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Hey all, been getting lots of e-mails asking when/where one can see my short film THE RED HOURS and here’s the dealio. Yes, a rough cut of the film was shown at SITGES 2008, a final cut of the film was screened and won an Award at the 2009 A NIGHT OF HORROR film fest so what’s the problem? SOUND! My sound hasn’t been mixed yet; which is why I have been holding back on sending the film to further Fests. Good news is, I scrounged up the coin and the time to finally have the fucker mixed. So by the end of the year, just in time for XMAS,  you will all be able to see THE RED HOURS aka the most expensive 8 minutes of my life.

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OLD NUMBER 7 trailer & site!


We are close in seeing our little short film OLD NUMBER 7 premiere (in competition) at this year’s SITGES FILM FESTIVAL…  real close (screening dates should be announced shortly).  Till we get all the info for ya, you can check out the recently slapped up OLD NUMBER 7 OFFICIAL SITE   HERE and its brand spanking new TEASER TRAILER below. Hope ya dig!

OLD NUMBER 7 is about Roy (played by moi), a no nonsense kind of guy, arrives from the United States in Barcelona (Spain.) He’s there to confront his wife Mariona (Saida Lamas), who aborted their baby without his consent, and to clear the air with his brother Gonzalo (Sergio Bernal) who has since began an intimate relationship with his wife. Unbeknown to all of them though, there is a ruthless killer at large and powerful supernatural forces looming around them.

The film stars SAIDA LAMAS, SERGIO BERNAL and myself. It was directed/produced by Gonzalo Lopez (Sweet Water Pictures) and co produced by Javier Rueda (Aved Productions) and myself. Gonzalo and I wrote the screenplay together.

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100 FEET up for pre release order!

The fine ghost film I was part of ERIC RED’S 100 FEET will spook DVD shelves on October 20, but you can pre order it here if ya want.

The flick stars Famke Janssen, Michael Pare and Bobby Cannavale and in it I play a cop named Jimmy, I call him “Captain Exposition” cause that’s why he’s there, to lay down the rules of the film for the lead character and for the audience. A great project to be a part of. Why it didn’t go theatrical is still beyond me.

Me as Jimmy in 100 Feet

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Brea Grant talks TRANCE.

breaaTRANCE, a horror film I wrote, which was shot in 2007 as yet to be released. Fuck I know what’s going on; I’m the writer, so I don’t know dick or tracy.

With that said, actress Brea Grant has been making the rounds for HALLOWEEN 2 and she dropped a tidbit of TRANCE info at this site called ideamarketers.com (Thanks to Emma for the heads up!)

MR. H: You’re appearing in another upcoming horror movie, Brad Malone and John Fallon’s “Trance”, with Dominique Swain and Jeremy London. Now we know that one is about some partiers who get introduced to a new drug that turns them into blood-thirsty killers. But tell us about your role in it, and when can we expect that one to reach cinemas, dvd, or whatever?

Brea:I actually filmed Trance a while back, before Heroes even. It’s just one of those movies stuck in post-production hell. It was one of the most fun movie experiences of my life though. I played a girl who rollerblades around a party and kills people. Like I said, fun.

There ya have it, Post Production hell eh… ouch… TRANCE stars Dominique Swain and Jeremy London.

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Vancouver, BC, here I come…

johnnybcIn Vancouver, BC…

And it’s a done deal. Come August 1st I’ll be living in beautiful Vancouver, BC. for a while. Why? Well, I’ve pretty much exhausted my options in terms of exceeding within the film industry here in Montreal, Canada and trying out Vancouver has always been a goal of mine.

Needless to say I have been to the city many o time over the years and its always agreed with me. It’s a very nature inclined city, with striking mountains, the ocean and trees galore. Film work wise, well it’s not too far from LA, so there’s more projects in the pipeline there than here. They don’t call it Hollywood North for nothing.

So there ya have it! I will miss Montreal being that my love for the Habs has renewed my interest in the city. I will also miss my family and my friends so FUCKING MUCH… it wont be easy being that the people I love in my life are INCREDIBLY important to me… but what can you do, I need to do this – for so many reasons and it now it will be done.

So if you’re in the film industry in Vancouver, BC and you wanna hook up – holler at me: john.h.fallon@gmail.com



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RECON 2023 @ Fantasia Film Festival!

The badass FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL (that goes down in my home town of Montreal, Canada) will soon be upons us. I’ll be checking it out for Arrow in the Head  in the name of tapping the more high profile films and mingling with my horror peers (while JoBlo.com alumni Chris Bumbray will be covering the bulk of the Festival for AITH). But I’ll also be there to back RECON 2023; a twisted sci-fi/comedy/action/horror  film that I wrote with fellow madman Christian Viel and that I act in (I play a psycho, rape happy Cyborg…  overacting ensues…why…cause its a psycho, rape happy Cyborg…no rules to play a role like that) .  Dates and times are still up in the air but when I know, you’ll know.

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