Trance gets a potential release date.

Just heard from a reliable source that TRANCE “may be” available on Video on Demand in December of 2010 and then released straight to DVD in February of 2011. I hope that goes down; would dig a TRANCE X-Mas 🙂 TRANCE was directed by Brad Malone, written by me and it’s about: Sexy girls at a rave turn into blood thirsty killers after taking a mysterious new drug. The film stars Dominique Swain, Jeremy London,  Brea Grant (pictured above), Madeline Zima and Jessica Heap.

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HEROES OF THE NORTH hits the front page of La Presse!

The popular webseries Heroes of the North (which I act in, I play the Casanova of the lot Black Terror) hit the mecca of Montreal papers this past weekend, as it was on the front page of the number 1 French newspaper LA PRESSE. The paper went on to take an in depth look at the webseries within its Entertainment section (the article is online BTW). Didn’t expect to see that when I woke up Saturday morning with my first cup of Joe. NICE! HEROES OF THE NORTH was created by Christian Viel and Anderson Bradshaw. It stars Larry Vinette, Edith Labelle, Anderson Bradshaw, Anne-Marie Losique, Vanessa Blouin and the sexy Bianca Beauchamp. Tap its OFFICIAL SITE HERE and join its FB fan page HERE

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Another THE RED HOURS review surfaces online.

Another review just surfaced online for my short film THE RED HOURS (watch it here), read an except below and  the whole thing HERE.

THE RED HOURS is a film which proved to be strangely alluring. The film’s tone is set from the start of the very first frame which gives it’s viewers an insight into shear madness. We are shown Mark, a man who‘s in the bathroom of a rave party looking into a mirror at himself, while at quick glance it seems he‘s just looking at himself, it becomes clear that Mark is doing much more, he is starring into his own soul which is obviously filled with rage and discontent regarding his relationship status with his girlfriend and is un-doubt-able suspicions. From this moment on the line between reality and delusion begins to blur and we are taken to a chaotically horrific setting where Mark is awaken tied to a char while his girlfriend and another woman make out while holding a human heart (or at least that‘s what it looked like to me) from here the story takes a dramatically pulse pounding race for survival leaving the viewer on the edge of their seat wondering how will it all end. Some will argue that this film is an art house piece while others say it’s surrealist piece. I say it’s the type of short film that filmmaker’s Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock would have cooked up had they ever worked together

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Trance gets rated…

Remember my “hot girls take a drug that turns them into killers at a rave” script TRANCE? I had forgotten. I wrote that one a lifetime ago, the film was shot in 2007 and it has been in limbo since.

Anyways, I just got the word that the movie got rated by the MPAA. It got an R rating (of course) for:  Bloody violence, language, sexual content and drug use. Basically what I do on weekends. A rating usually means they’re gonna release it soon. Good. I am looking forward in seeing it for more reasons than one. It should be noted that I was not involved in the production, I just sold my script and that was that.

TRANCE was directed by Brad Malone and it stars the lovely Dominique Swain, Jeremy London,  Brea Grant, Madeline Zima and Jessica Heap.

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Some feedback to The Red Hours and BTS pics.

I slapped my short film THE RED HOURS online (see it here) 2 days ago and I am happy to see that the feedback has been mostly positive thus far; a couple of “you suck” e-mails with nothing to back it up aside (usual shit when you put something out there); folks seemed to like it; which is always cool to hear. Here’s an excerpt from a review of the short over at Cinema Crazed:

– Mostly an experimental film, “The Red Hours” is a drug trip of the highest proportion and one most dangerous in the mind of a jilted ex refusing to cope with his ex-girlfriend’s new sexual preference and the inevitable aftermath of a drug binge. Fallon is a sharp eyed independent director, and I appreciated the technical aspect behind “The Red Hours” in the end.

You can read the whole review HERE. And here are some behind the scenes pics coupled with quotes from folks who saw the flick online. Much love to the peeps who busted their asses behind and in front of the camera. Much love to the peeps who are supporting the short online and much love to those who are taking the time to watch it. All about the love 🙂

Setting up a scene with great men Matt Champagne (sound) and Donny Broussard (DOP, co producer)

– I thought it was a lot of fun. I think you may run into people not understanding it based on the fact that narrative structure driven by the stylized effects and imagery. People not tuned to such things may have a little trouble since there isn’t a lot of dialogue grounding the story. I didn’t have any problem getting it. All in all it’s a short and it worked very well. On a personal note – I didn’t figure you as being intimidated by women. 🙂 A few plot holes and a bit too many stylized effects but otherwise pretty damn entertaining. Those girls are ridiculously hot!!! If they need help and want a male maid, let me know 🙂

-Blown away! Wow that was an awesome short. I think that it was a very distinct piece. I have my own ideas what the story was about and that’s a very hard thing to pull off making it interesting but also allowing an audience to take what they want from it. Hope to see some more shorts.

