the cleaners throat open. A gun hits the ground.

Elaine sees her chance, rushes to the gun, picks it up and aims it at Spaz and the two remaining cleaners “point blank”. She opens fire. All three get riddled with bullets and drop to the ground. She turns around, to see the remaining infected ravers; she opens fire.

JD is still trying to get through to Chris; Robin tells him to give up. The infected ravers keep getting closer and Elaine can’t keep them back forever.

Elaine screams out to hit the “chill room”. JD responds that he can’t leave his brother behind.

JD looks at his mangled brother; he’s lost. He raises his machete; he hesitates, and finally stabs him in the heart out of pity. Elaine rushes to Robin and Chris and pulls them towards the staircase.

They climb the stairs. Infected are following them up. Elaine turns around, aims and fire. She gets rid of the following ravers but her gun “clicks”…out of bullet.

They walk in the upstairs section and shut the trap door. JD stands on the door as the girls look around for something to put on it in terms of weight. The girls spot a huge book like shelf- they topple it to the ground and drag it on top of the door.

Our heroes get a breather; they take in their surroundings; it’s a slaughterhouse with corpses anywhere. JD takes it upon himself to go to the window and try to dialogue with the Police force outside.

A dialogue between the cops and JD ensues. It ends with JD telling them to go fuck themselves and them opening fire at the window.

The two girls sit and rest as JD paces about; thinking out loud while coughing heavily.

Outside; Winston talks with other officers as to how to proceed. An officer suggests burning down the barn but Winston explains that the ample smoke would attract the town folks; he wants to keep this hush hush and isolated.

Inside; JD suddenly flips out, goes to a barn wall and violently machetes a hole into it.

Outside; officers notice the disturbance and shoot in its direction.

Inside, bullets whiz by JD, he quickly moves away and yell outs a frustrated “FUCK”. Robin is crying while Elaine is obviously traumatized yet silently assessing the situation.

JD; coughs heavily and begins to vomit blood. The girls look at him mouth agape; they all know his time is running out.

Elaine comes up with an idea. Somebody needs to go for help. We need one person to climb out the barn while the other provides a distraction. They need ammo to create that distraction.

JD suggests that he goes downstairs to get one of the remaining firearms. Elaine says she’ll go with him. JD argues with her; she’ll have none of it. Robin is just frozen in fear crying herself silly.

Outside cops debate; should they go in and just kill everybody. Winston argues that in his experience the virus takes up to 6 to 8 hours to fully take its course. He suggests they all wait till dawn until everybody inside expires. All they’ll have to do then is clean up the mess. Nobody gets hurt.

Inside; Elaine and JD climb down the stairs to go get the needed firearm at the bottom barn floor. Robin stays behind, crying.

“ACT 3”

Elaine and JD hit the bottom barn floor. Surprisingly nobody is in sight. All they hear is a clawing sound.

They quietly turn the corner and see that all of the remaining infected ravers are compassed in the same location; pushing against the barn door.

Silently our heroes walk over dead bodies; they spot the two guns next to the “cleaners’” cadavers. They walk towards them.

Suddenly JD coughs.

The infected ravers all stop clawing and turn around in unison.

A beat.

They all rush towards our heroes.

JD leaps to the ground, picks up both firearms. He throws one to Elaine and opens fire on the ravers.

Elaine aims her firearm at the crowd and opens fire.

JD tells her that he’s dead anyways and orders her to run upstairs now! She inches backwards, hesitating.

JD is eventually outnumbered by the mass of ravers as they crowd him until we can no longer see him.

Elaine yells out his name!

His screams of agony serve as an answer as one of the ravers rips out his head and throws it in the air.

Elaine is horrified. Suddenly Dennis springs in front of her. He punches her in the face. Elaine topples backward as Dennis moves in and vomits all over her chest. Elaine raises her firearm but Dennis grabs her arm and bites it violently. An extensive fight between the two ensues. It ends when Elaine aims at his head and fires at point blank range.

Dennis’s head breaks into pieces until it explodes; his body falls to the ground.

Elaine looks one more time in JD’s direction; the infected have since ripped all of his limbs off and are rubbing each other with them in ecstasy. Elaine rushes back upstairs.

Elaine barges in; Robin is sitting immobile; still crying. A determined Elaine tosses the gun in her hands and says lets execute the plan. Robin is immobile. Elaine slaps her and she snaps out of it.

Both girls walk to the window. Elaine gives Robin a quick “how to shoot” lesson.

Elaine promises Robin that she’s going to come back with help. Elaine coughs.

