Action Elite interview about American Muscle!

The fine action site The Action Elite recently interviewed me about RAVI DHAR’S AMERICAN MUSCLE, a film I wrote and starred in and here’s an excerpt.

“What I particularly like about this project is that although the base is one of a familiar revenge movie, it is made unique, in my opinion or course, by its unapologetic, balls to the wall and fairly un-PC M.O. The novel tone/visual style director Ravi Dhar gave the picture and the casting of Nick Principe (Chromeskull) as the hero and the “nicest” character in the whole movie (which says a lot about the other characters), also contributes largely to it standing out.”

Read the whole thing HERE!

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The Shelter, Billy Trigger, Eye See Death and The Shadowing at the AFM!

Bruise Productions Inc. will be at the AFM this year pushing our varied film projects, with the partially funded THE SHELTER (Starring Michael Pare) and the “at the sound mixing stage” BILLY TRIGGER (starring Fred Williamson) being our top titles. We will also be pushing the action/horror film EYE SEE DEATH which stars French personality Rurik Salle and the Sci-Fi actionner THE SHADOWING which are both at the development stage. Get further info on all of our projects HERE! And if you have questions or interest, e-mail me at

NOTE: Another film I was involved in (wrote and acted in) but that I am not repping will be at the AFM as well. Keep an eye out for the crazy actionner AMERICAN MUSCLE. Poster below!

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The trailer for Trance has been found!

The mystery behind TRANCE ( script I wrote eons ago, which was bought off me, was shot in 2007 and then vanished off the surface of the earth) is starting to unravel. Here’s the trailer:

TRANCE – Trailer from John Fallon on Vimeo.

Yes I am not crazy about it and I am starting to understand why the film was buried. No need to say more than that. With that, after 6 years of wondering what ever happened to the damn thing, I am just happy to FINALLY see some footage from it as I stopped caring if it was good or not a long time ago. I do have fond memories of writing that script though (wrote that one in a dingy Pub in 3 months) and will always remember how excited I was when Dominique Swain was hired to act in it. Next step on my Trance scavenger hunt! To see the full feature! Maybe it will SURPRISE me.

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