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I sit down with Gremlins Strike Back Podcast and talk about, well, everything! From AITH, to SAW II to The Shelter and beyond!

I sat down with Gremlins Strike Back Film Podcast for a career retrospective (which was odd, cause I am just getting started), give it a listen below (starts at 2:48).

It’s definitely one of the more thorough talk I’ve ever had in terms of my career thus far. From Arrow in the Head to The Shelter to my next film Heretic. Thanks for the chat Maarten Melon – looking forward to them beers next time I’m in Belgium!


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Film Reviews From the Basement tap Deaden aka the little movie that could…

Director Christian Viel and I had a gut feeling that our little vigilante flick DEADEN (2006) would probably become some kind of micro cult classic; and being that we are in 2011 and we still hear about it via peeps e-mailing us to say they dug it and new reviews randomly popping out; I guess we were right. Fellow Canucks at Film Reviews From the Basement recently covered the flick by way of mini reviews and their Podcast. Here’s a preview below; check their review HERE and Podcast HERE.

Jason: Filmmakers who piss and moan about not being able to make a good movie on a low budget need to shut the fuck up and watch Deaden. This is a low, low budget action flick that delivers. It’s got nudity, graphic violence, awesome kills and, for the most part, decent acting. Lead man and screenwriter John Fallon  might not have the hard look of the old-school action star, but he’s got the physical presence and acting chops to do the job. And his script doesn’t let him down. A Good from this Basement Dweller.

Shawn: This movie was fantastic! Sure the budget was smaller and some of the actors weren’t awesome, but that didn’t detract from it being entertaining, violent and full of action. Pull any punches? Fuck no! I can’t believe how far this movie actually went. Good for you Fallon. Fuck Hollywood’s pretentious asses. Too bad the industry hasn’t grown a set of ball and given you what you need to do this kind of thing more often. A Good from me!

PERSONAL NOTE: Man I gotta get my next action project TRIGGER off the ground…

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