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I look back at my 2015 and I raise my gloves, ready to take on 2016!

Looking back at 2015, all I remember off hand are two things: 1- Greg Plitt died out of no where on January 17 of 2015 (a man who helped me get back on track via his site/videos years ago. His passing prompted me to go back to his site and once again he helped a lot this year) and my film THE SHELTER, which took over the bulk of my thoughts and efforts. The film resulted in some positive things like cool festival runs, positive reviews, meeting new people, making new contacts and new opportunities arising.

Work hard – play hard. Always.

It also came with its fair share of hardships (that I will go into when all is said and done some day – I may write a book 🙂 ) and some trial by fire i.e. gaining further knowledge as to the current state of the film market through my mistakes. Shelter aside, I actually had to look back at my 2015 pictures to remind me of what else I did that year and yeah, I had yet another groovy year of doing what makes me happy: training, nature, my friends, traveling and challenging myself.

Top of my head here are some of my favorite personal moments of 2015!

Tackled one of the biggest mountains I have ever scaled. What a rush. I want more!
My dad got hit with larynx cancer early this year. I was sure he was gonzo. But the man fought and with the help of my family's support he rose back uo and lived further...
My dad got hit with larynx cancer early this year. I was sure he was a goner, but the man fought (respect) and with the help of our support, he prevailed. Happy to still have him around.
In Paris, France with the Dead Shadows cast/crew for an autograph session. It was so cool to see everybody again, to be in Paris, a city that I love, and to spend time with the Cholewa clan aka awesome people.
The Shelter has its world premiere at Firghtfest in the UK. The critcis loved it - the public was half/half. It was a great moment to share with exec producer Berge Garabedian,
The Shelter had its world premiere at Frightfest in the UK and we got lots of solid reviews out of it.  It was a great moment to share with exec producer/buddy Berge Garabedian, Seeing old friends (Richard Cosgrove!) and drinking Trooper Ale were also big pluses 🙂
1 (2)
Spent even more time at the lake house. Can’t go wrong when your time is all about nature, training, reading, exploring, writing and the water.
Although the Sitges Film Festival The Shelter screening didn’t go as well as I wanted it to for varied reasons (image problems on our DCP being one of them), I got to hang with my brother Mike Hostench, hit some fly parties, appreciated the setting once again, had fun with Rurik Salle and met new great peeps like Julien Seri and Pascal Sid. VIVA SITGES!
Eric Red and I worked on the same set together. I did photography and second unit directing/camera work. Although it was easily the lousiest set I had ever been on, it solidified my brotherhood with Eric Red. We survived this and remained hombres -we can survive anything. And for that and the experience - I was grateful...
Eric Red and I worked on the same set together for the first time time since 100 Feet. This time I did second unit directing/camera work and took on set pics. Without going into details;  the war that was this set solidified my brotherhood with Eric.  And for that and the experience – I was grateful…
The Shelter, which is a film that addresses spirituality or lack of, has been responsible for an eviloution in my own faith. Hence after Sitgges, I spend a week in Barcelona, and my borther Gnzalo Lopez and I woukd up havong a pilhramege. We visited an old church or old monestary every day for 7 days. Once all was said and done, I was a new man. Love you Gonz, till the next time!
Streamlining The Shelter, which is a film that addresses spirituality or lack of, has been responsible for an evolution in my own spiritual path. Hence after Sitges, I spend a week in Barcelona with my bro Gonzalo.  We wound up having a pilgrimage of sorts and I found it very rewarding.
Last but certainly not least; I was very happy to see that A Night of Horror programmer Dean Bertram respj nded so mcuh t The Shelter, enogh to screen i at his prestigious Fetsival. The crowd dug t and star Mcuhgael Pare won a career achievemnt award for his work n teh film. Twas a good ending for The Shelter in 2015
I was very happy to see The Shelter screen at the prestigious A Night of Horror Film Festival in Australia. The crowd dug it and star Michael Pare won a career achievement award for his work in the film. Twas a good ending for The Shelter in 2015
At Greg Plitt’s place of death. It was very important for me to pay respect. He inspired/motivated me so much all year, it was the least I could do. It took hours to find the exact spot of his passing. Was worth it. RIP Legend.

