The Red Hours, DVD sleeve!


Here’s a look at the DVD sleeve (below – created by Gino Pagliuca)  for my short film THE RED HOURS. And the pic above will be the image on the actual DVD. Hope ya dig! Next step, get the DVDs done. THE RED HOURS stars Deke Richards, Amy Wickenheiser and Heather Westwood.  It was produced by myself and  Donny Broussard.


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My personal 2009 retrospective.

It’s the end of the year. As I reflect on 2009, it was a flip flop year for me. On one end, I lived life to the fullest that’s for sur
e, going out of my way to provoke thing on a professional and personal level.

Early this year, I went to Spain and spent some considerable time there. Hooked up with director Gonzalo Lopez and did a short film with him called OLD NUMBER 7 (which screened at Sitges and the Filmnet festivals). The shoot was arduous but the experience priceless and Gonzalo is now a man I can proudly call my brother. I fell in love with Spain, the city, its wonders (I hiked Mont Serrat – loved it) and its people  and aim to go back there as much as I can in 2010.

fallonserratTop of Mont Serrat in Spain

fallonmountAppreciating reality in British Columbia

Then it was off to Australia, to see the land (beautiful country) and screen my short flick THE RED HOURS at the ONE NIGHT OF HORROR Fest. The film won an award (independent spirit), I made some cool new friends and I was happy like a pig in shit during that time. Once back on Canadian soil, I booked out of Montreal Canada and did a one week road trip across Canada to finally land in Vancouver BC. I stayed there for a while in the name of change and in the hopes of provoking things. I got the “change” part down pat, beings surrounded by so much beauty 24/7 was inspiring, BC prompted me to live a healthier life (I played tennis every day…who knew) and I even though it was null on a professional level (to be honest I didn’t stay long enough to really give it a shot), I fell in love with the place.

ozfallonIn Australia

fallonsitgesPresenting Old Number 7 in Sitges 09.

Finally at the end of the year; it was back to Spain again for the Sitges Film Festival. Was nice to be back again, screened two films I was involved in (Old Number 7 and Recon 2023), got to see old friends (Hostench!) and even though my health was mucho shaky by then, I still had a blast. Other highlights of my year would have to be, witnessing the Habs Centennial game at the Bell Center, finally getting the sound mix done on RED HOURS, visiting the FIRST BLOOD locations in HOPE BC, doing my annual snow mobile excursion, doing some four wheeling on the beaches of Oz, Sea- Dooing near glaciers, horse back riding, hiking and my many nature inclined adventures.


On the flip side; the biggest uppercut I had in 2009 was health issues (one of the reasons I had to cut BC short). Somebody once told me that when you hit 30 years old and up, your body breaks down and sadly it was true in my case. Doctors, doctors, doctors – not fun. Not too surprised to be honest – if there’s one guy that pushed the envelope in terms of working and partying WAY TOO HARD, it’s me. So I was bound to have to pay the piper eventually. Am still dealing with that now, and its okay, I’ve overcome bigger obstacles than this in my life, so bring it.

fallonvroomWhat a blast!

My New Years resolutions for 2010? Train harder, finish my new script and direct it, learn more Spanish, make AITH even stronger, get my short The Red Hours in more Fests, get Trigger going one way or another, keep people that bring stress or negativity in to my life OUT and hit LA more often.. One thing is for sure, 2010 begs for further big changes, and you bet your ass I’ll make them happen! Onward and forward! Happy New Year all!


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