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RECON 2023 @ Fantasia Film Festival!

The badass FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL (that goes down in my home town of Montreal, Canada) will soon be upons us. I’ll be checking it out for Arrow in the Head  in the name of tapping the more high profile films and mingling with my horror peers (while alumni Chris Bumbray will be covering the bulk of the Festival for AITH). But I’ll also be there to back RECON 2023; a twisted sci-fi/comedy/action/horror  film that I wrote with fellow madman Christian Viel and that I act in (I play a psycho, rape happy Cyborg…  overacting ensues…why…cause its a psycho, rape happy Cyborg…no rules to play a role like that) .  Dates and times are still up in the air but when I know, you’ll know.

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My training routine and diet… for those who give a shit…

I always try to train and keep in shape; but my party animal nature often works against me. I go through my ups and downs with it. Sometimes I’m on, other times, partying takes over, I let it go and gain on the booze pounds. But there’s nothing like an impending film to motivate you to work-out, so you can be at your best for the film. So I am now back in hardcore training, am trying to kick the cigarettes, am toning down on booze and am following a strict diet.

When I did DEADEN, I went for pure MASS. I wanted the character to look like a FREIGHT TRAIN.  For TRIGGER though; I want  to go leaner; which sucks for me cause my body type goes hand in hand with gaining mass fast – but has a hard getting cut – which means WORKING OUT HARDER.

The freight train look as I call it, that I got for DEADEN…

So here’s my routine, diet and the supplements I take. Why? Why the fuck not.

On DEADEN I took on a classic MASS work-out (full body work-out – 3 to 4 sets per exercise – reps of 6 to 8), now I’m doing circuit training (with reps of 8 to 10), which promotes weight loss, cardio and getting that rip effect.

Everyday: 3 set of crunches – as much as I can do.


Clean and Jerk – Bench Press Pull Ups – Close Grip Bench Barbell Curls Dumbbell Lateral Raises

I do these exercises one after another with no rest in between. Once I’ve done all 5, I rest for one minute and then do the whole thing again. I’m up to two sets NOW – I wanna get up to 4.

On TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS I do laps in the pool in the morning, then do 3 rounds on the punching bag, do a bike ride in the afternoon and then play hockey in the evening.

Diet wise, it goes something like this daily:

Breakfast: 2 Eggs and 2 pieces of Toast – ideally I should stick to only egg whites – but the taste is so damn boring…

Snack: Protein Shake with milk.

Lunch: Grilled chicken – green veggies.

Snack: Low fat Yogurt.

Dinner: Grilled chicken and broccoli or salad.

On weekends I drink and eat what I want. I may have to change that, depending on my progress.

As for supplements; when I did DEADEN I used Andro 1-AD Pro Hormones. It promoted gaining MASS very quickly – but at the same time it caused some water retention, hence I got big, yet  a tad too puffy for my liking. On this run; I’m avoiding AD-1 and here’s what I take:

Every day I have a protein shake with milk (Nitro Tech Hardcore) and after every work-out I take a glass of Cell Tech Hardcore (with water). That’s it.

So there ya have it! I’m done!

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Here’s the teaser poster for the last script that I wrote called TRIGGER. It’s an action film that I’m set to star in. I’m very proud of the script. One of my tightest ones. It’s funny, relentless and of course violent. Now, this is by no means the final one sheet, just something we whipped up to push the movie.

Often partner in crime Christian Viel is slated to direct it. We had such an amazing time doing DEADEN together; that we decided to tag team on another action film i.e. this one! So where’s TRIGGER at right now? We’re working on it. All I can say for now. One thing I do know, it will be bigger and badder than DEADEN that’s for damn sure!

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Intro to my Official Blog!

Hey all! Welcome to my Official Blog! Yup, I decided to get rid of my old OFFICIAL SITE and get with the fucking times already. For those of ya who don’t know who I am (lucky you) here’s a quick rundown:

My name is John Fallon. I love nature and all that is “real” (people included). At the same time; I am pursuing a career in the film industry which is the opposite of peace and “real” (people included). I like to think that I’m a cool cat, a nice guy…until you fuck me over that is.

Professionally; I run one of the more popular (or so my mom tells me) horror websites on the web called Arrow in the Head. I’m also an actor (I’ve been compared to Lorenzo Lamas…ALL GOOD…GREAT MAN!), screenwriter, producer and director. To put it simply: I’m just a dude who wants to make a living working within what he loves: movies. If I pull that off, the rest is gravy.

What do I do for fun? I work (yes, its fun to me), travel (lots), work out, play hockey, see hockey games live, write, hang with buds, do extreme sports, play video games and do some boxing. I’m of the “live life to the fullest” school, so I’m always looking for new things to try and new experiences to live. My religious inclinations? I just try to be a good person, that’s my religion…that and the ocean which moves me…yup…I’m more of a spiritual type.

So what can you expect from this BLOG? Well I’ll talk about the film projects I’m involved in of course, my experiences in the zany world that is the film industry, will perhaps share some personal shite about me now and again… maybe even go the Diary way if the amount of booze in my system is on the money… basically, I’ll do whatever I feel like doing when I do it. Don’t want to really “plan” this thing, I’ll go with the flow and see where it takes me.

So, in closing; welcome to my personal/professional Blog! I hope you enjoy reading my drivel.

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Where is TRANCE?

trance-artSome news on TRANCE, a film that I wrote and that stars Brea Grant (Heroes), Dominique Swain (Lolita) and Jeremy London (Mallrats).

The movie is pretty much finished, they’ve already done the ADR & the sound mix and it seems that it’s the CGFX that are taking forever to complete hence holding the film back.

TRANCE is directed by Brad Malone and is about sexy girls at a rave turned into blood thirsty killers after taking a mysterious new drug.

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