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Action Elite interview about American Muscle!

The fine action site The Action Elite recently interviewed me about RAVI DHAR’S AMERICAN MUSCLE, a film I wrote and starred in and here’s an excerpt.

“What I particularly like about this project is that although the base is one of a familiar revenge movie, it is made unique, in my opinion or course, by its unapologetic, balls to the wall and fairly un-PC M.O. The novel tone/visual style director Ravi Dhar gave the picture and the casting of Nick Principe (Chromeskull) as the hero and the “nicest” character in the whole movie (which says a lot about the other characters), also contributes largely to it standing out.”

Read the whole thing HERE!

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The Action Elite reviews Dead Shadows!

Action movie site THE ACTION ELITE just reviewed David Cholewa’s DEAD SHADOWS (I play John in the film) and here’s and excerpt of their positive review:

From the very opening you know this isn’t the kinda film that’s going to have a happy ending and that all hell is going to break loose beforehand. And what an ending, not gonna say more than that though.  If you’re looking for violence and gore you’ve come to the right place as this movie has it in spades. You’ve got melting faces, harsh beatings and much more so it really is the ultimate date movie…  This may be a silly thing to say, but it’s difficult to judge how good the acting is in a foreign film when you don’t speak the language, but I’ll do my best. The performances in general were good but it’s John “The Arrow” Fallon’s role that makes the film really stand out. He plays the gun/sword/whatever wielding bad ass with relish and is clearly enjoying every second. His entrance scene remains a high point for me.

Read the whole review here!

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Interviewed by The Action Elite fan site!

I was recently interviewed by the action fan site THE ACTION ELITE, here’s a preview below, read the whole she-bang HERE

Can you tell us a bit about your “Dead Shadows” project?

DEAD SHADOWS is the brainchild of director David Cholewa and screenwriter Jules Vincent. I have a lead in it and am very excited about the role. The part is one that embraces my “typecast”: strong, tough, no bull, etc.  You’ll get to see me kick lots of ass! It’s a terrific script; a mix of THE THING, DEMONS 2 and NIGHT OF THECOMET. It will also mark my first time acting in French from France… should be interesting. 🙂

Can you tell us what it was like working on 100 Feet with Famke Jansen and Michael Pare?

I was nervous working with Famke as she popped my cherry in the “acting a full scene with a star” department. But now it’s out of the way. I pulled through and am happy with my performance. Famke was very professional, she didn’t talk much in between takes…she was very focused, a ying to my sack of nerves yang. As for Mike Pare, we didn’t have any scenes together, but I enjoyed hanging with him on set, in lounges and learned from watching him work (he’s very talented).

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