Black Terror lives!

My character of Black Terror is finally set into motion in Christian Viel’s popular webseries HEROES OF THE NORTH. Check out the episode HERE and get more juice on the character via his comic book origin HERE (which you should read before watching the show… kind of a trip to see me as comic book character BTW…lol) I really like how the episode turned out; specially the look during the morgue scene and the fights were tight and brutal. My only qualm is that we shot this after I had gotten sick and damn I was a fat. I know vain…but hey, I’m an actor. 🙂 No worries though, it will be a fit Black Terror for Season 2 🙂

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From September 23rd to September 30th, FANTASTIC FEST will unroll its big guns and let them rip and yours truly will be on hand to get caught in the crossfire. Yup, I’ll be in Austin, Texas to see as many movies as I can to review on my site (and even a couple of mainstream ones for our stepfather site and to act as a Member of the Jury in the horror category where I goddamn belong. Now although the FANTASTIC FEST line up is jam-packed (lots of films I’ve never heard of to be honest) and simply NUTS; here are the 10 films that I am looking forward to the most for varied reasons. Check it!

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An early look at the Black Terror figurine!

I play the happy go druggie, go kill, kill  Black Terror in the popular HEROES OF THE NORTH webseries and a BT figurine is in the process of being made as we speak. Check out an early concept below! NOTE:  This is an exploration of ideas, not the final version. NOTE 2: Black Terror has yet to appear on the show but his origin story is coming soon and you’ll see, he’s quite the charmer.

NOTE 3: A Rane figurine (my character from DEADEN) almost happened once, but it fell through. Now the Black Terror one will right that wrong 😉

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