American Muscle reviews!

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With Ravi Dhar’s AMERICAN MUSCLE coming out on disk on September 30th 2014, reviews are starting to hit the web. A new one just surfaced on the Docteur No blog in French (from France, pas Quebecois, sti) and I copy pasted it below. I wanted to translate it, but even with my solid French, I couldn’t pull it off (one quote aside), way too many out there expressions that I can’t translate. It’s basically a snarky and  funny review calling the film an excessive guilty pleasure.  The reviewer also calls it a quasi remake of John Boorman’s POINT BLANK. Ironically enough, I have never seen the film (hence any similarities to it are coincidental). I gotta see it now though, I am curious! NOTE 2: I will add all future AMERICAN MUSCLE reviews to this story in the name of simplicity.

AMERICAN MUSCLE stars Nick Principe, Todd Farmer, Robin Sydney, George P. Wilbur, Jennifer Wenger, Trent Haaga and my sorry ass.  It was produced by Snowfort Pictures and Automatic Entertainment. It was directed/shot by  Ravi Dhar and written by yours truly.

Docteur No Review: “It’s raining blood, neurons and enough seminal fluids to fill the lungs … a fucking guilty pleasure! It’s like Tarantino on crack!”

Ravi Dhar nous plonge dans le nawak létal… AMERICAN MUSCLE est une divine agonie Z… Un torrent, à la fois décérébré et romantique, de nichons fatigués, de tatouages délirants, de gunfights vénères, de fratricides trisomiques et d’amour impossible… Comme une version sous crack de Tarantino

Un gros dur à moustache taciturne qui se prend pour Clint Eastwood (alors qu’il ressemble plutôt à un membre des Village People en tournée) sort de taule après 10 ans d’enfer… Il va se lancer dans une vendetta aussi et sanguinaire que grindhouse… Et accessoirement dans un remake mou du révolutionnaire POINT DE NON RETOUR à John Boorman. Mais version crade et vulgaire… Über vulgaire. Comme si la culture white trash (vivent les gros guns, les gros nichons, les grosses guitares assourdissantes et les grosses doses de crystal meth) se métamorphosait en parangon de subversion!

Et ben… En poussant tous les curseurs de la bienséance au delà des limites de l’entendement humain, l’inconnu Ravi Dhar nous plonge dans le nawak létal… AMERICAN MUSCLE est une divine agonie Z… Un torrent, à la fois décérébré et romantique, de nichons fatigués, de tatouages délirants, de gunfights vénères, de fratricides trisomiques et d’amour impossible… Comme une version sous crack de Tarantino (coucou KILL BILL 2). Et Ravi Dhar filme cette folie avec une sérieux et un minimalisme enthousiasmant. Résultat, on s’attache à ce héros vengeur et à ses aventures sanguinolentes… Il pleut du sang, des neurones et du liquide séminal à s’en remplir les poumons… Un putain de plaisir coupable. Ça c’est de la série B, bien plus noire qu’elle en a l’air, qui envoie les bichons! Et vive l’amour… Ça fait faire que des conneries! Notamment des séries z dérérébrées…

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New American Muscle trailer and first review!

September 3rd, 2014 No comments

Distributors WellGoUSA have unleashed a new and “safer” trailer for AMERICAN MUSCLE (order the Blu-Ray here) and you can see it below! A first review also surfaced at Filmstarts; it’s in German; here are a couple of choice quotes, roughly translated:

“Here heads are not just blown away, but also have their tongues bitten out and then trampled flat with coarse boots. This is already so over-the-top that one “American Muscle” can not really be taken seriously. But the special pleasure is that it is told nevertheless seriously.”

“Committed to the spirit of the old B-movies is writer and actor John Fallon (“Death Race”), who tackled the greatest difficulty in conceiving a sleek story structure with an absolute maximum of Sex and Violence.”

The full review is here. Google Translate at will!

AMERICAN MUSCLE stars genre vets Nick Principe, Todd Farmer, Robin Sydney, George P. Wilbur, Jennifer Wenger, Trent Haaga and my sorry ass.  It was produced by Snowfort Pictures and Automatic Entertainment. It was directed/shot by the uber talented Ravi Dhar, written by me and bettered by all the creative talent involved. This one was definitely a TEAM SPORT. I am proud of this one, and along with how The Shelter is shaping up; that’s two for two – I am f-ing happy right now.

American Muscle – Trailer from John Fallon on Vimeo.

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Status of my directorial debut The Shelter starring Michael Pare!

