Old Number Seven does Filmets Fest in Spain!


The short film I did with Gonzalo Lopez; our ode to giallos  OLD NUMBER 7 (see trailer here) didn’t get as much press as say The Red Hours or Deaden but that doesn’t mean I am not  proud of it (still needs a pro sound mix IMO though) and it continues trucking on. The flick has just been selected  in the 35th edition of Filmets – Festival Internacional de Badalona. It will be in competition. The film will be screened on November 12, at 21:00, in the Zorrilla Theater, C/Canonge Baranera, 17; as part of the International Fiction Competion. Get more INFO HERE cabrones! OLD NUMBER 7 stars my sorry ass, the sexy Saida Lamas and the talented Sergio Bernal. It was written by Gonzalo Lopez and myself. The flick was produced by Sweet Water Pictures, Aved Productions and this twat.

We hope to see you there!

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Deaden now 4 sale @ Archambault in Montreal!


They say that you are never a prophet in your home town, I say it can take a while. Our little indie action flick DEADEN which was shot in Montreal with a story set in Montreal, is finally available to buy in fucking Montreal, behind the clock in terms of some of the rest of the world which has been distributing it since 2007 or so. There it is (along with SV Bell’s Crawler) at Archambault downtown, as it should be. Props to SV Bell and Christian Viel 4 making it happen. PS: Deaden is also available on Netflix for my US pals.

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DEADEN guns down Montreal, Quebec on DVD…finally!


It took long (over 3 years) but our little indie that could DEADEN will finally hit the streets in its home town of Montreal, Quebec (the film was shot in Montreal and set in Montreal) next week in participating Archambault retailers and Metro Video through the Black Flag label. The film is rated 16+ for strong violence, the lowest rating the film ever got, gotta love Quebec. DEADEN was written and co produced by myself; I also star in the flick. It was directed, produced and edited by Christian Viel. It co stars: Deke Richards, Anna Jaeger and Neil Napier. Here is the synopsis:

After his vicious crew discovers his secret life as an undercover cop, biker Rane (John Fallon) is forced to witness the brutal murder of his pregnant wife before the gang puts an arrow through his head and leaves him for dead. There’s only problem for the murderous biker gang: Rane miraculously wakes up in a hospital bed. Armed with firepower and loaded up on painkillers, the heartbroken yet reinvigorated madman heads out on a merciless vengeance quest.

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The Red Hours comes home – Fantasia 2010


After a rough cut screened at Sitges 2008, a win at the One Night of Horror Fest in 2009 and a US premiere at Pollygrind 2010, our little flick The Red Hours comes home, yup the short will have its Canadian premiere at Montreal’s best: The Fantasia Film Festival (date and time TBA). Unless that Brazilian Fest I submitted it to accepts it, this will be the last Fest RH will screen at. After that I will make the little dittie available on DVD and for download.  The Red Hours stars Deke Richards, Amy Wickenheiser and Heather Westwood. Donny Broussard produced with me. The flick was edited by Michael Nouryeh and Christian Viel and mixed by Benoit Babin.  Here’s its synopsis for shits and giggles:


A quiet war is transpiring between lovers Mark (Deke Richards) and Natasha (Amy Wickenheiser). The more mature and old fashion fashioned Mark can’t come to terms with his better half being bisexual hence is constantly feeling resentful. On her end, Natasha feels un-accepted by her man, consequently finding comfort in the arms of her girlfriend Drew (Heather). One fateful night, at a lowly dive bar, the conflict between the two finally explodes, resulting in a soiree of blood and bullets.

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LA stories…2010

johnnyh2Am back from LA and I accomplished what I set out to do. First and foremost I went there to heal my noggin; after a 6 months bout with health issues, I got the physical part under control; LA was to gap the psychological part, trauma if you will. Yup, I was still shook up before I left, I’m not anymore. Finally!

Another goal of mine was to meet up with some old and new film industry pals. Although I didn’t get to see everybody I wanted while there (sorry to those I couldn’t hang with), I did my best. Special shout out goes out to my good bud Donny Brousard who came down for a weekend (always nice 2 see that mofo) and to the Christian Sesma/Paul Sloan crew. Was great to finally meet those dudes in person, they reminded of my boys at home, no bull, down to earth and ready to rumble – I respected that.

withdonnyWith Donny B.

Finally I went there to explore the film industry, see what’s going on and got pretty much what I expected to get. There’s no money in Hollywood right now, every producer I met as to my projects had the same spiel: “You got money, distribution or stars attached?” – hey man, If I had that, I wouldn’t need you . In terms of finished products, there is a demand, but buyers want shit for free or for chump change. I give it two years till the infra structure is reset and money starts circulating more. This year’s AFM should be another bust…fuck… that. But am not discouraged, am working on something tight here, a horror project that I am inches away from finishing and that I will be directing. Moreover, Eric Red and I are cooking something as well and we’re stubborn mofos and won’t exit the kitchen till the cake rises.

withredWith Eric Red.

Any negatives on this trip? Well I did learn the hard way that doing tequila shots while on a diet is a bad fucking idea but hey what can you do, I’m only human, I fuck up… so its  get over it and get on with it as a good bud of mine always says. Also got the sad sack 411 on TRANCE  (a script I wrote that got shot and has been in limbo ever since) from varied sources – finally know what’s going down with that fucking flick… but that’s another story, one that I will delve in deeply in due time, specially in light of recent developments.

withsloansesmaWith Sesma and Sloan

All in all my LA trip was a groovy one. Loved Santa Monica, loved Malibu (jogged by Emilio “Bill the Kid” Estevez’ house :), loved the parties, loved the strip and loved having time and room to write, write, write. Big thanks to Eric Red and his lovely wife Meredith for putting up with my shit for a month. Although my return home started with a middle finger up (there was a flood in my place, fried my PC and printer…sigh) am still feeling positive about being back and in tackling the second half of the year. I got new answers, hence a fresh outlook; onward and forward!


Malibu owns!

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