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I sit down with Gremlins Strike Back Podcast and talk about, well, everything! From AITH, to SAW II to The Shelter and beyond!

I sat down with Gremlins Strike Back Film Podcast for a career retrospective (which was odd, cause I am just getting started), give it a listen below (starts at 2:48).

It’s definitely one of the more thorough talk I’ve ever had in terms of my career thus far. From Arrow in the Head to The Shelter to my next film Heretic. Thanks for the chat Maarten Melon – looking forward to them beers next time I’m in Belgium!


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Arrow in the Head teams up with PUFF

In the year 2000, urged by best bud and JoBlo.com head honcho Berge Garabedian, I started a dinky little site called Arrow in Head under his JoBlo.com dome, thinking that only me and my mom would read it. And here we are 17 years later and the site is still one of the top horror sites on the net, kicking that ass! Who knew?!

On that, I just wanted to give you all a heads up, that Arrow in the Head has teamed up with PUFF i.e. the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival. We’ll be the go-to site for all of the updates on the Festival. Moreover, Managing Editor of AITH Eric Walkuski and myself (above) will be on hand in Philly to present the Opening Night film and receive the Legacy Award.

The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival is currently slated to take place on September 28th to October 1st at the Proscenium Theater at the Drake. PUFF 2017 is still currently accepting short and feature submissions through Withoutabox, Film Freeway, and FFLife through their official site HERE; submissions will close on August 18, 2017.

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I am officially stepping down as the Arrow in the Head theatrical/new-releases reviewer!

I founded Arrow in the Head in the year 2000 (this was my first review…lol), alongside my hombre JoBlo aka Berge Garabedian (thanks again for the opportunity man), when I was a young horror-loving punk and when the internet was still the Wild West. I did everything myself on the site till about 2005 when it got so big that we had to hire a staff to back me up. Up until now, I was the main “reviewer” on the site. On that, I did miss a lot of horror films last year for varied reasons, which brings me to this article: after 16 years, I am stepping down as the main theatrical/new-releases reviewer for AITH.

Although I do have mix feelings about it (it will be kind of odd and maybe refreshing to see new flicks and not HAVE TO write about them afterwards) I decided that this was the right time to do it. Throughout the years, I have balanced working on the site while pursuing my cinematic aspirations (I have been screenwriting or/and acting in films like 100 FEET, DEAD SHADOWS or AMERICAN MUSCLE). But it’s having directed my first feature THE SHELTER (coming to Redbox on February 7 BTW), which prompted me to call it a day.  I completely fell in love with the process, it invigorated me, and am now focusing my energies further on that career path. And to be honest with ya, since last year, reviewing new releases, just didn’t feel “right” anymore. When it doesn’t feel right – it’s time to call it quits.

With Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees), Nick Principe (Chromeskull) and R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface)! 

On that, I will always be on the site behind the scenes, and in the name of keeping my voice on it, I have decided to still give out my two cents and chump change on the occasional old movie (like I recently did here). Why? To educate younger readers about cinema and maybe bring attention to fine films that some of you may have overlooked. I also may start a column down the road, I have a nifty idea (yes, it is nifty), we’ll see. And of course, when I get my next feature off the ground (I got 5 that are being looked at right now, one will set-up sooner or later), AITH will be ground zero for me to share my (mis) adventures in filmmaking.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you who have supported my ramblings on AITH for all them years – I’ve felt lots of love over time and enjoyed interacting with many of you, debating what we all worship: GENRE CINEMA.  I also want to thank the haters who were key in my evolution too, as they taught me how to handle fair/harsh/unfair criticism. A key trait to have in this biz. Ya know, I still get the random e-mail from folks saying that they “grew up with me”, or “went into the film biz because of me” or that they fell in love with horror because of my keyboard drivel. Shit, I’ve even had high profile filmmakers re-cut their films after reading my early Fest reviews. Kind of nuts when I stop and think about it. So yeah, I think in terms of this field – one that I undertook by accident (creating/running a site and reviewing films were never goals of mine, they just happened) – you can’t get any better than that. Now time to conquer other mountains! Thanks again for all the support and the positive energy over the years. Back at ya mofos and mofettes!


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The Shelter campaign so far! Please support it!

Hey all, well THE SHELTER crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo is still going forward. This was my first campaign, and yes I am learning a lot! I’ll be able to write a book about these once it’s all said and done. It’s silly. Anyways, I recently shot a video showing our supporters a location from THE SHELTER and thanking them for their efforts and contributions.

