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Posters for Gonzalo Lopez’s Giallo inspired thriller Dolorosa Gioia aka Sweet Pain!

Feast your retinas on the Spanish and English posters to Gonzalo López’s bold thriller Dolorosa Gioia aka Sweet Pain, a film that I co produced under my Bruise Productions banner.

This one is very special, it’s cinema at its purest in the sense that this flick hardly has any dialogue. Instead, it uses its arresting imagery and its stirring music to drive it story forward.

Our Synopsis: “Carlo, a young music composer from a wealthy family, is going through an emotional crisis. When he moves to a new house he recalls the events that led to his condition: the moment he met Maria, his first marriage, his obsession with music, the infidelities and the brutal consequences of it. While the past returns in the form of memories, Carlo fights to recover his life, to old on to his desire to compose music and to retain his sanity. “

The film was written and directed by Gonzalo Lopez and it was Produced by Javier Rueda and myself. It stars Amiran Winter, Paula Célières, and Cristian Monasterio. It is now seeking a USA premiere and worldwide distribution. Expect a trailer soon!

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The  SITGES FILM FESTIVAL kicks in today and our short giallo-ish film OLD NUMBER 7 will be premiering (in competition no less) on OCTOBER 10Th at the AUDITORIUM THEATER (great venue for a screening BTW, I love it), be there or be dead. To celebrate the unveiling of our baby, Director GONZALO LOPEZand I are doing a little give-away. We’re giving out 3 MINI POSTERS of the groovy OLD NUMBER 7 ONE SHEET (which you can see below), signed by both Gonz and myself (may be worth 25 cents and a hand-job someday).


How do you enter? Easy; send an E-MAIL at disposablefallon@live.com, write NUMBER 7 in the subject header, include your MAILING ADDRESS and that’s it. Three WINNERS will be chosen at random. OLD NUMBER 7 stars my sorry ass, the sexy Saida Lamas and the talented Sergio Bernal. It was written by Gonzalo Lopez and myself. The flick was produced by Sweet Water Pictures, Aved Productions and this twat. You can CLICK HERE to get all the details as to the SITGES SCREENING.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedintumblrby feather

OLD NUMBER 7 trailer & site!


We are close in seeing our little short film OLD NUMBER 7 premiere (in competition) at this year’s SITGES FILM FESTIVAL…  real close (screening dates should be announced shortly).  Till we get all the info for ya, you can check out the recently slapped up OLD NUMBER 7 OFFICIAL SITE   HERE and its brand spanking new TEASER TRAILER below. Hope ya dig!

OLD NUMBER 7 is about Roy (played by moi), a no nonsense kind of guy, arrives from the United States in Barcelona (Spain.) He’s there to confront his wife Mariona (Saida Lamas), who aborted their baby without his consent, and to clear the air with his brother Gonzalo (Sergio Bernal) who has since began an intimate relationship with his wife. Unbeknown to all of them though, there is a ruthless killer at large and powerful supernatural forces looming around them.

The film stars SAIDA LAMAS, SERGIO BERNAL and myself. It was directed/produced by Gonzalo Lopez (Sweet Water Pictures) and co produced by Javier Rueda (Aved Productions) and myself. Gonzalo and I wrote the screenplay together.

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Old Number Seven poster!


This year, director GONZALO LOPEZ (of  EMBRION fame) and I teamed up to create a short horror film called  OLD NUMBER 7. The film is about Roy (played by me), a no-non-sense dude, who returns to Barcelona to confront his ex -wife (Saida Lamas). And for good reasons; she aborted their baby and is now nailing his brother (Sergio Bernal). Giallo shenanigans and supernatural undertones ensue.

The film is slated to premiere at this year’s SITGES FILM FESTIVAL and here’s the first piece of promo for it: the one sheet (see above). Yup, the film is akin to an old school Giallo and the poster (created by Joan I. Alonso and Toni Benages) definitely reflects that. I love it! And here’s a word from Director Lopez as to the status of the film:

Gonzalo Lopez: “At this moment we’re in the final stages of post production and we’re working like bitches to coordinate all the different teams. We’re finishing sound, music and CGI shots and at the same time we’re beginning to work on the digital composition, color correction and the end credits sequence. With a little luck maybe in 3 or four weeks our baby will be finished.”

OLD NUMBER 7 was produced by Gonzalo Lopez, Javier Rueda and myself. You can expect more news about the project sooner than later!.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedintumblrby feather