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Fallon & BC Film Industry Round 1!


Booooo! Go Habs go! ; )

So here’s the dealio as to Vancouver, BC and the film industry so far. The good news is: I got myself an Agent in like 3 days and got an audition on the same day I locked that agent. That was fast! Moreover, the projects filming here (like Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe etc.) fit more with what I’m known for (genre projects) than say the shit back in Montreal (no genre TV Shows being shot there that’s for sure). So that’s good too! Am being submitted for shit that I actually WANT to be in. Booyakasha!

Bad news is, something I couldn’t have anticipated went down; the impending 2010 Olympics (to take place in Vancouver) have slapped a spoke in my wheel. Vancouver, BC is in full revamp for the event; hence lots of locations are off limits. Result? Two thirds of the industry here has gone out the window. Of course it has…why wouldn’t it…I finally got my ass down here…so it’s a given that the industry here would drop like a dead lay…sigh…my luck will never change. But that’s how it is, what can you do? At least I’ll be able to look at myself in the mirror at the end of the year; knowing that I finally tapped BC and gave it my all for better and worse. That jive is priceless.

With Frank…

So been making the best of my time here; my bud Deke is here so that’s cool, some old friends are here too (Frank and Danny) so been hanging with them as well. BC has also been acting like a high end detox for me. Am very physically active here, I party much less, quitting smoking is sticking so far, minor slip ups aside (when booze gets involved) and psychologically – I never felt better – at peace if you will. Script wise; I’m inspired so that helps – been writing my hockey screenplay and its flowing out. Been a while since I wrote a drama; so it’s kind of a trip to be tackling that genre again.

What’s next? Will be going ocean Kayaking tomorrow, will be visiting where they shot FIRST BLOOD (in Hope, Vancouver) next month when my brother comes down to visit, will do some Sea-dooing, may rent a speedboat and travel around, am tapping a gun range to shoot some loads (pun intended)… yup, am keeping busy, trying to have fun while being productive. To be continued…


Make sense…

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Chuck Norris writes books??? NICE!

One thing that I am digging in Vancouver, BC thus far is that nature is all around me. I step out and BOOM, there’s a lake, BOOM, there’s mountains and BOOM there’s the ocean. IT’S RIGHT THERE! I don’t have to drive to it, its right fucking there in my face. Talk about inspiring! It’s prompting me to chill yet be physically active at the same time.  BC is acting like some NATURE-ish detox for me right now (when you party like I do, a clean up has to come sooner or later) – hey – ALL GOOD!

chuckSo today I did something I haven’t done in like eons. On my lunch (yes I take a lunch now) I went and sat by the water and read a book. I had ducks, swans and geeses around me and I just read a fucking book and it felt fucking great. That book was THE SECRET POWER WITHIN by CHUCK NORRIS…yeah you heard me… CHUCK NORRIS!

With all them “CHUCK JOKE QUOTES” that are floating around  the web, people forget how much this dude has achieved in his life. Karate champion, humanitarian, action star, writer, producer… dude’s done it and them some. RESPECT!

Anyways the book is really talking to me; I’m reading it at the RIGHT time in my life. Am getting lots out of it – so thank you Chuck! Here are  a couple of quotes that I dug. BTW: You can get the book HERE

If we don’t change the direction we are going, we are likely to end up where we are heading.

If you really want something, you must go after it yourself, and with all of your dedication. No one is going to give it to you and if you waver or doubt; you’re sure to fail.

This one is my fav:

By living in the present, I am in full contact with myself and my environment; my energy is not dissipated and is always available. In the present there are no regrets, as there must be when thinking of the past, and worrying about the future only dilutes our awareness of the present. There is only now, only this moment. There is nothing else. Nothing.

Choking happens when you let pressure control you rather than controlling the pressure yourself. A normal response to pressure is self defeating, because under pressure the heart speeds up and triggers nervousness. You success begins inside you. If you can’t see it first, no one else ever will.

You can usually see your way around blocks that other people put in your path, but the blocks you create yourself, the ones that come from inside your own thinking, seem rooted in the ground and as wide as the horizon. As indeed they are, for you yourself are standing in the way.

If you’re being less successful than you had hoped or expected, don’t make excuses, instead check the 3 components of a winning attitude: mental toughness, psychological preparedness and physical condition. An uncorrected deficiency in any of these areas will drag the other two down.,

To conquer yourself means to become like something that you admire or respect, for if you seek to live up to your ideals, you will eventually become an extension and embodiment of them.

Any man that begins his film career by fighting BRUCE LEE has to be a GREAT FUCKING man.

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No Comic Con 4 me this year….


Usually this time of year, I prepare myself for the San Diego Comic Con. And although I enjoy Comic Con (cough, cough, the parties, cough, cough), after 8 years of attending it, I felt that this year would be a good time for a change. It’s like I always say; life doesn’t happen unless you provoke it. So it’s with that in mind that I leave Montreal, Canada behind this weekend, for an undetermined time, to head for Vancouver. BC.

Before BC though – I will be having my first full-on internet-less vacation; wow, I haven’t done that in years – yup I rented a car and will be driving through the Rocky Mountains for 7 days or so. I’ll stop here, stop there, take in the sights and just “be”. Man it will feel good to have ZERO INTERNET to tend to. CAN’T WAIT. I’ll officially arrive in BC on August 1st – once there the vacation will be over and hustling/learning my way around the city and its industry will kick in hardcore. I’ll give it all I got – lets see what happens.

With that I’d like to wish the JoBlo.com crew, my usual partners in crime Johnny Moreno, Jim Law and Mike Sampson the best of times at the Con. Although I will not be there myself, AITH will be all over it, you can expect genre coverage to hit the ARROW IN THE HEAD on a regular basis. Knock them dead yall and have a drink (or three) on me!

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Vancouver, BC, here I come…

johnnybcIn Vancouver, BC…

And it’s a done deal. Come August 1st I’ll be living in beautiful Vancouver, BC. for a while. Why? Well, I’ve pretty much exhausted my options in terms of exceeding within the film industry here in Montreal, Canada and trying out Vancouver has always been a goal of mine.

Needless to say I have been to the city many o time over the years and its always agreed with me. It’s a very nature inclined city, with striking mountains, the ocean and trees galore. Film work wise, well it’s not too far from LA, so there’s more projects in the pipeline there than here. They don’t call it Hollywood North for nothing.

So there ya have it! I will miss Montreal being that my love for the Habs has renewed my interest in the city. I will also miss my family and my friends so FUCKING MUCH… it wont be easy being that the people I love in my life are INCREDIBLY important to me… but what can you do, I need to do this – for so many reasons and it now it will be done.

So if you’re in the film industry in Vancouver, BC and you wanna hook up – holler at me: john.h.fallon@gmail.com



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