August 18th, 2014 No comments

Hey all! Just giving you an update as to the status of my directorial debut THE SHELTER, starring the great MICHAEL PARE. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the project via its FACEBOOK PAGE; you should know that we have locked edit on the picture. I found the process to be stimulating and definitely educational. I understand so much more about editing now. Now that I think of it; I have never learned more about the film-making process on its every echelon than I have with this flick. From the prep, to the shoot, to the post. I’m a better everything for it!

Now, the many rough cuts of THE SHELTER were shown to trusted “regular people” and trusted “film industry folks” and the feedback I got was fascinating to be honest and  helped shape the final cut of the film to varied degrees. Funnily enough, out of everybody I showed the film to, there was one person that didn’t like it at all.  And that person wound up giving me the most constructive feedback in terms of making the film better. Go figure! Another thing I learned; you have to stop asking for feedback at certain point and trust yourself as the driving creative force behind the film; and I have done just that.

Gayle James as Maryam

So with the locked edit behind us we are now tackling four crucial stages at the same time: Color correction, VFX, sound design and music which are all advancing at a steady pace. A note if I may: this is a film that will live or die via its sound design and music. I am very much aware of that. And after hearing composer Shawn Knippelberg’s first piece of music for the film, I felt mucho relieved. He is obviously inspired by the film (phew) and “gets it” (double phew) and I now have 200% confidence that the film’s score will be stand-out and unique. He brought tears to my eyes with one piece… no small feat.

I have also learned that working Post production on a film is a lot like the screenwriting process. One day you think it’s genius, another day you think it’s shit and another day you have no idea what the fuck you have because you are too close to the project. Well today, I feel we have something novel and strong with a tour de force performance by Pare. Lets see what I think in 3 days…:) I will keep you all in the loop as always via the film’s FB PAGE and this blog. Thank you all for your continuous support throughout this new and exciting path in my life. God bless! JF

PS: To answer folks asking me about distribution and festival showings for the film. We have been approached on both counts; but I am not putting pressure on myself to wrap up Post to make any Fests due dates. My focus is COMPLETELY on having this film be the best it can be…PERIOD. Once we’re done, THEN, I’ll explore distribution and festivals thoroughly. But for now, that will have to wait. One step at a time…

Michael Pare as Thomas Jacobs


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Official Blu-Ray cover and press release for American Muscle!

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The official Blu-Ray cover (above) and PRESS RELEASE for Ravi Dhar’s AMERICAN MUSCLE (film I wrote and act in) recently went out via distributor WELLGOUSA. Peep it below! You can ODER THE FILM HERE!

The Adrenaline-Fueled, Action-Packed Drama

Debuts on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Sept. 30


Payback is a Killer.

Directed by Ravi Dhar and Starring  Nick Principe, Robin Sydney & George P. Wilbur

Bonus Content Includes : Audio Commentary with the Director and Producer

PLANO, Texas.  (Aug. 13, 2014) – John Falcon (Nick Principe, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2) did  10 years of hard time in prison. Now he’s got 24 hours to exact his brutal revenge on every person who had a hand in sending him there when AMERICAN MUSCLE debuts on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Sept. 30 from Well Go USA Entertainment. AMERICAN MUSCLE also stars Robin Sydney (Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation), Todd Farmer (Drive Angry), George P. Wilbur (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers), Trent Haaga (616: Paranormal Incident), Jennifer Wenger (Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader), John Fallon (Death Race), Joshua Lou Friedman (The Love Section), Malice 666 (Little Blue Pill) and Robert Coffie (Cowboys & Indians). Bonus materials include audio commentary with the director and producer.


John Falcon (Nick Principe) is a bad, bad man. But he didn’t deserve to go to prison. Now, after 10 years of hard time, he’s hell-bent on revenge. Screaming across the scarred landscape of the Yucca Valley, Falcon’s got 24 hours to inflict brutal vengeance on everyone he holds responsible for putting him away. Including his own brother.

AMERICAN MUSCLE has a runtime of approximately 78 minutes and is not rated.

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New American Muscle pictures, new one-sheet and release date revealed!

July 4th, 2014 No comments

Here are new stills and  an alternate one-sheet for Ravi Dhar’s AMERICAN MUSCLE, a violent vigilante flick that I wrote and also act in. And better yet, you can now pre-order a copy of the film HERE! The film will be released on September 30th, 2014 via WellGoUsa!  YEEHAW! I saw the movie a while back and I am proud of it and what we all accomplished! It always feel good when it goes that way as that is not always the case. AMERICAN MUSCLE stars genre vets Nick Principe, Todd Farmer, Robin Sydney, George P. Wilbur, Jennifer Wenger, Trent Haaga and my sorry ass.  It was produced by Snowfort Pictures and Automatic Entertainment. See more pics over at the official AMERICAN MUSCLE Facebook page right HERE.

