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First clip from The Shelter and Britflicks interview!

1661695_10153132001166413_7180548948712718870_nHey guys and dolls! We’ve been pretty busy prepping up for THE SHELTER screening (on August 28) at the prestigious Film4 Frightfest Festival in London (get your tickets here). To say I’m pumped for it would be an understatement!

For anybody that thinks the hard work on a Indie film ends with Post production, well I got news for ya, it doesn’t, like AT ALL! 🙂 But hey, it’s not truly work when you’re doing what you love…

On that, I recently sat down with the fine folks at BRITFLICKS (thanks Stuart Wright, loved yapping with ya) and talked about THE SHELTER in depth, so give it A LISTEN HERE.

We also just released the first clip from THE SHELTER online. I purposely chose a clip that was vague, one that wouldn’t spoil the film but that at the same time would give you a feel for the type of ride you’re in for (i.e. a very weird one).

Check it out below!

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