Actor Deke Richards psyching himself up to jump through a door.

-Very well done. The direction and editing was top notch stuff. Acting was good, story was a little trippy, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad or nothin. What did you shoot this with?? I am a struggling writer and am trying to get something of mine shot. This picture looks crisp and clear and I like the overall look of it.

-Alright, that was pretty sweet! Especially loved the sequence where he’s running while being shot at (nice overexposed effect). The editing was damn good, too, what with the various speed-ups, slow-downs, and flash cuts all adding up to one trippy ride. Overall, I gotta say I’m impressed, and it certainly put a nice big grin on my face!

-Absolutely Phenomenal!!!

-I gotta admit that the ending had me a little confused. I wasn’t sure whether the slasher stuff was the past, the future, or just the dude’s head fucking with him, but whatever, I enjoyed it just the same!

Actor Deke Richards and actress Heather Westwood; before their chainsaw tap-dance together.

-I have been wanting to check it out for a long time 🙂 so glad you’ve put it up for us to see. I gotta say John, I really enjoyed it. It was a nice 8 min mindf*ck and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Great work, to you and your team 🙂

-Quite disturbing. It felt like David Lynch meets Rob Zombie

-Good to finally see The Red Hours after reading so much about it, fantastic short, very nicely done!

Shooting hot girls making out…tough job for Donny and I.

-Creepy, cool, stylish and effective! Let me know if you decide to sell this on DVD come X-mas time, I’d snatch up a copy in a heart beat. Loved the camera work, especially the opening minute in the club, that reminded me style wise of Gasper Noe’s Irreversible.

-I also enjoyed it a lot, especially the mind fucking with the sounds on top of the film and the twist with the girls. Shooting on low budget all the time I know this is pretty hard, but also the white effect at the end looked cool. All in all really nice, keep shooting John!

-A sick, fetishistic male fantasy – I loved every second of it, John! Well done!

With actress Amy Wickenheiser; couldn”t have a found a better “Natasha”.

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Watch my short film THE RED HOURS online!

Hey all; I decided to release my short film THE RED HOURS online. Its been a long road with this no budget, mucho work opus and I loved every second of it. We had lots of obstacles to surmount during production for eight minutes of screen time (corrupted footage…ouch…, actors bailing at the last second, I sprained my ankle on set i.e. popped painkillers and kept hustling); the usual stuff that comes with a guerrilla shoot. The film then went on to do the Festival circuit. The rough cut got booed by the Spanish Press in Sitges (another ouch but I lived…whistles in Spain mean boos BTW), was fairly enjoyed by the Sitges audiences at the second screening, it then won an award at the Ozzie Fest A Night of Horror and finally went to screen at Fantasia, at Cinefantasy International Film Festival in Brazil and at the Filmets Fest in Spain.

I of course did not do this alone…like AT ALL. None of it would have happened without my wonderful cast who gave me their all (Deke Richards, Amy Wickenheiser and Heather Westwood…. yeah you); my striving co producer and DOP Donny Broussard and the fine folks of Louisiana who put up with my shit (you know who you are) for beer, pizza and handjobs. Last but certainly not least big gracias to my editors Michael Nouryeh and Christian Viel; who put in big time and supported me in getting my drivel out and to sound mixer Benoit Babin for elevating what I had to a higher plane.

The reaction to THE RED HOURS has been mixed so far, some love it, some hate it; all good. One reaction that stood out for me though was that many had NO IDEA what it was about. Which is fine, cause its supposed to be an artsy, symbolism heavy short mixed in with horror conventions. I guess I thought it was more obvious than it is. So that’s it. Tap the short below. I may sell 100 LIMITED EDITION DVD copies of the film around Christmas if I feel there is a demand for it. Time will tell… we’ll see. Peace!

The Red Hours from John Fallon on Vimeo.

NOTE: BTW the movie theater in the beginning is the one from The Blog remake, same location, shot there on purpose 🙂

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