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Official Blu-Ray cover and press release for American Muscle!

The official Blu-Ray cover (above) and PRESS RELEASE for Ravi Dhar’s AMERICAN MUSCLE (film I wrote and act in) recently went out via distributor WELLGOUSA. Peep it below! You can ODER THE FILM HERE!

The Adrenaline-Fueled, Action-Packed Drama

Debuts on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Sept. 30


Payback is a Killer.

Directed by Ravi Dhar and Starring  Nick Principe, Robin Sydney & George P. Wilbur

Bonus Content Includes : Audio Commentary with the Director and Producer

PLANO, Texas.  (Aug. 13, 2014) – John Falcon (Nick Principe, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2) did  10 years of hard time in prison. Now he’s got 24 hours to exact his brutal revenge on every person who had a hand in sending him there when AMERICAN MUSCLE debuts on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Sept. 30 from Well Go USA Entertainment. AMERICAN MUSCLE also stars Robin Sydney (Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation), Todd Farmer (Drive Angry), George P. Wilbur (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers), Trent Haaga (616: Paranormal Incident), Jennifer Wenger (Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader), John Fallon (Death Race), Joshua Lou Friedman (The Love Section), Malice 666 (Little Blue Pill) and Robert Coffie (Cowboys & Indians). Bonus materials include audio commentary with the director and producer.


John Falcon (Nick Principe) is a bad, bad man. But he didn’t deserve to go to prison. Now, after 10 years of hard time, he’s hell-bent on revenge. Screaming across the scarred landscape of the Yucca Valley, Falcon’s got 24 hours to inflict brutal vengeance on everyone he holds responsible for putting him away. Including his own brother.

AMERICAN MUSCLE has a runtime of approximately 78 minutes and is not rated.

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American Muscle guns out a poster and a trailer! My thoughts!

AMERICAN MUSCLE will always have a special place in my heart. Via that project I learned a lot about writing for more than one person at the same time (which I was fairly new to) and the actual shoot was like the movie itself; unique, and full on rock and roll! I doubt I’ll ever live another shoot like it; so many lessons and good and f-ed up memories!

Like living in the desert for a month, the wild scenery (that Jesus park was nuts) and that mountain I used to hike all the time to try to keep in some kind of shape. Or that time I was sure I gave myself a concussion doing a stunt but kept it on the DL and just popped some Tylenol and kept at it. Or that other time when I did a scene with Todd Farmer with a sock on my privates while my balls flapped wildly up and down. Or that day that was all about Nick Principe kicking my ass left, right and center (was a blast)! I can go on and on, but I will stop right there. All that to say, it was a truly a novel and eventful shoot with a bunch of great people.

Now the film recently gunned the web with a crazy trailer and a cool ass poster, you can see that here. Hookers and beers to director Ravi Dhar for the unique, unhinged and Lynch-ish (IMO anyways) vision he brought to what is at the end of the day, an extreme 70’s – 80’s esque exploitation revenge flick and to producer Travis Stevens for busting his ass to make sure this flick came out as good as it could be. And of course a huge high five and hit (yes I just said that with a straight face) to the cast, the producers and the crew who went all out and then some to make this film happen. Filmmaking is a team sport and on this show we had a solid group that stuck together through thick and thin.  So props to all! And yeah the trailer f-ing owns! I love it!

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American Muscle plot line, pic and IMDb page!

Tongues ready to rock!

Last year I wrote and acted in (I play a mute psycho named “Tongues”) the trippy and brutal revenge flick AMERICAN MUSCLE and you’ll be hearing more about the project this year. For starters check out its IMDb page HERE and here’s the basic plot line:

John Falcon (Nick Principe) did 10 years of hard time in prison. Now he’s got 24 hours to get revenge on every person who had a hand in sending him there.

AMERICAN MUSCLE was directed by Ravi Dhar and Produced by Snowfort Pictures , Automatic Entertainment  and Paradise City Pictures. It stars Nick Principe, Todd Farmer, Trent Haaga, Robin Sydney, Philip Salic and myself.

Laura Raczka doing her magic...
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