In terms of negatives, I’m not one to dwell on those cause, well, what will that achieve? Nothing. I’ll just say that the odd energy around The Shelter gave me a run for my patience, maximum effort often led to maximum frustrations as opposed to results and knives stabbed in my back here and a severe “misjudgement of character on my part” there should be noted… nothing new at this point, people are people. Lastly, my 14 year old dog is on her way out (going deaf,  blind and very old) it’s coming and I am bracing myself… such is life. 🙁

My dog can't swim alone anymore...too old. I still have her work-out though. Use it or lose it.
My dog Toby can’t swim alone anymore…she’s too old. I still have her work-out though. Use it or lose it.

I feel very positive in terms of 2016 though (just got back from a stay in the wilderness – that always sets me right)! The Shelter will screen at a handful of Festivals and will lock distribution, am pumped to get my next film The Prize off the ground, I’m starting boxing again (after dealing with a stubborn tennis elbow in 2015 that got in my way, I finally healed it), I’ll be part of handful of exciting projects (as a writer and actor), already have some traveling on the horizon, mother nature is always in my plans and I will focus on awakening by creative side again, specially when it comes to writing for myself. Producing The Shelter in 2015 kind of numbed by creative juices, I won’t let that happen this year.  That’s it in a nutshell! Welcome to 2016 people! I leave you with my 2016 National Anthem:

My National Anthem for 2016!

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My short film The Red Hours makes an encore at CanadaDrome III!

My short film THE RED HOURS aka the short film that keeps on giving will be playing at the upcoming CanadaDrome on May 26 in Vancouver, BC. Get the info below and HERE! The flick stars Deke Richards, Amy Wickeneiser and Heather Westwood. It was shot by Donny Broussard. Am proud that my little baby is still hitting the big screen now and again 4 years after its initial release. As Ash would say… GROOVY!

The third CanadaDrome is at the Pacific Cinematheque on Sunday, MAY 26th! Come and see the pulse-pounding short film “The Red Hours” from Montreal filmmaker and film critic (arrowinthehead.com) John Fallon – along with Creepy Six Films’ “Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan”! followed by a special screening of the kick-ass backwoods killer-comedy “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil”! A few special guests will be in attendance (TBA soon) and, as always, we’re totally licensed so if you feel like having a brewski or vino, we’ll have the bevvies available for $3.50 (damn cheap!)

On set with Amy Wickeneiser.
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Billy Trigger enters Post Production!

Hey all, am happy to report that BILLY TRIGGER has finally entered Post Production. BILLY TRIGGER was directed by Christian Viel and Produced by JoBlo Productions and here’s a reminder as to what it is about:

Irish mobster Billy Trigger (John Fallon) has been Pops (Fred Williamson) number one enforcer for three years now. And for good reasons; he is cold, calculated and relentless and has never tackled a job he couldn’t finish. His life is trouble-free and solitary as it mainly consists of: loose women, doing the work and cashing in. That’s until Pops, the head of the organization, hands him his next assignment.Trigger is tasked to look over his young mistress, Catherine (Pia Metni), while he’s away on business. Of course, nothing goes as planned and Trigger ends up on the wrong side of Pops esteem…What happens when the best in the business is pitted against the business? Place your bets!

BILLY TRIGGER stars Fred Williamson, Pia Metni, Matthew Bennett, Meghan Gabruch, Anderson Bradshaw, Deke Richards and myself. It was financed by JoBlo Productions. Check it on THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE HERE

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Follow the Billy Trigger shoot on its official blog, FB page and Twitter!

As you may know we are presently shooting BILLY TRIGGER, an action film that I wrote, act in in and co produce. Usually I slap all my updates on this personal blog, but in this case, you can follow and all of the BILLY TRIGGER news at its OFFICIAL BLOG, FACEBOOK PAGE and TWITTER ACCOUNT. BILLY TRIGGER is directed by Christian Viel, stars me, Fred Williamson, Anderson Bradshaw, Matthew Bennett, Meghan Gabruch, Pia Metni, Valerie Wiseman and Deke Richards. The film is produced by Christian Viel, Berge Garabedian and myself.

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Updated! The Red Hours and Deaden @ UK Fest Shivers!

DEADEN and THE RED HOURS will be screening on Sunday May 20th at 3PM at the Roxy in London! THE RED HOURS (which I wrote, produced and directed) is about a dude (named Mark, played by Deke Richards) with women issues and DEADEN (which I wrote, produced and starred in) is about a dude named Rane (played by this jerk) who gets fucked over and then gets a lot of guns, snorts a lot of cocaine and does his own brand of fucking. THE RED HOURS was co produced and shot by Donny Broussard. DEADEN was produced edited and directed by Christian Viel.