On her signal; Robin points the machine gun on the unsuspecting officers and opens fire.

Surprised, the Officers run for cover.

Elaine gets out the window and begins her climb down.

Winston sees Elaine’s attempt to escape; he points his firearm in her direction and shoots. He misses.

Robin fires in Winston’s direction, covering Elaine.

Elaine hits the ground.

Robin keeps opening fire.

Elaine runs towards a dirt bike; an officer springs in her way, driven by adrenaline she throws a left hook in his face and drops him to the ground. Elaine hops on the bike; the key is in the ignition; she revs the engine and rides off in a cloud of smoke.

Winston screams at two officers to engage pursuit. They follow order; both enter separate cars and drive after her.

Robin keeps firing out the window until she runs out of bullet. The firing stops.

The cops feeling safe, get out of their hiding place.

Panicked and out of ideas; Robin yells out that she gives herself up and wants to come out.

Deputy Winston tells her to come on down.

She uneasily climbs down the rope and hits the ground.

Winston slowly walks towards her. He stops inches away from her and asks if she’s ok. She answers yes while trembling. He asks her how many infected are left alive inside the barn. She answers that she doesn’t know; where she was upstairs most of the time. He asks if she’s lying. She says “Why would I lie”. He agrees, takes out his sidearm and shoots her in the head. She falls to he ground. Winston turns and says: can somebody clean this up. He follows that up with “I need a drink”.

Elaine riding furiously through the woods on her bike. The cops follow her on a road parallel to her trek.

The officers point their gun at her from outside the passenger window and fire at her. They miss her by an inch.

Elaine suddenly does a front wheelie and falls backwards off her bike. She immediately picks herself up and runs to hide into the woods.

The Officers park their cars, get out, gun in hand and search for her.

Suddenly Mr. Roth randomly pops up, wearing his leather vest while being naked from the waist down. He asks what’s going on. Startled the officers shoot him down. Ah shit we killed that promoter guy says one of the cops; its ok I never liked him says the other.

Suddenly they hear a door slam. They turn around to see Elaine enter one of the squad cars and drive off. They shoot in her direction as they run to the other car.

The town’s main street, the sun is rising; an Easter parade is being prepped by the town folks. Floats are driven out into the streets; being lined up for the big event.

Back at the barn; Winston looks at his watch; it’s almost over, the virus will have killed everybody inside very soon.

Elaine driving her car; she starts coughing and puking blood. She’s sees a sign that says “10 miles till town”.

The pursuing cops drive up next to her. They try to ram her off the road.

Inside the car, Elaine pukes blood profusely.

The cop car suddenly rams her hard, Elaine loses control of ride, scrapes against the side of the road and the car flips over.

In town, town folks begin to gather in masses to witness the parade.

Back at barn; all is quiet. Winston says that its time; lets clean up. Winston and his team move in towards the barn door.

Elaine’s upside down car. The two officers move in. They open her car door, crouch down to her level and see her hanging from her seatbelt still alive. They aim their guns at her. She opens her eyes and utters “fuck this town”. Suddenly she vomits a massive gush of blood “puke” in the officers’ faces.

Back at the barn, Winston removes the wooden plank that was keeping the barn door locked. The officers all have their guns pointed at the door. SUDDENLY the bran doors slam open as a crowd of infected ravers barge out and attack the officers fiercely.

Back on the side of the road with Elaine; both officers are wiping their bloodied faces blood in anger. A weakened Elaine smiles at the sight before her. They aim their guns at her and take her down.

Back at the barn a chaotic battle rages on between the officers and the infected ravers. Limbs are ripped out, heads are crushed, and gunshots are fired. It’s an all out orgy of violence. Winston manages to slip the infected to run out into the woods.

In town the parade has begun. Kids are laughing, parents are smiling as the flashy floats chug through the Main Street

Winston running through the woods with the relentless infected on his tail. He turns around and shoots at them to no avail; they’re still coming.

The parade is going by.

Winston running through the woods.

Winston arrives at the edge of a tall hill overlooking the town’s main street; there’s nowhere to run. He sees the parade unraveling down below.

The remaining infected walk behind him.

Winston turns his head around slowly in fear.

The main street; the floats are driving by; everybody is having a jolly good time. SUDDENLY Winston’s bloodied “bunny suited” corpse falls from the sky and brutally crashes smack in the middle of a float.

The town folks shriek in terror and look up to see a row of infected ravers smiling devilishly down at them. It’s going to be one hell of an Easter!


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