Now, we only have 3 Gs in the bank and are 3% financed, but hey; that’s 3Gs of other people’s money, 3gs that people felt confident enough in me, The Shelter and my team to donate. So yeah, I appreciate it BIG TIME and I am grateful. Nothing is over, and I will fight this fight till the bitter end, I started it and I will finish it.  On that, here’s the video I shot for THE SHELTER team ! You want to support THE SHELTER on your end? Go here and do so!

John Fallon shows you around a The Shelter location! from John Fallon on Vimeo.

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Some insight as to my journey with The Shelter!

Hey guys and dolls! As some of you may already know, I’m slated to direct my first horror feature film THE SHELTER early next year (get all the info here), with an impending crowd-funding campaign kicking in this coming Monday (!!). Here’s a little personal insight into the journey behind the film…

Ever since I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was direct feature films (horror or action, preferably). And all I’ve ever done in life is everything but direct a freakin’ feature film! I’ve written six produced feature lenght screenplays, acted in movies, produced, created an Award-winning short film, coordinated movie stunts, operated this website for the past 13 years and written over 1,200 horror reviews and yet…I have still not directed a full-length feature!

The day I sat down to finish the script after I cracked it. Yup, I already had a stogie parked there, ready to celebrate!

Now even though I had written plenty of scripts before, THE SHELTER was a different animal and actually took me three f*ckin’ years to finish. I always had my first and last acts, but the sumbitch 2nd act was the one that took me forever to crack. Now in the past, I would eventually give up and move on to other projects, but in the case of THE SHELTER, it just kept calling me back. At times, I’d be out drinking with my buds, and an idea to potentially crack act 2 would spring to mind and I’d text it to myself before I forgot, then I’d get home, try it out, to find out that wasn’t it. I went through that cycle a hundred times! I’m not sure what it was, but for some reason, I just couldn’t let THE SHELTER go. It became kind of an obsession actually.

And then the day arrived. Almost 3 years after starting the process of the screenplay I was finally able to crack the thing and let me tell you, I was happier than a John at a whorehouse! I went out with friends (you bet JoBlo was there), drank a few drinks, downed a few more (thanks again for the countless shots JoBlo) and just enjoyed the moment before the “real journey” of the film would begin. The good news is that according to everyone who has read the screenplay so far, the result of that crazy obsession was the “best script” I’ve ever written! Not to tout my own horn, but I have to agree. Unlike my previous scripts, this one was very and I mean VERY personal in terms of the themes brought up in the story. And I also rounded up everything I’d picked up in the horror industry over the past 20 years or so and combined those with my creative juices. Result? I like to think that I’ve hit all the right notes with this one.

A screengrab from a test shot that I did for the film. Yup some of the story  takes place in the snow! Should be visually striking!

Is it scary? You bet your ass! Character driven and depth filled? Yup! Is it mysterious, trippy and entertaining? Yes, yes and yes! Visually driven? Yes’sir! In fact, anyone who has read my reviews in the past knows that I’m a style whore and proud of it so expect plenty of eye-catching visuals to surface throughout the film! So yeah, I’m excited and confident in bringing this bad boy to life and here I am, asking for your help to make my life-long dream come true. I’m ready to rock this baby out to the world!

So next Monday is D-Day. We’re going to have a crowd-funding campaign for the film on IndieGoGo. Why? Well unlike Zach Braff or Spike Lee, I’m not even close to being a millionaire (I still pay rent, people) and THE SHELTER is an out of the mold project that isn’t likely to get financed through the usual channels. There’s a reason why David Lynch is longer directing feature films and that’s because rare are the folks that want to finance risky projects anymore. Basically THE SHELTER is not cookie cutter fluff. It’s a 70’s-esque mind trip, frightening as f*ck and not afraid to explore those very dark places.

I was elated when veteran actor Michael Pare responded to the script and agreed to do the film! The best man for the job!

So there ya have it. I’d like to thank everybody who has supported me over the years and I hope that come Monday, you can find it in your horror hearts to back me up and let me unleash my mindf*ck your way. Until then, Arrow out! Peace, blood, guts and love to all!  – John Fallon aka The Arrow



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The Final Zen! The end of our cartoon JoBlo’s Zen!

