New Deaden review from Dark Fest!

Director Christian Viel and I saw it coming when we made the film 5 years or so ago. Good old DEADEN = the flick that keeps on trucking! Personally, its lasting power sooooo inspires me to get another action project going a-fucking-sap (I am working on it) 🙂 With that, a new review just surfaced out of the Deaden Dark Fest screening, read an excerpt below and the whole she-bang HERE!

The first eight minutes of Deaden have caused numerous people to walk out of the theatre — most of them women.  Deaden writer John Fallon explained that to the crowd at Dark Fest during a brief talk before the screening of his film, claiming that after the first eight minutes were over, it settles down and becomes a more mellow film, and that he’d appreciate it if everyone would give it a chance.

If I said the first eight minutes were brutally violent, I might be understating it. This is not the feel-good movie of the summer, the sleeper hit, or something to show the kids. What Deaden is, however, is an imaginative take on the revenge film, shot on a shoestring budget over 13 days. It does to the revenge film what Clerks did to the comedy: it proves you don’t need huge financial backing to make your movie work. After the first eight minutes, Deaden does calm down, but perhaps not to the degree of being “mellow.”

Off to go polish the script to my next action film! 🙂

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Pics and a few words about Dark Fest 2012 in Kamloops, BC!

And am back from the first installment of DARK FEST 2012, as part of The 16th Annual Kamloops Canadian and International Film Festival. It went swell in my book. How do I gauge the success of a Festival appearance? Easy.

1- Did people enjoy my films? Yes. Deaden in particular seemed to have hit the spot (nobody left the screening, everybody stayed for the QNA, heard only good things).
2- Was there a drunken arm wrestling match?
Oh yeah! “see below”
3- Did I make new friends?
Shawn and Jason, aka  the Basement boys, Skew director Sevé Schelenz and Fest chairman Mark Wallin (long live Twin Peaks and Kubrick) are all on my class-act list; so a winner here. PS: Special shout-out to Matt for enduring my badgering. You’re a champ!
4- Did I wind up in jail?
No! That’s a good thing!
5- Did I meet AITH fans?
Yes, and thanks to everybody that showed up, bought me beers and drove for like 3 hours to be there!

Other highlights were: doing a live TV interview (was great to see the Dead Shadows teaser play on TV), Habs winning over the Canucks (he he he) and finding my ugly mug in the morning paper. So all in all it went well and I was happy to give the genre section of the Fest a healthy kick in the ass for its debut! Hope Dark Fest continues for years to come. Again a big thank you for having me!  Here are a couple of pics from my trip for those who care (Mom?)

Cheers to Dark Fest!

Won on the right, lost on the left... fucker!

Kamloops = great beer!
Waiting to go on live TV!
Shots with Skew director Sevé Schelenz! Gonna get ugly!
Habs won versus Canucks = free beer!
Jason and Shawn = class acts!
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