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May 8th, 2014 No comments

I was recently interviewed by SOUNDONSIGHT.ORG about THE SHELTER and my background. Read an excerpt below and the whole thing HERE

As for The Shelter, Fallon has remained vague as to plot details. “And I will continue to be.” Currently in post-production, Shelter finds character actor Michael Pare as a homeless drifter who wanders into an empty house. He’s “basically a scumbag, living with regrets and self-loathing. He’s a vagrant. One night, he comes upon this house. He makes himself at home. Falls asleep, wakes up in the morning with a gun in his lap. At that point, it becomes a mystery, without spoiling too much.” What has surprised friends and family who have read the script, given Fallon’s love of gore, is the lack thereof. Rather, he has focused on a the psychological aspects of horror.

Thanks for having me!

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The Shelter teaser trailer, starring Michael Pare, is now online!

May 5th, 2014 No comments

The first teaser trailer for my feature length directorial debut THE SHELTER starring Michael Paré (which will be represented at the 2014 Cannes Market by the fine folks at DC MEDIAS) is now online and you can see it below! Holbrook Multi-Media and I are still in the early stages of post-production at the moment, assembling our first rough cut. We have the first 25 minutes of the film pretty much (I stress the words pretty and much) set in stone. Now many people that have seen the teaser before this release have told me that they are not 100% sure as to what the story is about – and that was the point. I wanted to tease this early in the game, not spell it out. It’s an aloof teaser for a film that pretty much plays by its own rules. The indie/low budget spectrum is pretty much the only place left in the film biz to try to do something different and to take chances. So yes, The Shelter is all about that, for better and for worse.  NOTE: Keep in mind that none of our VFX shots have been created yet, hence are not in the teaser.

I must admit that the Post Production process has been very stimulating and creative. I am loving every second of it and couldn’t be happier. The imagery is striking, the message is coming across and our leading man Michael Paré is so owning that scenery, it’s not even funny. It makes all of the “producer” battles that have been dropped in my lap for the last 3 months worthwhile. Yup, this is the “fun” part of making movies. We aim to finish the picture by the end of the year. After that we’ll hit the festival circuit (with Sundance being the numero uno priority, aim high, work our way down) and we plan to bring the finished film to the 2014 American Film Market in November of 2014


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My Metaluna Interview!

May 4th, 2014 No comments


Hey all, I was recently  interviewed in the latest issue of the popular French genre magazine Metaluna about my latest projects. So if you speak French, enjoy the tit for tat above! Click the pic for a larger version! That will make it easier to read :)

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Producer Christopher White joins me on The Shadowing! New poster!

April 30th, 2014 No comments

Hey all! As you know we are presently in Post production on The Shelter and it’s shaping up great. With that, I’m already eager to direct again, hence started setting up my next feature, the horror/action/sci-fi THE SHADOWING (LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE). I’ll let our official press release do the talking and our one-sheet is at the end of this story! Share the news around if you can!

Producer Christopher White and Producer/Director John Fallon team up on
The Shadowing! Teaser Poster revealed!

HOLLYWOOD, CA (April 30, 2014) - Producer Christopher White (MTV’s hit franchise My Super Psycho Sweet 16 – The ABCs of Death: “D Is For Dogfight” segment) and Producer/Director John Fallon (The Shelter) under his company Bruise Productions Inc. have teamed up to produce the action, sci-fi thriller THE SHADOWING, which Fallon is set to direct.

From a story by John Fallon and written by Jason Hewlett and Fallon; THE SHADOWING is a relentless action/ sci-fi/ horror hybrid in the veins of Predator. You can download its teaser poster HERE (poster Art by Alan Robert).

Christopher White had this to say about the project: “John sent me The Shadowing and it read like a really cool 80’s throwback action flick. It’s fast paced, violent and has enough testosterone packed action to make Schwarzenegger and Stallone giddy like a couple of gossiping school girls. It’s going to be fun to make this movie with a long time friend of mine.”

John Fallon: “The Shadowing has been a pet project of mine for years. It has all of the elements I personally look for in terms of a good time at the movies. I am elated to have Christopher White on board. We’ve known each other for eons and I am looking forward in seeing the project through with him. And directing something completely different and more action oriented than The Shelter is very appealing to me.”

And some words from screenwriter Jason Hewlett: “John Fallon told me about The Shadowing back in 2012, when he was a guest of honor at a genre festival I co-hosted. At the time, I thought it’d make a great movie, and I was excited when he asked me if I wanted to write it a few months later. I’m damn proud of our finished script, and I know audiences will be in for a ballsy and intense ride.”


