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My directorial debut The Shelter with Michael Paré now available worldwide on Vimeo on Demand!

Here we go! My final jab with THE SHELTER. I just made it available for viewing around the world via Vimeo On Demand: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thesheltermovie

My directorial debut starring Michael Pare which the L.A. TIMES called “remarkably ambitious” and “a concise genre piece that doubles as a heavily metaphorical character sketch”, had previously been released on DVD and VOD in the United States, and was also sold in various countries around the world.

Since The Shelter’s domestic release, we’ve done all that we could in terms of the classic route of finding distribution internationally. And although we did have some success (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden South East Asia, Canada) we’ve come to the conclusion that the best move to make at this final stage is to end on this different avenue.

I’m happy that everybody will finally be able to watch this unique, odd and very personal film. And for me, this marks the end of my 4 years journey with this picture. So there’s something to celebrate and be proud of right there! Thanks to all who have supported me and the film over the years!

It has been a very rewarding experience, one that changed who I am and that re-sparked and enriched by spirituality. I’m a better man and filmmaker for it and will bring all of that into my next film HERETIC. Peace and God bless! John

Star Michael Pare and I at the LA premiere! Thx for everything bro!
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My directional debut The Shelter with Michael Paré wraps Post Production!


And another step stomped down! Post Production is now officially done on my feature length directional debut THE SHELTER (which was financed by my company Bruise Productions and JoBlo Movie Productions), starring Michael Paré, Gayle James, Rachel Whittle and Amy Wickeneiser.

How do I feel? Good. It’s another firm step as to the long road ahead.  To be honest, there is still so much left for me to do, to figure out and so many hurdles left standing up (gotta get an outstanding this and an outstanding that, it’s like a scavenger hunt), that it is hard for me to “relax” and feel “great”. I’m still in “war” mode over here. On that, I look forward in swimming in shark infested waters to explore the world of sales/distribution and I’m also investigating “self distribution” for shits and giggles. Distribution has changed so much over the years and I need to catch up as to where it is now.  I don’t want to make an ill informed decision. You can also expect a new one-sheet, a full trailer and an Official Site to surface early next year. I am working on it!

PS: I’ll be exploring the Festival circuit in 2015; where the film premieres is very important to me on a personal and business level, hence I must choose wisely.

PPS: I’m also toying with the idea of shooting a music video using one of the songs from the film to then use it as a marketing tool down the road.

PPPS: I am setting up an online screener to show buyers that have already approached me and to Hollywood pals that want to see it.

Post wise, working on the film with Holbrook Multi Media was educational and creatively stimulating. Editor/Colorist Bobby Holbrook and I came up with many visceral visual motifs for the film and sitting down with sound designer Colby Huval was rewarding as well. The Shelter is a film that needed a potent sound design and I am happy to report that we have one and it meshes with the polished visuals beautifully. I am excited about the end result! Michael Pare is simply incredible in what I believe is one of the best performances of his career, the supporting cast lent him able support and the haunting music by Shawn Knippelberg and Colby Huval was the cherry on top!

Colby Huval (sound), my sorry ass and Bobby Holbrook (editor/colorist)!

Here are some words from two key players on the project; the film would not have happened without them. Thanks again gents for believing in me and the movie.

Producer Donny Broussard: “Working with the Holbrooks and John Fallon has been a pleasure and the post process was seamless under John’s direction. I can’t wait for people to see what John cooked up in his twisted mind! I am proud to have helped bring this film to life”

Chief Editor/Colorist Bobby Holbrook: “It made sense for us to be involved in both sides of the film process since this is a unique story and needed to be woven together in a particular way, with many scenes requiring a different look. I shot with a Canon C300 using Ziess CP2 prime lenses, capturing everything wonderfully – from beautiful, wide lake shots, to cramped grimy alleyways, and the editing process consisted of fine tuning the look and feel John wished to convey. ”

In closing, THE SHELTER will be seeking worldwide distribution at the 2015 Berlin Film Market via Sales Agent DC- Medias. For now you can follow the film by way of its Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thesheltermovie

Here’s the TEASER TRAILER for the film which we put together before we even edited the movie. The colour correction has changed since.

And the Synopsis: On a star filled night, widower and homeless man Thomas (Michael Paré) finds shelter for the night when he falls upon a vast two story house with the lights on and an inviting open front door. He strolls on in thinking he just caught a lucky break and for a while, it would appear as though he did. But soon enough, he realizes that the house won’t let him leave, as its doors are all locked while its windows cannot be opened or broken. Destiny has brought Thomas to this place. What does it want from him? Will he survive the ordeal?

I know where my focus will be in 2015, much like 2014 – it will all be about THE SHELTER. All good…



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Update and new stills from The Shelter!

Hey all, an update! THE SHELTER post production is advancing. Colorist Bobby Holbrook is finding the right tones, VFX house Null Effects are completing the varied VFX shots (and doing some great work at that), composer Shawn Knippelberg is discovering the proper vibe for the film (he’s getting there) while sound editor Colby Huval is giving the film an added potent layer via his sound work. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

On that, I feel blessed to be working with so many talented people and I feel more and more confident about the film every day. The movie should be completed with Post by the end of  October. Now I’ve been sharing some pics on the films Official Facebook Page but I figured I’d share some of them here for those of you who don’t do the Facebook thing. That’s it for now! Talk soon!








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Shawn Knippelberg is the composer on The Shelter!

I met Shawn Knippelberg in 2012 when I showed The Red Hours and Deaden at the Dark Fest Festival in Kamloops, BC. We got along right away. I also quickly discovered how musically inclined the man was. He was as comfortable playing in a rock band as he was on the piano. He truly impressed me.

I remember at the time I told him: “I’m gonna use your music in one of my films someday”. So the first film that came along was BILLY TRIGGER; I initially wanted him to compose the score for the film, but it didn’t wind up going that way for varied reasons, hence he just composed a couple of songs for it. So when THE SHELTER came up, he was on top of my list to be its composer for 3 reasons: His talent, we had similar backgrounds, we got along, which always makes working with somebody MUCH easier.

THE SHELTER is a particular beast and as much as I needed a producer, a DP and a lead actor that “got it”, I also needed a composer that “got it”. Shawn read the script and I showed him some footage, we talked about it and yup, he got it. So I am happy to report that Shawn Knippelberg is the composer on THE SHELTER. I am looking forward in going down that road with you bro; I expect nothing less than GENIUS coming out of it.

Man, Myth, Knippelberg!

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