Quoted in Shutter Island BOXOFFICE.COM article…

I was quoted today in an article having to do with Martin Scorsese’s new horror film  SHUTTER ISLAND. Here’s an excerpt and CLICK HERE to read the whole damn thing.

“It’s a horror movie to me,” says John Fallon, who runs popular horror site ArrowintheHead.com. “Sadly, even though the horror genre is more popular and profitable than ever right now, it’s still the red-headed ‘Chucky Doll’ of cinema. It’s not respected as a valid art form by the masses or most of the suits behind them. That’s why, for example, that lots of recent ghost stories were marketed as ‘supernatural thrillers’.” He shrugs. “In my book, you can call them whatever you want, if that helps you sleep at night, [but] the fans know…it’s still horror.”

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Happy 10th year Birthday Arrow in the Head!


This year marks Arrow in the Head’s 10th year anniversary as the site ahs been online since early 2000. 10 f*cking years man… shit blogs didn’t even exist then… where did the time go? Personally,  its been a trip, lots of ups, some downs, lots of perks, lots of new friends, some disappointments… lots of work… LOTS OF WORK… no you don’t get it… LOTS OF F*CKING WORK… but hey its all been worth it.

ammonjohnfunMe and AITH right hand man Ammon Gilbert!

I wanna take the time to thank the AITH readers that keep coming back to the site for their daily shot of horror and ta-tas. We couldn’t do it without yall! And also big gracias to the Arrow in the Head crew for their fine work and for being cool ass mofos. I ran the site for 5 years by myself, but its when I started working with these crazy peeps that the fun really began.  Happy B-Day Arrow in the Head!

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Death Row, Recon 4 to roll & FB fan pages


Two films that I co wrote; the zombie movie Death Row and the sci fi sequel Recon 4 (my fav of the Recons BTW, closer to my affinities than the others… unless the script changes drastically…we’ll see) now have FACEBOOK FAN PAGES. Go here for DEATH ROW and here for RECON 4. Both flicks are slated to enter production this year via Movieseals Prod. It should be noted (Why? Why the fuck not) that I am presently writing THE REFUGE, a horror feature that I will direct  sooner, later, will do it or die trying. First things first, finish the fucking script.

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Skating the Bell Center ice with the Habs!


Just went I thought I had done all I could to express my Habs love, this nugget of gold fell in my lap! Last Sunday, I got to skate on my fav hockey teams’s turf – yes the Bell Center Ice, home of the Montreal Canadiens. I’ve been to the Bell’s many o times to watch games, but I never saw it from a player’s point of view.


With Habs defence man Roman Hamrlik

penaltyboxAt the penalty box, where I belong…

To see the Bell center from that perspective and to skate the Habs ice (the ice rink is much smaller than I thought) was such a trip and for this hardcore Habs fan, quite the honor. And yes I got off on seeing my face on the score board screen and meeting some of the Habs players (Hamrlik signed my jersey, good man).To say this was a highlight of 2010 for me would be an understatement. WOW. Now if only the Habs could get their game on…if only…



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