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I sit down with Gremlins Strike Back Podcast and talk about, well, everything! From AITH, to SAW II to The Shelter and beyond!

I sat down with Gremlins Strike Back Film Podcast for a career retrospective (which was odd, cause I am just getting started), give it a listen below (starts at 2:48).

It’s definitely one of the more thorough talk I’ve ever had in terms of my career thus far. From Arrow in the Head to The Shelter to my next film Heretic. Thanks for the chat Maarten Melon – looking forward to them beers next time I’m in Belgium!


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New John Fallon acting and stunt reel!


Hey all, even though directing is my main passion at the moment, getting a film off the ground takes the time that it takes. Hence I am not abandoning acting by any means.  I’ll always have a soft spot for it and kicking onscreen ass! I recently revamped my acting/stunt reel for the new year, give it a whirl below! Hope life is finding you all well! God bless! JF

John Fallon Acting Reel – 2017 from John Fallon on Vimeo.

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Eric Red’s 100 FEET on the big screen as it should be! Rare BTS pics!

I’ll speak for myself here; with its long takes/classical directing style and old school cinematography (by the great Ken Kelsch); ERIC RED’s 100 FEET starring Famke Janssen, Ed Westwick, Bobby Cannavale and yours truly as Jimmy was always meant to be a big screen experience. Alas, the movie was finished when the film market collapsed and distribution as we knew it went tits up, hence it wound up straight to TV then DVD.

On that I am elated to report that Writer/Director and my compadre ERIC RED will be  hosting a double bill 35MM screening of 100 FEET  (and his classic BODY PARTS) at Alamo Drafthouse in Denver, Colorado on Thursday October 27th 2016 (GET THE INFO AND TICKETS HERE)!  So many of you will get the opportunity to witness it on the big screen, the way it was meant to be seen in the first place.

sc. 6 Jimmy 2
I look back at 100 FEET with much fondness as it was a first for me on many levels.

1- I played against type (nervous/insecure tech dude)
2- Finally got to be in an Eric Red film, which was along term goal of mine.
3- I acted alongside two acting powerhouses (Janssen and Cannavale). My cherry got popped!
4- I had to deliver an “exposition laced” quasi monologue (I basically set up the rules of the movie) and make it sound “organic”. Never had to that before (or since). To this day I remember my lines 🙂
5- Learned so much watching Eric Red at work. I’m a better director today for it.

It was also on that set that I met Michael Pare (who wound up being the lead in my directorial debut The Shelter), visited Eastern Europe for the first time (the flick was shot in Budapest) and also learned the hard way that downing a Coca Cola is not the best thing to do right before acting in a scene (duh) being that one needs to be relaxed to act, Coke did not “relax” me…lol!

To celebrate the film’s big screen showing, I decided to dig up some obscure BEHIND THE SCENES shots from the film for y’all! Tap them below! 100 FEET goes full circle. I am happy!


sc. 126,128 Shanks 4


Picture10 035b




Picture10 025


sc. 111 Marnie 333

sc. 21,22,23 Joey 1





Picture10 040


sc. 1, 2, 4 Marnie 2




100 Feet Famke


sc. 111 Joey+blood 1


sc. 1, 2, 4 Shanks 1


sc. 129 Marnie 2

Picture10 042

Picture10 059


sc. 66, 67, 68, 69 Marnie 2

sc. 35,36,37 Marnie's feet



sc. 6 Jimmy 1




100 FEET - Crew photo.1


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Interviewed by Cinema-Crazed.com!

I recently was interviewed by film fan site CINEMA-CRAZED.COM You can read an excerpt below and check out the whole thing HERE.

What film role was your favourite so far?
Rane in “DEADEN” is one of them. Being that I wrote the script; I gave myself a well rounded part. Got to hit varied emotional levels, got to fight, shoot guns, kiss the girl, and blow up a car with a rocket launcher. Fun times! I also loved playing Jimmy in “100 FEET.” I got to act with Famke Janssen and more importantly got to be directed by the man who inspired me to start writing screenplays in the first place when I was a teenager; Eric Red.

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Never before seen 100 FEET BTS video!

If there’s one movie I was involved in (I play Jimmy in the flick) that got a bum rap in terms of distribution, it was Eric Red’s 100 FEET. Its a superior, old school, ghost story that deserved MUCH better than what it got. And no I am not just saying that cause I am in it and cause Red is my amigo. I am saying it cause I fucking mean it.  Now, a never seen before behind the scenes look at the film was recently released, check it out below. 100 FEET stars Famke Janssen, Bobby Cannavale and Mike Pare. An ideal movie to rent on Halloween.

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100 FEET up for pre release order!

The fine ghost film I was part of ERIC RED’S 100 FEET will spook DVD shelves on October 20, but you can pre order it here if ya want.

The flick stars Famke Janssen, Michael Pare and Bobby Cannavale and in it I play a cop named Jimmy, I call him “Captain Exposition” cause that’s why he’s there, to lay down the rules of the film for the lead character and for the audience. A great project to be a part of. Why it didn’t go theatrical is still beyond me.

Me as Jimmy in 100 Feet

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