Rane (me) feeling blue in Deaden.
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My short film The Red Hours, now available on DVD!

“Fallon’s film is visually stunning and for the most part contains a wicked visual appeal toward it that garners some memorable scenes including some fast paced chase sequences, and stunning sweeping pans on our sexy actresses, all of whom are empowered more by Fallon’s fetishistic visual flourishes and camera angles than their uniforms and hand held weapons.” – Cinema Crazed

And it’s the end of a long journey. THE RED HOURS has been with me for 11 years now. It started off as a feature length script, which led to a painful education as to lying, spineless and crooked producers. After years of development hell, stars attached, false promises and constant let downs, I got the rights back to my script and gave up on getting the feature off the ground. Years went by, other projects happened, but I still had some nagging Red Hours in me, it was bothering me and I needed to let it out.

And that’s when a short version of what used to be a feature was born. That resulted in another kind of battle, but at least it was one that had me surrounded with good peeps and one that I could fight and win. So today, my short film THE RED HOURS is available worldwide via a limited release. There are only 100 copies available (the DVD sleeve is signed by lead Deke Richards and myself) and it costs 12.99 CAD plus taxes and 4 bucks of shipping and handling . To own the DVD via PAYPAL, click here and do the doo!

The Red Hours is about: A quiet war is transpiring between lovers Mark (Deke Richards) and Natasha (Amy Wickenheiser). The more mature and old fashion Marc can’t come to terms with his better half being bisexual hence he’s constantly feeling hurt and resentful. On her end, Natasha feels criticized and un-accepted, consequently finding comfort in the arms of her lover Drew (Heather Westwood). One fateful night at a lowly dive bar, the quiet war between the two finally explodes, resulting in a soiree of blood, chainsaws and bullets.

The short stars Deke Richards, Amy Wickeneiser and Heather Westwood. It was written, produced and directed by me. It was produced and DOPd by Donny Broussard. And it was edited by Michael Nouryeh and Christian Viel. It was a long freaking road to get this little film shot, edited and now on DVD. Every obstacle you can think of was shoved our way. I learned a lot through this experience and yes it is with a sigh of relief and a feeling of “completion” that I write this FINAL The Red Hours blog entry. A big THANK YOU to everybody that supported me through this venture. It took way longer than I thought it would to get done, but hey, all good, it’s now motherfucking done. AMEN.

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UK DEADEN DVD now available and looking sweet!

It took a while for the UK to get around in distributing our brutal low budget vigilante flick DEADEN; but its finally happened and the DVD is now for sale (GET IT HERE). I gotta say it; the cover (above) is looking SWEET! I love what they did with it; 70’s exploitation meets 80’s action with a twat on the cover. Dig it the most! DEADEN is about:

Ex-undercover cop turned biker Rane, witnesses the brutal murder of his pregnant wife by his crew who have learned about his old policemen days. Upon his exit from the hospital, he arms himself to the teeth and goes on an substance fueled, psychotic rampage, in the name of retribution.

The film was produced, directed and edited by Christian Viel. It was written, co produced and stars my sorry ass. It co stars Deke Richards and Neil Napier.

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Another THE RED HOURS review surfaces online.

Another review just surfaced online for my short film THE RED HOURS (watch it here), read an except below and  the whole thing HERE.

THE RED HOURS is a film which proved to be strangely alluring. The film’s tone is set from the start of the very first frame which gives it’s viewers an insight into shear madness. We are shown Mark, a man who‘s in the bathroom of a rave party looking into a mirror at himself, while at quick glance it seems he‘s just looking at himself, it becomes clear that Mark is doing much more, he is starring into his own soul which is obviously filled with rage and discontent regarding his relationship status with his girlfriend and is un-doubt-able suspicions. From this moment on the line between reality and delusion begins to blur and we are taken to a chaotically horrific setting where Mark is awaken tied to a char while his girlfriend and another woman make out while holding a human heart (or at least that‘s what it looked like to me) from here the story takes a dramatically pulse pounding race for survival leaving the viewer on the edge of their seat wondering how will it all end. Some will argue that this film is an art house piece while others say it’s surrealist piece. I say it’s the type of short film that filmmaker’s Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock would have cooked up had they ever worked together

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Some feedback to The Red Hours and BTS pics.

