Dead Shadows at the 2012 Cannes Film festival!

David Cholewa’s DEAD SHADOWS will be screening at this years CANNES FILM FESTIVAL and here are the deets: It will play at ARCADES 2  on 18/05/2012  at 20:30. And at the PALAIS K  on 21/05/2012 at 18:00.

Now I was slated to be at Cannes to support the film but alas, it looks like I will be acting in another movie at the time, so I may not make it. Out of my hands, am waiting see how the chips fall.

DEAD SHADOWS stars Fabian Wolfrom, Blandine Marmigère, badass Rurik Sallé and myself and here’s what it’s about: A young man, named Chris (Wolfrom), whose parents were brutally killed 11 years ago, on the same day that Halley’s comet could be seen from earth. Tonight, a new comet is appearing and everyone in his building are getting ready for a party to celebrate the event. There’s even an apocalypse theory going around. As the night falls, Chris discovers that people are starting to act strange – and it seems to somehow be connected to the comet. They are becoming disoriented and violent and it doesn’t take long before they begin to mutate into something far beyond this world. In a fight for survival, Chris tries to escape from his building with the help of a gun taunting tenant named John (Fallon) – but will they make it out alive?

Visit the DEAD SHADOWS FACEBOOK HERE and look out for the film’s full trailer within the next 10 days. It will of course premiere on the OFFICIAL SITE.

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Updated! The Red Hours and Deaden @ UK Fest Shivers!

DEADEN and THE RED HOURS will be screening on Sunday May 20th at 3PM at the Roxy in London! THE RED HOURS (which I wrote, produced and directed) is about a dude (named Mark, played by Deke Richards) with women issues and DEADEN (which I wrote, produced and starred in) is about a dude named Rane (played by this jerk) who gets fucked over and then gets a lot of guns, snorts a lot of cocaine and does his own brand of fucking. THE RED HOURS was co produced and shot by Donny Broussard. DEADEN was produced edited and directed by Christian Viel.

Rane (me) feeling blue in Deaden.
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