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Female vigilante project doing the rounds! Meet EVA!


Am happy to announce that (after Deaden and American Muscle) I am re-visiting the vigilante subgenre for the third and last time with EVA, a film that I wrote and that I will direct. I have to say that it was my most challenging script within that genre as it deals with a very real and ugly reality (the sex trade). I wanted to explore the subject matter in a responsible way while at the same time delivering the thrills action/violence wise. So it was a bit of a balancing act.

Moreover, this had to be the most appalling research I ever had to do for a script. In fact, lots of the horror on the page was inspired by true events that happened to real life sex trade victims. Yes truth was more disgusting than anything I could have come up with. Find below the promo one-sheet for EVA and its short synopsis! The poster was created by 3 Demon Entertainment and the model is the lovely Melanie Mark Coleman. The film is now in active development (I have some key pieces, missing one more to get it off the ground). I am proud of the script and it will make for one hell of a drama/action flick. I have a couple of bites on the project at the moment – lets see where they lead. To be continued!

EVA-poster copy
At 16 years old, young Eva was kidnapped, drugged and forced to sell herself by sex traffickers. 10 years later, after a life of all too frequent physical and psychological abuse, a now 26 years old Eva is addicted to drugs and is completely dead inside. That’s until an encounter with a “John” goes violently wrong and sends her to the hospital…near dead.  A month later, Eva finally recovers and for the first time in 10 years, she is free of her captors and the substances that had such a hold her. Once back in the world, she only has one thing on her mind: vengeance against those who robbed her of her life. And with the help of a mysterious stranger, she goes about attaining her retribution in harsh and brutal ways.

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American Muscle & Deaden will have a sister. Writing female vigilante action film Eva!

The last time that I wrote a screenplay on spec it was THE SHELTER and to be honest, the trial and tribulations that I have had with that film in 2015 nipped my creative streak in the bud for the bulk of the year. In short, handling the producing duties after the shoot killed the screenwriter in me. Now although I’m still carrying/pushing/hustling THE SHELTER (and with some help, FINALLY overcoming the obstacles that have plagued us); I’ve rediscovered my creative streak and am now in the midst of writing my next spec script EVA (working title, or maybe not).

After DEADEN and AMERICAN MUSCLE, I’ve always wanted to round up my “revenge” trilogy (as a writer anyways) with a female protagonist. I have been thinking about Eva and her story for a long time and I am now having a blast finally giving it life on the page. I’m relishing writing a strong, intelligent and damaged female lead character, the story that I have is unique within the subgenre and yes, there will be blood – lots of it. In between taking THE SHELTER home, setting up my next film as a director THE PRIZE, fulfilling my duties on a writing job for hire, a new project with Dead Shadows director David Cholewa and now EVA, my 2016 is off to a solid start. Off to the Pub! Got some writing to do.


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New DEADEN DVD Canadian cover!

Ahhh DEADEN… easily my fav project that I ever did (I wrote, starred in, produced and mopped the floors on the film) and its also one that has proven to have the most legs. I mean we wrapped this fucko in 2006, 4 years ago, and I still get e-mails about it and shit, here I am still yapping about it. Anyhow, feast your retinas on the new DVD Artwork (above) by Sv Bell for the Black Flag Pictures release of Deaden in Canada. Pretty dope eh! DEADEN was produced, edited and directed by Christian Viel… am pretty sure he mopped the floor on set at some point as well…

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dvd_site_deaden1Christian Viel’s and I vigilante action flick DEADEN will finally be put out in the UK via AUK LIMITED and you can see the UK TRAILER HERE and the UK DVD sleeve on your left. Good little trailer, am not crazy about the sound design and it feels like it needs more work, but I like its vibe.

It should be said that DEADEN was the most fun I ever had doing a movie PERIOD. Everything about that show good and bad made it a mucho memorable experience for me. And I’ve been chasing the DEADEN dragon even since. : ) If you haven’t tapped DEADEN yet, you can get the the MAINSTREAM REGION 1 DVD HERE or get the LIMITED UNCUT EDITION DVD HERE.

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