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Watch my short film THE RED HOURS online!

Hey all; I decided to release my short film THE RED HOURS online. Its been a long road with this no budget, mucho work opus and I loved every second of it. We had lots of obstacles to surmount during production for eight minutes of screen time (corrupted footage…ouch…, actors bailing at the last second, I sprained my ankle on set i.e. popped painkillers and kept hustling); the usual stuff that comes with a guerrilla shoot. The film then went on to do the Festival circuit. The rough cut got booed by the Spanish Press in Sitges (another ouch but I lived…whistles in Spain mean boos BTW), was fairly enjoyed by the Sitges audiences at the second screening, it then won an award at the Ozzie Fest A Night of Horror and finally went to screen at Fantasia, at Cinefantasy International Film Festival in Brazil and at the Filmets Fest in Spain.

I of course did not do this alone…like AT ALL. None of it would have happened without my wonderful cast who gave me their all (Deke Richards, Amy Wickenheiser and Heather Westwood…. yeah you); my striving co producer and DOP Donny Broussard and the fine folks of Louisiana who put up with my shit (you know who you are) for beer, pizza and handjobs. Last but certainly not least big gracias to my editors Michael Nouryeh and Christian Viel; who put in big time and supported me in getting my drivel out and to sound mixer Benoit Babin for elevating what I had to a higher plane.

The reaction to THE RED HOURS has been mixed so far, some love it, some hate it; all good. One reaction that stood out for me though was that many had NO IDEA what it was about. Which is fine, cause its supposed to be an artsy, symbolism heavy short mixed in with horror conventions. I guess I thought it was more obvious than it is. So that’s it. Tap the short below. I may sell 100 LIMITED EDITION DVD copies of the film around Christmas if I feel there is a demand for it. Time will tell… we’ll see. Peace!

The Red Hours from John Fallon on Vimeo.

NOTE: BTW the movie theater in the beginning is the one from The Blog remake, same location, shot there on purpose 🙂

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