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After its stint at the 2009 Sitges Film Festival, the sci fi, action, horror, smut fest, comedy RECON 2023 (directed by Christian Viel) will now be screening at the FANTASTIC PLANET FILM FESTIVAL in Sydney, Australia on November 1st at 9.00PM . CLICK HERE for all the details. I of course co wrote RECON 2023 and I play the lovely cyborg CyberMerc in the flick.

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dvd_site_deaden1Christian Viel’s and I vigilante action flick DEADEN will finally be put out in the UK via AUK LIMITED and you can see the UK TRAILER HERE and the UK DVD sleeve on your left. Good little trailer, am not crazy about the sound design and it feels like it needs more work, but I like its vibe.

It should be said that DEADEN was the most fun I ever had doing a movie PERIOD. Everything about that show good and bad made it a mucho memorable experience for me. And I’ve been chasing the DEADEN dragon even since. : ) If you haven’t tapped DEADEN yet, you can get the the MAINSTREAM REGION 1 DVD HERE or get the LIMITED UNCUT EDITION DVD HERE.

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RECON 2023 @ Fantasia Film Festival!

The badass FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL (that goes down in my home town of Montreal, Canada) will soon be upons us. I’ll be checking it out for Arrow in the Head  in the name of tapping the more high profile films and mingling with my horror peers (while JoBlo.com alumni Chris Bumbray will be covering the bulk of the Festival for AITH). But I’ll also be there to back RECON 2023; a twisted sci-fi/comedy/action/horror  film that I wrote with fellow madman Christian Viel and that I act in (I play a psycho, rape happy Cyborg…  overacting ensues…why…cause its a psycho, rape happy Cyborg…no rules to play a role like that) .  Dates and times are still up in the air but when I know, you’ll know.

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Here’s the teaser poster for the last script that I wrote called TRIGGER. It’s an action film that I’m set to star in. I’m very proud of the script. One of my tightest ones. It’s funny, relentless and of course violent. Now, this is by no means the final one sheet, just something we whipped up to push the movie.

Often partner in crime Christian Viel is slated to direct it. We had such an amazing time doing DEADEN together; that we decided to tag team on another action film i.e. this one! So where’s TRIGGER at right now? We’re working on it. All I can say for now. One thing I do know, it will be bigger and badder than DEADEN that’s for damn sure!

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