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Bruise Productions Inc. looking for “fight themed” screenplay!

Hey all, we are presently actively searching for a FINISHED “fight themed” (can be Boxing which would be ideal, but can also be MMA, Kickboxing etc.) screenplay for development. We need something that is character driven and with a male lead. Something with heart and grit – a drama with fight scenes – not the other way around. Think more Rocky and less Bloodsport. If you’re a screenwriter and you have something of the sort, send us your logline/synopsis HERE. Thank you and God bless!

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The Billy Trigger shoot is around the corner! Inner thoughts…


The clock is ticking down, almost there, we start shooting BILLY TRIGGER in a bit more than a week. This is an exciting time for me for many reasons. First, it’s a script I’ve been trying to get off the ground for 5 years, so am pretty stoked to see it finally come to life. Moreover it’s the most ambitious role I’ve ever tackled on a physical standpoint. Been training hard the past months, not to bulk up or even look ripped (although am getting there on the latter), but to build endurance which I will need big time for this particular shoot. I feel ready. I’ve been taking the rust off my kicks (am green belt Taekwondo, but that was along time ago), my upper body skills are well greased (went back to boxing this year, so all good ) and am learning new things in fight rehearsals (MMA type of fighting). Oh and am finally off book in terms of my lines. Bases = covered.

I say this all the time, I’ll say it again here. Making a film is the equivalent of going to war. You got a first in command, his right hand man and his soldiers. All with one singular goal in common; to take down the fort. But making a film with a low budget, especially one like this one; that is filled with action scenes and has a lot of locations; is the equivalent of going to war with popguns. It will be a challenge but I feel well surrounded and am counting down the days till we charge, can’t look back and will fight till it’s in the can. Godspeed Billy Trigger team! Let’s do this!

NOTE TO SELF: Stock up on painkillers, ice packs, Red Bull and protein bars, I will need them.

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