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Sweet Pain and The Proposal get new reviews!

The website CINEMA CRAZED recently reviewed two BRUISE PRODUCTIONS titles. Gonzalo Lopez’s SWEET PAIN (opening on June 14 in Barcelona, Spain at the Cinemes Girona) and THE PROPOSAL which I also wrote (screening on Saturday May 11 at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival). Previews and LINKS below!


“Dolorosa Gioia, or in its English title Sweet Pain, is all about the subtleties of human emotions and the connection between music and these emotions. Everything in this film is calculated yet feels natural. The performances and music pair together to perfectly bring the emotions to the screen, giving the cast great material to work with and they, in return, give strong performances.” – READ THE REVIEW HERE


“Directed by Ben Whimpey and written by John Fallon, The Proposal is a short film that feels much bigger than just a short film, it feels like it’s something that could be, and should be, expended upon and made into a feature film. The lead performance by Marc Natoli makes you want to see him on the screen more, a bit like when Scott Adkins first showed on in a random action film, there is an intensity in his work that grabs and keeps the attention.” -READ THE REVIEW HERE

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