I slapped my short film THE RED HOURS online (see it here) 2 days ago and I am happy to see that the feedback has been mostly positive thus far; a couple of “you suck” e-mails with nothing to back it up aside (usual shit when you put something out there); folks seemed to like it; which is always cool to hear. Here’s an excerpt from a review of the short over at Cinema Crazed:

– Mostly an experimental film, “The Red Hours” is a drug trip of the highest proportion and one most dangerous in the mind of a jilted ex refusing to cope with his ex-girlfriend’s new sexual preference and the inevitable aftermath of a drug binge. Fallon is a sharp eyed independent director, and I appreciated the technical aspect behind “The Red Hours” in the end.

You can read the whole review HERE. And here are some behind the scenes pics coupled with quotes from folks who saw the flick online. Much love to the peeps who busted their asses behind and in front of the camera. Much love to the peeps who are supporting the short online and much love to those who are taking the time to watch it. All about the love 🙂

Setting up a scene with great men Matt Champagne (sound) and Donny Broussard (DOP, co producer)

– I thought it was a lot of fun. I think you may run into people not understanding it based on the fact that narrative structure driven by the stylized effects and imagery. People not tuned to such things may have a little trouble since there isn’t a lot of dialogue grounding the story. I didn’t have any problem getting it. All in all it’s a short and it worked very well. On a personal note – I didn’t figure you as being intimidated by women. 🙂 A few plot holes and a bit too many stylized effects but otherwise pretty damn entertaining. Those girls are ridiculously hot!!! If they need help and want a male maid, let me know 🙂

-Blown away! Wow that was an awesome short. I think that it was a very distinct piece. I have my own ideas what the story was about and that’s a very hard thing to pull off making it interesting but also allowing an audience to take what they want from it. Hope to see some more shorts.

Actor Deke Richards psyching himself up to jump through a door.

-Very well done. The direction and editing was top notch stuff. Acting was good, story was a little trippy, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad or nothin. What did you shoot this with?? I am a struggling writer and am trying to get something of mine shot. This picture looks crisp and clear and I like the overall look of it.

-Alright, that was pretty sweet! Especially loved the sequence where he’s running while being shot at (nice overexposed effect). The editing was damn good, too, what with the various speed-ups, slow-downs, and flash cuts all adding up to one trippy ride. Overall, I gotta say I’m impressed, and it certainly put a nice big grin on my face!

-Absolutely Phenomenal!!!

-I gotta admit that the ending had me a little confused. I wasn’t sure whether the slasher stuff was the past, the future, or just the dude’s head fucking with him, but whatever, I enjoyed it just the same!

Actor Deke Richards and actress Heather Westwood; before their chainsaw tap-dance together.

-I have been wanting to check it out for a long time 🙂 so glad you’ve put it up for us to see. I gotta say John, I really enjoyed it. It was a nice 8 min mindf*ck and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Great work, to you and your team 🙂

-Quite disturbing. It felt like David Lynch meets Rob Zombie

-Good to finally see The Red Hours after reading so much about it, fantastic short, very nicely done!

Shooting hot girls making out…tough job for Donny and I.

-Creepy, cool, stylish and effective! Let me know if you decide to sell this on DVD come X-mas time, I’d snatch up a copy in a heart beat. Loved the camera work, especially the opening minute in the club, that reminded me style wise of Gasper Noe’s Irreversible.

-I also enjoyed it a lot, especially the mind fucking with the sounds on top of the film and the twist with the girls. Shooting on low budget all the time I know this is pretty hard, but also the white effect at the end looked cool. All in all really nice, keep shooting John!

-A sick, fetishistic male fantasy – I loved every second of it, John! Well done!

With actress Amy Wickenheiser; couldn”t have a found a better “Natasha”.

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The Red Hours gets an encore in Brazil!


After its recent FANTASIA screening, I was calling it a day on my short film THE RED HOURS Festival run.  Its gotta end sometimes, and I just want to slap it on DVD for sale and move the fuck on already. But looks like fate had other plans for it.  The Red Hours has been selected in competition  at the Cinefantasy International Film Festival (August 31st to September 12th) in Sao Paulo Brazil. Brazil…hmmm… always wanted to go there. Food for thought. More news when I get some in terms of screening dates.  The Red Hours aka the short even my mother doesn’t understand stars Deke Richards, Amy Wickenheiser and Heather Westwood. Donny Broussard produced with me. The flick was edited by Michael Nouryeh and Christian Viel and mixed by Benoit Babin.

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