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The Shelter Film4 FrightFest screening date/time and first review of the film by AICN!

Things are finally starting to inch forward with my directional debut THE SHELTER. That’s actually one thing that I learned for myself recently; even if things are moving forward at a sedated snail’s pace, they are STILL moving forward, hence should be recognized as progress. For the last 6 months I wasn’t thinking that way. I was getting somewhat frustrated by the lack of results in light of my constant non-stop, daily efforts. But I get it now – inch, by inch – that’s how it’s going down –  must crank perseverance dial to “through the roof”. 10-4! Roger that!

So as mentioned here, THE SHELTER will premiere at FILM4 FRIGHTFEST and now we have the date and time of said screening Friday August at 8:40PM. See the FrightFest SHELTER PAGE HERE! Hope to see you there! I’m planning to bring some Shelter schwag to give away at the screening.

And while we’re talking good news, famous film site AINT IT COOL NEWS aka AICN reviewed the film (fairly at that) last Friday. I’m not gonna BS y’all, I was beaming after that review! That jolt of positive energy was much welcome.  Here’s an excerpt!

“Writer/director John Fallon conveys this theme of loss and regret clearly and expertly. Sure, that makes for the exact opposite of the feel good movie of the year, but it does make for a pretty fantastic character study of a man who has crumbled to almost nothing.Pare really gives it his all here, plunging to emotional depths I never thought he was able to do and doing them with a real sense of soul. Pare still has the rugged good looks that made him a star in the Eighties, but it feels like, at least in the character he plays here, he really does understand what it is like to have it all and lose it.”

You can read the entire review HERE! So there you have it!  Back to the grind I go!

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RECON 2023 Fantasia screening date/time

Christian Viel’s RECON 2023 will screen at this year’s FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL. I wrote the script with Viel and I act in it.  Here are the details:

Screening Times: July 11th, 2009 – 12:30 pm – Screening Room: J.A. De Seve

Here’s the FANTASIA PROGRAM description:

For 23 years now, Earth has been at war with the Mahars, an alien species set on annihilating the human race forever. In hopes of bringing this interstellar conflict to an end, Lt. Sharp and a small team of soldiers are sent to the planet Gauda Prime to carry out a secret mission. There, in the middle of a barren desert, lies the Mahars ultimate weapon, capable of closing the books on human history permanently. With the help of seductive female cyborgs, Sharp and his team will have to face Gauda Prime’s strange and menacing wildlife, as well as an extremely disfigured mercenary by the name of Face, henchman for Machiavellian conspirators who wish nothing more than to see our planet destroyed.

Fantasia audiences who have followed the RECON series throughout the years won’t want to miss this new episode for the world. Director Christian Viel reunites with his usual crew, including John Arrow in the Head Fallon, who wrote the script and plays the vicious cyber-merc onscreen. He also reconnects with his audience by giving them exactly what they want action sequences choreographed by a local genre specialist, one of which is rather stunning in its direct reference to Coppola’s APOCALYPSE NOW. In Quebec, Christian Viel is definitely an example for independent filmmakers to follow. Without government financing, he still manages to produce science fiction films as entertaining as their Hollywood counterparts, and which have found success abroad. Watching his new film, one can’t help but wonder what Viel could do with a TRANSFORMERS-caliber budget, seeing how RECON 2023: THE GAUDA PRIME CONSPIRACY overflows with talent!


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