Dead Shadows pre prod done today, here we fucking go!

With Producer/Director David Cholewa and Producer Julien Dunand on the Dead Shadows set. Great men!

Today is the last day of pre-prod on DEAD SHADOWS (French film I’m acting in and pitching in as to the action scenes) so I figured I’d punch in and write some shit down. Monday the battle begins as we enter production. How do I feel? Confident. There’s a solid team behind this flick, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes and it has all the ingredients to be a stand out film, starting with a sturdy screenplay as its base, sweet practical effects, a great visual effect house backing it up and a production/creative team who are willing and able to fight.

How has Paris been to me? Pretty good. Although I’ve been to Cannes countless times in the past; I had never been to Paris; so far the bad rap I heard from some peeps is undeserved from my point of view. People have been nice, haven’t gotten in a fight and bar employees are also pretty money (they were dicks in Cannes though, should be spat). Am feeling very comfortable here, somewhat at home. Am used to it now. Haven’t had time to play tourist much (did see The Louvre and drive by the Eiffel Tower like everyday). NOTE: They drive like New Yorkers down here…yowzer!

Some of the Dead Shadow crew clocking a location.

My days have been long, in the sense that since I got here, I’ve been hustling all day and then coming back to my pad (in Bastille) to work the site and work a script I have been commissioned to write. Haven’t been sleeping much. Physically, the training kind of slowed down here for obvious reasons – no time. I lost some weight which I am not happy about (wanted to be bigger for the role), and if I go by past productions, I will lose some more as we run on adrenaline throughout the shoot. What can you do. I have lots of night shoots too… makeup girls don’t fail me now!

In terms of my role, I am prepared, I know my lines, got my beard in place (itchy), am handling the French dialogue well (got a couple of tongue twisting bits though), I know my key fight choreography (which I designed and am handling on set), so I am ready. Am also bringing boxing gloves and focus pads on set to loosen in between takes and got the Conan score (Crom!) and some Metallica on my IPod to keep me in the “proper” mood. Yeah my character is no Florist. All good. Jumping into a movie is always exciting, nerve wracking to some, but not for me. It’s just exciting. Yes, obstacles will be tossed our way, left, right and center, but I think that the Dead Shadows team is ready for them.  So yup, Monday is Judgment day, lets make a fucking movie! A L’ATTAQUE!

Fight rehearsal

PS: I know the Habs are starting their Season soon. Tried to watch the pre season games online…no dice! Grrr.

PPS: They have ice rinks here. Although ice skating is not considered masculine here, just like In Spain… cracks me up! Lets toss ya on the ice with a hockey stick, I’ll check ya, tell me its not masculine as you kiss the boards. 🙂 Must get on skates and keep my skills up. Once back home, it’s back on the ice I go!

PPPS: Am almost out of Conan comic books to read… must find more, am addicted…

PPPPS: I can think of worse ways to spend my days than slicing and gunning down mutants. Sometimes I love my life; this is one of them times. Will try to keep yall in the loop as we clock forward. Peace out!

Me and the beard!

One last thing…


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