Dead Shadows in Mad Movies!

The fine French horror mag MAD MOVIES did a fairly positive blurb about DEAD SHADOWS after its Cannes Market screening. It’s in French, click the pic below to see the large version. It is to note that the Cannes screening was a showing of the unfinished film, with temp sound and unfinished special effects. There’s always a danger in showing a movie in rough form like that. Cause no matter how much people say they “understand” a rough cut, they usually don’t. At least that screening locked some distribution as to some territories. The finished and final cut of DEAD SHADOWS is set to premiere at the L’ETRANGE FESTIVAL in France this coming September and then it will play SITGES 2012.

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Screen grab of me in the doc Slice and Dice: The Slasher Film Forever.

Am caught in a trap, I can't walk out!

Click here to see the full version

Last time I took part in a horror documentary, it was Halloween 25 Years of Terror in 2006, so yeah it’s been a while. Well I was interviewed a while back for Calum Waddell’s doc Slice and Dice: The Slasher Film Forever and the first screen grab of my sorry ass has been released. See it above! Slice and Dice: The Slasher Film Forever is about:

A celebration of slasher cinema – from PSYCHO to the present day, with a focus on highlighting many of the genre’s forgotten cult classics, deconstructing how to survive a slice and dice movie and meditating upon why it is almost always a final girl and rarely a final guy… this is a documentary which is designed for both the biggest fan of “mad maniac” movies and the person who may only have seen HALLOWEEN and SCREAM. Either way, this is a documentary that proves the SLASHER FILM is truly FOREVER!

Genre greats Corey Feldman, Robert Rusler, Tobe Hooper, Tom Holland, Felissa Rose, Adam Green, Christopher Smith, Scott Spiegel, Patrick Lussier, Mick Garris, Jeffrey Reddick, Kevin Tenney and many more are in it talking chop shop! Check out its IMDb page HERE!

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The Final Zen! The end of our cartoon JoBlo’s Zen!

A while back my good buddy JoBlo (aka Berge Garabedian) and I dived into the cartoon world with his baby JOBLO’S ZEN; a show about us in cartoon form, getting in all kinds of trouble. It was a fun process, it’s always cool to get creative with one of your friends. We would bounce together to come up with ideas for the show (some of them based on real life events), we’d take turns writing them (or wrote them together) and recording the ADR for it was always a blast. Alas, the show never really picked up. Bummer. With that, I am okay with it; you don’t know or don’t get, if you don’t try. I am proud of what we did. So here’s the FINAL EPISODE of JoBlo’s Zen. It’s called The Final Zen (a play on Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare); hope yall dig it! I had fun writing it! Onwards and forward! RIP ZEN!

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