Read me in the “Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen” book!

Author David Grove’s new book  “Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen”, an ode to scream queen extraordinaire and all around great actress Jamie Lee Curtis is now out and if you get the book you will able to read yours truly as I give my take on the awesomeness that is Jamie Lee Curtis within it. You can get the book HERE and here’s some further info about it:

Jamie Lee Curtis launched her film career with the immortal 1978 horror classic Halloween, creating a heroine in Laurie Strode who would become the prototype for the ultimate scream queen. Subsequent roles in horror films like The Fog, Prom Night, Terror Train, Roadgames and Halloween II – all of which are genre classics – would cement Curtis’ status as cinema’s undisputed scream queen, a title she holds to this day. Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen details Curtis’ career and life during her scream queen era and includes detailed and never-before-seen production histories – as well as running commentary – of the horror films that made Jamie Lee Curtis a genre icon.

Featuring hundreds of interviews with Curtis’ friends and colleagues – including John Carpenter, Richard Franklin, Debra Hill, Paul Lynch, Rick Rosenthal, Roger Spottiswoode – and years of intense research, Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen is a comprehensive biography, an invaluable film reference, and a painstaking document of horror film history.

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UK DEADEN DVD now available and looking sweet!

It took a while for the UK to get around in distributing our brutal low budget vigilante flick DEADEN; but its finally happened and the DVD is now for sale (GET IT HERE). I gotta say it; the cover (above) is looking SWEET! I love what they did with it; 70’s exploitation meets 80’s action with a twat on the cover. Dig it the most! DEADEN is about:

Ex-undercover cop turned biker Rane, witnesses the brutal murder of his pregnant wife by his crew who have learned about his old policemen days. Upon his exit from the hospital, he arms himself to the teeth and goes on an substance fueled, psychotic rampage, in the name of retribution.

The film was produced, directed and edited by Christian Viel. It was written, co produced and stars my sorry ass. It co stars Deke Richards and Neil Napier.

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