One-sheet, art and sizzle reel for Eric Red’s No Man’s Ridge!

Writer/Director Eric Red recently put out some goods from a film he’s gearing up called NO MAN’S RIDGE and you can see them here! The flick is a found-footage movie that follows a group of extreme hunters who go out in the wild to nab the most prestigious trophy of them all: Bigfoot. As you can see by John Gallagher’s scary creature design – this Bigfoot ain’t the cuddling kind! The film is presently in development and yes I have a role in it. I play one of the hunters, a French Quebec dude by the name of Raymond. Check out the sizzle reel they made to pitch the project below! Can’t wait for this one to happen, it’s a fantastic script! Mean spirited, action packed and gory as hell. My kind of movie!

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Diabolique Magazine interview me about The Shelter!

The fine folks at Diabolique Magazine recently interviewed me about my directorial debut THE SHELTER, starring Michael Pare, here’s an excerpt and read the whole thing HERE.

John Fallon has a number of terrifying screenplays to his credit – the newest being his thrilling directorial debut, The Shelter.  In a recent blog post, Fallon referred to his new script as being a “…different animal”, and in our interview, explained what it is about The Shelter that separates it from his other works:  “Well, everything you write has pieces of yourself in it, obviously.  But The Shelter is definitely the screenplay that reflects me as an individual the most. Not meaning that the script is the story of my life, but more in terms of the themes that are explored in the piece. They’re just very close to me. My passion for horror films, nature, using imagery to convey substance and my spiritual streak are all in there.”  Continuing he said, “It’s more psychological, dramatic and layered than the ‘tits, gore, guns, cheap laughs’ exploitation films- that I am proud of by the way- that I’ve written in the past. So it’s a very different type of project for me.

Thanks for the support DM!

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Montreal Comic Con this weekend! Dead Shadows Canuck premiere! Heroes of the North panel!

Hey! Just letting you all know that I will be kicking it at the Montreal Comic Con this week. On Saturday the 14 2013, I will take part in the HEROES OF THE NORTH panel as BLACK TERROR. Get all the details HERE! And on Sunday the 15 2013, I will be presenting the Canadian Premiere of David Cholewa’s DEAD SHADOWS, a film that I acted in, at 4PM as part of the MONTREAL HORRORFEST. Get the details HERE! Hope to see some of you there, don’t be shy to come say hello! A great weekend to all!

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The Shelter campaign so far! Please support it!

Hey all, well THE SHELTER crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo is still going forward. This was my first campaign, and yes I am learning a lot! I’ll be able to write a book about these once it’s all said and done. It’s silly. Anyways, I recently shot a video showing our supporters a location from THE SHELTER and thanking them for their efforts and contributions.

Now, we only have 3 Gs in the bank and are 3% financed, but hey; that’s 3Gs of other people’s money, 3gs that people felt confident enough in me, The Shelter and my team to donate. So yeah, I appreciate it BIG TIME and I am grateful. Nothing is over, and I will fight this fight till the bitter end, I started it and I will finish it.  On that, here’s the video I shot for THE SHELTER team ! You want to support THE SHELTER on your end? Go here and do so!

John Fallon shows you around a The Shelter location! from John Fallon on Vimeo.

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