A group of Special Forces soldiers on leave after a successful mission in Iraq head out to a cabin in the mountains with their beloved wives and their children in the name of having a good time and getting some well deserved relaxation. But as the night falls, it brings with it an unexpected and particularly strong snow storm hence forcing everyone to remain indoors. The following morning, the men wake up to find their children dead and their better halves missing, with the only clue left behind being an odd pair of footprints in the snow. Panicked, the men fall back on their military training to get them through the dire situation. They proceed to arm themselves and head out into the wilderness to find their spouses. What they will encounter will prove to be cunning, deadly and not of this world.

THE SHADOWING is presently in development. The producers are looking at cast and are in the process of securing financing.


Bruise Productions

Christopher White

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Dead Shadows reviews start pouring in!

April 21st, 2014 No comments

Eight days till DEAD SHADOWS hits North American shelves via SCREAM FACTORY. The reviews have started pouring in and here are a handful of them. Obviously, I am focusing on the positive ones, I got enough negative joo-joo in my life, no need for me to dwell on the bad vibes. Here ya go!

DAILY DEAD: Definitely more of a Snake Plissken type right from the get-go is Chris’ gruff neighbor John. Played pitch-perfect by Arrow in the Head’s John Fallon, John is the type of guy who voluntarily takes the role of neighborhood protector with his own brand of badass belligerence. When he defends Chris from a group of thugs early on in the film, he tells them they’re out of luck because, “First, there’s only four of you…” Suffice it to say that John’s a fun character to watch, especially when he’s taking on tentacle-waving creatures in do-or-die street brawls. READ REVIEW HERE

POP MATTERS: There are some good performances, notably Blandine Marmigère as Claire, the hot neighbor who teams up with John both before and after the apocalypse begins in earnest, as well as John Fallon as John, a local thug neighbor who provides the anxiety-prone Chris with some much-needed muscle in facing down the evening’s monsters. Then again, the monsters might be the least of John’s worries. READ REVIEW HERE

HORROR 101: Arrow in the Head honcho John Fallon stars as the lad’s uber-badass neighbor, and if you didn’t love him enough already for his well-informed and nimble wordplay, his supercool presence here proves the man is a multitalented emmereffer. READ REVIEW HERE

DVD TALK: Only a few things really stand in the way of Dead Shadows being an instant cult classic. John Fallon is outstanding but kind of underutilized. I honestly would’ve loved to have seen Dead Shadows be a little longer to give Fallon’s ass-kicker another showcase sequence or two. There’s basically nothing in the way of Bruce Campbell’s flavor of endlessly quotable dialogue, and the attempts at upending one genre convention in particular (sorry, trying to keep it spoiler-free here) winds up kind of uneven. READ REVIEW HERE

THE EXAMINER: Dead Shadows” is one of those great “straight-and-to-the-point” movies. It doesn’t take thirty minutes of your valuable time gearing up and going through the motions. It establishes characters quickly and gets to the meat, potatoes, and gore. READ REVIEW HERE

HORRORNEWS: I have to call em like I see em…..this film is a really good find for Shout Factory to bring to the masses. If you only watch it for the creatures, you’ll still find satisfaction, however I simply found myself a fan of this oddity. READ REVIEW HERE

CINEMA CRAZED: One of the highlights of the film is John Fallon who plays an aggressive neighbor who not only senses the alien invasion beforehand, but is prepared to go to war when the shit hits the fan. Fallon really fits the character well, and I was disappointed he didn’t garner much more screen time. Director Cholewa is also a fantastic director, creating a real menace to the city of Paris, especially when the invasion begins. READ REVIEW HERE

ALIEN BEE: Dead Shadows is the best movie of its kind I’ve seen in a long, long time! This sci-fi thriller is a mixture of Lovecraft, Godzilla, Night of the Comet blended with a doomsday/apocalyptic element. This Blu-ray releases on April 29th and is definitely one you’ll want to check out. An instant cult classic! READ REVIEW HERE

HORROR TALK: Fabian Wolfrom does a fine job as Chris, our reluctant hero with a fear of the dark and an unfortunate habit of blacking out in strange bathrooms. The highlight of his performance comes during the party scene as he is forced to react to an increasingly dangerous and bizarre set of surroundings. There are a few inconsistencies in his behavior, but that is likely the fault of the writing and not his performance. John Fallon (100 Feet) and Blandine Marmigère as John and Claire are fine in their supporting roles, but they both disappear for long stretches of time before showing up conveniently whenever Wolfrom needs them. READ REVIEW HERE

I’ll be adding more reviews to this blog entry as they keep pouring in.

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