Interviewed by blog Movie Haven!

I was recently interviewed by the Movie Haven blogwhere I talked about the site, past projects, films, and future projects (like Dead Shadows). Read an excerpt from the interview below and dive into the whole she-bang HERE

Looking back to your start in Film and Acting School, does it ever surprise you that you made a name for yourself running a horror website?

Not sure surprise would be the term; but yeah that wasn’t part of the master plan. You have to understand that since I was a kid; I knew what I wanted to do; act in and make films. I never changed my tune; that was IT! So I went to film school, I then went to acting school and after that I was working as a script doctor for local production companies while doing the audition rounds in my home town of Montreal, Canada.  Then the site came at me out of left field; I started it as a goof and next thing you know, it got popular and I got known for it.

On that, to this day I don’t consider myself to be a journalist or a critic; just some asshole that knows how to write and that shares his opinion on his website with whoever reads it… that’s it!  Over the course of 10 years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Arrow in the Head; grateful that it brought so much to my life, but yet resentful that it took me off course as to my “game plan”. I’ve had a lot of “What if AITH didn’t happen, where would I be today?” moments in the past; but now, after a long tug of war with it, I’ve finally made peace with it. This is where I am, this is what I got, nobody but myself is stopping me from what I want next, onward and forward!

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Quoted for Conan in the LA times & in TV Spot!

It doesn’t source ARROW IN THE HEAD (it sources and I’m not credited for it either; but um… yeah, that “The most fun I’ve had this summer at the movies” quote you see on top is mine from my Conan review on ARROW IN THE HEAD (read it HERE). This was found in the LA Times BTW. The same quote appeared in the TV SPOT that you can see below. And yes I loved me some CONAN! Man I hope peeps go see it so I can get a sequel. CROMMMMM!

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I’m a cartoon again! JoBlo’s Zen launches on! is launching a new “animated short” series today and it’s called JOBLO’S ZEN. The cartoon focuses on the lives of JoBlo and The Arrow (yours truly) characters and the wacky situations they find themselves in. The series will come to life on JoBlo’s channel every 3/4 weeks or so. So if you dig them, please vote for us and share the episodes with your friends, family and pets.

JoBlo had this to say about the Pilot Episode: Our pilot episode below is more of an intro to the two characters in their familiar habitat (JoBlo’s den basement) but later episodes will feature more interaction with the boys, people around them, as well as plenty of adventures at Comic Con, strip joints, movie theaters and plenty of other funky places where mayhem can be interpreted.

Here’s the official byline of the show: “JoBlo and the Arrow are two dudes who enjoy smoking some good weed, drinking some good drinks, as well as watching movies and playing videogames. Basically, they’re your every day movie geek but with a Canadian twist and an extra helping of hot chicks.”

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Interviewed by The Action Elite fan site!

I was recently interviewed by the action fan site THE ACTION ELITE, here’s a preview below, read the whole she-bang HERE

Can you tell us a bit about your “Dead Shadows” project?

DEAD SHADOWS is the brainchild of director David Cholewa and screenwriter Jules Vincent. I have a lead in it and am very excited about the role. The part is one that embraces my “typecast”: strong, tough, no bull, etc.  You’ll get to see me kick lots of ass! It’s a terrific script; a mix of THE THING, DEMONS 2 and NIGHT OF THECOMET. It will also mark my first time acting in French from France… should be interesting. 🙂

Can you tell us what it was like working on 100 Feet with Famke Jansen and Michael Pare?

I was nervous working with Famke as she popped my cherry in the “acting a full scene with a star” department. But now it’s out of the way. I pulled through and am happy with my performance. Famke was very professional, she didn’t talk much in between takes…she was very focused, a ying to my sack of nerves yang. As for Mike Pare, we didn’t have any scenes together, but I enjoyed hanging with him on set, in lounges and learned from watching him work (he’s very talented).

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