A while back my good buddy JoBlo (aka Berge Garabedian) and I dived into the cartoon world with his baby JOBLO’S ZEN; a show about us in cartoon form, getting in all kinds of trouble. It was a fun process, it’s always cool to get creative with one of your friends. We would bounce together to come up with ideas for the show (some of them based on real life events), we’d take turns writing them (or wrote them together) and recording the ADR for it was always a blast. Alas, the show never really picked up. Bummer. With that, I am okay with it; you don’t know or don’t get, if you don’t try. I am proud of what we did. So here’s the FINAL EPISODE of JoBlo’s Zen. It’s called The Final Zen (a play on Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare); hope yall dig it! I had fun writing it! Onwards and forward! RIP ZEN!

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Interviewed by blog Movie Haven!

I was recently interviewed by the Movie Haven blogwhere I talked about the site, past projects, films, and future projects (like Dead Shadows). Read an excerpt from the interview below and dive into the whole she-bang HERE

Looking back to your start in Film and Acting School, does it ever surprise you that you made a name for yourself running a horror website?

Not sure surprise would be the term; but yeah that wasn’t part of the master plan. You have to understand that since I was a kid; I knew what I wanted to do; act in and make films. I never changed my tune; that was IT! So I went to film school, I then went to acting school and after that I was working as a script doctor for local production companies while doing the audition rounds in my home town of Montreal, Canada.  Then the site came at me out of left field; I started it as a goof and next thing you know, it got popular and I got known for it.

On that, to this day I don’t consider myself to be a journalist or a critic; just some asshole that knows how to write and that shares his opinion on his website with whoever reads it… that’s it!  Over the course of 10 years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Arrow in the Head; grateful that it brought so much to my life, but yet resentful that it took me off course as to my “game plan”. I’ve had a lot of “What if AITH didn’t happen, where would I be today?” moments in the past; but now, after a long tug of war with it, I’ve finally made peace with it. This is where I am, this is what I got, nobody but myself is stopping me from what I want next, onward and forward!

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Quoted for Conan in the LA times & in TV Spot!

It doesn’t source ARROW IN THE HEAD (it sources JoBlo.com) and I’m not credited for it either; but um… yeah, that “The most fun I’ve had this summer at the movies” quote you see on top is mine from my Conan review on ARROW IN THE HEAD (read it HERE). This was found in the LA Times BTW. The same quote appeared in the TV SPOT that you can see below. And yes I loved me some CONAN! Man I hope peeps go see it so I can get a sequel. CROMMMMM!

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I’m a cartoon again! JoBlo’s Zen launches on FunnyOrDie.com!

JoBlo.com is launching a new “animated short” series today and it’s called JOBLO’S ZEN. The cartoon focuses on the lives of JoBlo and The Arrow (yours truly) characters and the wacky situations they find themselves in. The series will come to life on JoBlo’s FunnyOrDie.com channel every 3/4 weeks or so. So if you dig them, please vote for us and share the episodes with your friends, family and pets.

JoBlo had this to say about the Pilot Episode: Our pilot episode below is more of an intro to the two characters in their familiar habitat (JoBlo’s den basement) but later episodes will feature more interaction with the boys, people around them, as well as plenty of adventures at Comic Con, strip joints, movie theaters and plenty of other funky places where mayhem can be interpreted.

Here’s the official byline of the show: “JoBlo and the Arrow are two dudes who enjoy smoking some good weed, drinking some good drinks, as well as watching movies and playing videogames. Basically, they’re your every day movie geek but with a Canadian twist and an extra helping of hot chicks.”

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Quoted on Poster, Apple Trailer Page and in trailer for Miguel Angel Vivas Kidnapped (aka Secuestrados)!

It’s not often that I get quoted in ads for movies I totally fell in love with; hence why I am mucho glad to see that I was quoted in the new trailer for  Miguel Angel Vivas’ Spanish thriller KIDNAPPED (SECUESTRADOS).  And I was also quoted on the APPLE TRAILER PAGE (see below) and the film’s POSTER. NICE! The flick will open via a limited theatrical release come June 15th and you can read my review of it HERE and see the trailer HERE. Here’s what it’s about:

Jaime, Marta and their daughter Isa have just moved into a luxurious new house. Marta begins to prepare the dinner and puts a bottle of champagne on ice to celebrate the move. As night falls, three hooded men violently force their way into the house. Panic ensues and soon the real violence will begin.

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